Question from ryannmark

Asked: 6 years ago

My disk doesn't read, what is wrong?

Hi, I was sitting down playing Skate 2 when it freezes, so I turn off my PS3 then turn it on and the disk won't read. i tried with another disk (james Bond: Quantum of Solace) and no luck. What do I have to do and is there anything I can do were I don't have to mail it in? I'm kind of wondering if the disk drive is dusty but I do know the disk doesn't even spin in the PS3, it doesn't even do anything. THNX!

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The problem is your ps3 lens is damaged so call sony and they wiil replace your ps3 with a new one.

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Don't replace just go out and buy a external hard drive then back up your system on to it and restore system, if that does not work then phone sony

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