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Why can't I connect to PSN?

Hey everybody. I just moved, and since I did I have not been able to connect to PSN. The system obtains an IP address, but then won't connect and displays, "The connection to the server timed out."

We've all seen that before, but mine gives the message 80710A06, which I've read means: "An error occurred during the install operation. Error when downloading game from the Playstation-Network. An error occurred."

But that doesn't make sense. I'm not downloading anything, I just can't connect to PSN at all. Any ideas?

odeylady provided additional details:

Nah, it's just the connection to the PS3. My comp., as well as my roommate's comp. are working fine. In fact, his 360 is connecting to live, but neither of us can figure out how to get my PS3 to connect atm.

I'll keep at it, I guess. Maybe it's just being stubborn or something.

Thanks, Viper.


Viper_1989 answered:

This sounds like it is probably a problem with your internet connection, rather than the PS3 itself. Try setting up the connection again from scratch (make sure your codes are in the right letter-case, my mate spent hours trying to work that one out!) If it still doesn't appear to be working, try moving your PS3 closer to your Network Hub (assuming you're on a wireless connection). If still nothing, try a wired connection (again assuming you aren't already). If that doesn't work, sorry I can't think of anything else. Check other internet connections in your home and see if its an internet problem or just a connection problem to the ps3.
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YungLee423 answered:

Try switching to a different account it might be the account you're currently using like you could have gottin banned. If it doesn't work try unplugging your ps3, (don't turn it off by button unplug the cord.) When you plug it back in and turn it on a message should show up saying something about not getting turned off properly and it runs a test to make sure there's not anything corrupted.
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YungLee423 answered:

You have to press 'x' to start the scan. I just did it to my ps3 and it worked. Good Luck odeylady.
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