Question from RedNavySailor

Asked: 5 years ago

Will PS2 and PS1 games work on a 40GB PS3?

I just got a 40GB PS3 off of ebay and I need to know if it plays PS2/PS1 games before buying them.

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From: guydossantos 5 years ago

The 40 gig ps3 doesnt have an emotion drive or even a ps2 emulator so you cant play ps2 games on it... It wont even recognise the disc format.. It sucks i know....
But you can play some ps1 games on it although the graphics may not be that great..

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i have the same problem as RedNAVYSAILOR,BUT i bought it ,and does that mean that ps2 games can't be played on ps3 by any means?even by special softwares?NO SOLUTIONS

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*Taken from the FAQ*
The models that don't have PS2 backward compatibility will **not** be updated
to have it at any point in the future, since the PS3 does not have the power to
emulate both the PS2's CPU and GPU in software.
So sorry. You will have to buy an older version to be able to play your ps2 games on it. Or buy a ps2

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Ps1 titles will work, but not ps2 titles. Earlier versions of the Playstation 3 console had a certain chip (which was very expensive) which made them able to play Ps2 games.

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The PS3 40 GB has no options to play PS2 games CURRENTLY. However there is some development in doing software emulation for the PS2 on all PS3 models. The PS3 80 GB MGS4 bundle was the guinea pig for the test.
PS1 games can be played on all models.

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