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Asked: 5 years ago

How to get PS3 saves on Via my laptop?

How do i get saves from this site to PS3 via my laptop.I dont have internet on my PS3 yet, only a dongle on my laptop, so please can anyone give me a step by step description :)

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From: koza 5 years ago

1. Download desired save data from gameFAQs site (remember that it is vital you choose correct region matching your game)
2. Un-zip the file.
3. You should fine a "PS3" folder with "SAVEDATA" subfolder with additional file/s and subfolder/s in it.
4. Get a USB flash drive (or PSP if you have it...)
5. Copy "PS3" folder and its content on removable drive to main folder.
6. Attach you storage media to your PS3
7. Go to "Save Data Utility"
8. Select "USB Device" (or PSP memory card... if you use PSP that is...)
9. Finde the save you want to copy to your PS3, press triange and choose "Copy"

And that's all...

And few more things.
Some of the saves are copy-protected, so you won't be able to use them, even after succsesfully downloading and copying it to your PS3.
And don't forget to make a backup copy of a savegame you alredy has - if you fail to sucsessfully download new save you loose your original save for the game (unless they are stored in multiple files...)

Hope I was clear enough (and did't make too may grammar and spelling - I'm not a native English speaker... or writer in this case...) and this help you solve your problem.

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