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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I free up HDD space?

Because it says I need 419mb to start Ratchet and Clank, I only just got my PS3 80gb for Christmas and there's only 4 about games saved on it. It says I need to free space so how do I? Also how could I ran out of space already?

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That's a shame cause I have no photos videos or anything only games, so I went to that thread you said free up about 500mb If I do that I have to Delete all of one of my games =(
Btw Im in UK with Pal?

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I don't have Ratchet and Clank future, I have Tools of Destruction.

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Anyways I just wanna know how to free up space? Any help appreciated.

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Need help please =P

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Yeah, seems like you understand me lol. I don't think im gonna buy that garbage again lol.
For me it came in a bundle got it in GAME

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From: OdogforMVP 5 years ago

There is a glitch with Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, where it will tell you that there is not enough space on the HDD to install the "Game Data", whether there is or there isn't. The way to fix this, is to add or remove the 419 MB required to install the "Game Data". An easy solution is to load up the Playstation store, and download the Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction demo. Install the "Game Data" after the demo is finished installing, then delete the demo. If you are without internet access on your PS3, take another "Game Data" from another game, and delete that. When you play the game with the deleted "Game Data", it will simply re-install the "Game Data" back on the system.

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Do you have videos, pictures and music on there?

What games do you have on there? Some games require an installation which can hog up a LOT of space. If you need to delete stuff press triangle on the item and select delete. Are you sure you have an 80gb and not a 20gb?

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Take a look at this thread

Someone has a similar problem, apparently it is a glitch with R&C.

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is ratchet the uk version ? i have a ps3 thats is exactly the same as yours, and with the same problem with ratchet and clank tools of destrucrion (uk version), wierd... your (or my) game is not broken/damaged i also played other games they worked but not ratchet (wast of good monye) try buying the US version insted it might work.

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Have a good look through your PS3.
You might have an operating system, themes, PS2/1 saves.
Try going into your system information, just to be certain that you got an 80 gig.
Maybe they sold you a 20gig in the box instead?

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If you want to clear up space on your PS3 HDD what I did is move all my music, photos, and videos onto a SD Memory Stick and all of my old PS3 game data onto a seperate SD Memory Stick it works for me!

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save all your game data on a flash drive and if you have some pics, music or videos on your ps3 that you want save them to you flash drive also then go to setting on the ps3 and reformat it what this means it deleates everything ever saved to the HDD i hope i helped you out

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