Question from Death_Noter

Asked: 6 years ago

How do you download videos from YouTube directly onto your Ps3?

I've watched several videos already but none have worked so far.

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

From: Xion789 6 years ago

The only way to download youtube videos in general is with special plugins made for various web browsers. There's many for Firefox, and I assume there are equivalent plugins for Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Unfortunately, the PS3 browser doesn't have an option for installing plugins, so you won't be able to.

Google video, however, usually has an option on the page to download the current video, so try checking there if the same video is available.

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I don't think you can.

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It's impossible.

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You can't.

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Well, you MIGHT be able to download it from your computer, and transfer it to your PS3 via USB flash drive. I'm not entirely sure, though, and it's probably not what you want anyway.

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Try catkiller904's method it's bound to work.

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There isn't one. What you could do is download it to the PC then convert the video to something the PS3 can read.

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There's a program called PS3 Video that let's you convert any video on your PC into a file that can be used on your PS3. All you need now is a program to download videos from YouTube, thankfully I know one: Downloadhelper.

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I do not think you can but feel free to try all the methods you can :D


Rated: +0 / -0 Works great.

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Go download TVersity. I'm pretty sure it'll let you do it.

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