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Asked: 5 years ago

Can I get help on a 80GB blu-ray drive for the PS3?

I've had my PS3 a little over a year now. One day, I put in Guitar Hero World Tour. Everything started up OK, and then it froze. I restarted the system, put the game in, and only the loading circle shows up and it loads forever without any progress. I replaced the blu-ray laser deck (KEM-400AAA) and the blu-ray laser itself (KES-400A) and it still does the same problem. I checked every wire and every ribbon that associates with the blu-ray drive. Can I fix this problem without buying a new blu-ray drive/PS3 system?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Yeah...I've tried CoD 4 and a few other games and they all do the same thing. I've also tried a music CD and it did the same thing as I know it isn't the blu-ray laser.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Well...that brings up another question. My PS3 is out-of-warranty, but it has no scuff marks or signs of abuse whatsoever. So should I just pay the fee for Sony to "look" at it and get another PS3, or should I just get another PS3 without Sony looking at it...and can I even get a replacement PS3 even though my PS3 is out-of-warranty?

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From: eal-zubieri 5 years ago

then there is no problem with the blu-ray drive . the problem is that your PS3 has other internal problem which need fixing. if you couldn't fix it then you need to buy a new one

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Did you try another game??

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I think that you should pay to sony,to look at it and fix it for you because it will not cost as much as new PS3

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