Question from Geos59

Asked: 5 years ago

How to turn off Subtitles when watching a DVD?

When I was watching Venture Bros. Season 1 I couldn't turn off the subtitles, I tried going to the option menu, hitting triangle and turning them off there and going to the menu on the PS3 itself but nothing, any suggestions?

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From: Geos59 5 years ago

I figured it out, it's on my T.V's remote, a button called CC turns it off.

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Maybe you gotta go to the main menu of the DVD (where it has you select your episodes,trailers, special features etc.) See if there's a language or settings menu. There might be a subtitle option there.

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I tried it, nothing. When I put the DVD in my Computer there are no subtitles, I also tried the Menu on the T.V. still nothing.

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Subtitles turned off in the dvd when watching a movie. Either it's in the options menu/Setup menu on the dvd, or go to the settings menu of the ps3 itself.

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