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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Anyone knows if possible to...? Answered 2
Anyone knows what is the differences between the new and old versions of PS3? Answered 3
Boss Fight in Resident Evil 5 Chapter 2-3? Answered 2
Can a 40 GB PS3 play PS2 games? Answered 2
Dark Void stuck trying to defend the Ark ? Open 2
Deathspank Thongs of Virture- Santa Claus glitched?? Open 1
FFXIII Barthandelus CH.11 Help???? Open 2
How can i mark after making dead eye on the enemy and shot L2+R then what ??? Open 2
How do I beat (Screaming Mantis)? Answered 1
How do I beat the Giant Enemy Crabs? Answered 2
How do i beat the worm in the ashlands?? Open 2
How do I install a hard drive disk on my ps3? Answered 1
How do I kill Frank Dukes in Wolverine? Open 2
how do I kill giant serpant in the caves ? Open 1
How do you defeat collusem boss? Open 1
How do you defeat Fangs Eidolon on Chapter 10 in Final Fantasy XIII (13)? Answered 3
How is an Enemy/Boss help section relevant to the ps3 system itself? Answered 3
I cant beat axiom 99 in ratchet and clank a crack in time? Open 1
I cant beat barthandalus (ch 9) when his life is nearly out he casts doom on me! help??? Answered 1
I cant beat cid raines how do u beat him? Open 1
I cant defeat Hades? Answered 1
Is psn down again on June 4th? Answered 1
is the PS3 worth selling all my Wii equipment and games? Answered 3
Leviathan? Open 1
On Metal Gear Solid 4, how do I get past Vamp in the underground supply tunnel on Shadow Moses? Answered 4
On the scenario campaign mode how do I beat Alisa in Tekken 6? Open 2
Saved Data Transfer? Answered 2
The Stygian on the Darksiders game is givin me fits any tips would be appreciated? Open 2
What headset should i buy? Answered 3
Why aren't my homeplugs connecting to eachother? Open 1
Why wont niko climb the ladder in the trespassing mission? iI wont let me climb so i can finnish the mission Answered 5
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
(God of War 3)What to do once I'm out of Cronus's stomach and by his heart? Answered 3
3 crates in Athens Square, can someone show me how to get them? Open 1
About Final Fantasy Xiii Cie'th Stone missions? Answered 1
Assassins Creed Brotherhood 4th/5th lair? Open 2
Cant start fallout 3 quest you gotta shoot em in the head? Open 1
Change to a mouse ? Open 3
Chapter 1 of Alice at the beggining of the game? Open 1
Fallout New Vegas - Issac? Open 1
Fallout New Vegas, How do i get Veronica Back? Open 2
Getaway level on mirrors edge.? Open 1
Green Day: Rock Band - how do i beat those fast strums? Open 1
How do i buy houses/hotels on monopoly for ps3? Open 1
How do I find the British trenches once I have killed all the people in the Bunker? Open 1
How do I free up HDD space? Answered 6
How do I get out of arena after Circle of Slaughter: Final Round? Open 1
How do i play Tivo on PS3? Open 1
How do I solve (Arkim City?) Open 1
How do I solve wisdom of the ages puzzle at the bottom of Fort Bulwark? Open 1
How do you deposit Hera into the empty chalice? Open 1
How do you play 2 players offline on juiced2, cos thats the only reason i bought it? Open 2
How to delete predictive text dictionary? Open 3
Im trying to get a new outfit and i have to get 1000 dollarxs from gambling plz help? Open 1
In ac brotherhood is it possible to stay in a different city? Open 1
In red dead redemption can anyone tell me where is new orleans ? Open 3
is there any way you can avoid distroying the brother hood of steel when working with mr.House? Open 2
Just returned the 37 cursed dolls for the quest in Naruto Storm 2 and Tsunade says i have to wait? How long? Open 1
My PS3 Headset Connects in PS3 but won't online for Red Dead Redempstion, what am i doing wrong? Open 2
Need help with garden maze ? Open 1
Red Dead Redemption. Picking up fire bombs? Open 1
Stuck in the Butcher Room? - Heavy Rain *Spoilers* Open 1
Stuck on Chapter 13 the Sanctuary? Open 4
Unable to sign into psn? Anyone else? Error code 8001050F Answered 3
Undead Nightmare: Possible glitch in Undead Hunter Rank 4? Unanswered 0
Where can I find Fimmion? Open 1
Where is the second switch to activate before the jailer? Open 1
Who is alongside (the other golfer) Tiger Woods on the cover of the PGA Tour 11? Open 1
Why can't I find anyone to give me Brotherhood of Steel quests in New Vegas? Open 2
Zipped Files? Open 7
Item Help status answers
(Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning) Does armor with the same aligning count as a set? Open 1
About Fianl Fantasy 13? Open 1
Anybody know where to find the cheapest place to buy Hard Drive Disks? Open 15
Are there any games like infamous were you can climb up buildings? Answered 7
Are there any Headset/Headphones for the PS3? Answered 2
Blacksmith ed wont use my souls? Answered 1
Can I download games just like in Xbox 360? Open 2
Can I use PS2 controllers for this? Answered 4
Can some please give me an online code for fifa 11 that haven't been used?? Answered 1
Can we use other headphone than ps3 headphone? Answered 3
Can you use singstar microphones for guitar hero 5? Open 4
Can you use the PSeye to voice chat during games? Answered 1
Cant find Luck bobblehead in Fallout 3? Answered 4
Codex page #29 help? Open 2
Could anyone dupe me Critical CC OP8? Unanswered 0
Dead Space - All trophies earned. Does this unlock any new weapons or something? Open 1
Does anyone know how to activate cheats and lairs pack in red dead redemption ? Open 1
Does the Dualshock 3 controller have rumble? Answered 1
Does the Karaoke Revolution play the vocals through the speakers,, and how is the sound quality? Answered 1
Easy kill with Lincoln's Repearter? Open 1
Error code 800-something, What is that about? Open 4
Fallout 3//Where is Mr. Crowley? Open 3
Finding my last smash gate on burnout paradise? Open 3
God of war ,the traps of madness how do you get the block over the center piece in the rock puzzle room? Open 1
Having trouble finding special treasures in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories HD? Unanswered 0
Hdmi? Answered 2
Help with Black Ops red dot LENS? Open 1
How can I get a tattoo in Fight Night Round 4? Open 2
How can i save game in delta force black hawk down after completing a mission? Open 1
How can i switch between the mace and the swords adn i ahve bought in assasin creed 2? Answered 2
How do I activate PS3 sixaxis for Formula 1 game?, which option?, step by step... Open 1
how do i connect an HDMI cord to an older tv? or do i need a HDMI cord to watch blueray? Open 5
How do I get my mad catz ps3 controller to work? Answered 2
How do i get number 72 title in naruto ultimate strom 2? Open 1
How do I get three Winterized Combat armors? Unanswered 0
How do i know if people can hear me when i use my headset? Answered 4
How do I know when a game is Asia version? Open 3
How do i make it so that my ps3 headset has sound through the tv and the mic at the same time? Open 1
How do I save a game in progress on my PS3? Open 4
How do I transfer saved data from a usb flash drive to my ps3/game? Answered 2
How do i use pack-a-punch? Open 1
How do you find the golden gun in bloodstone? Open 1
How do you get the block over the center piece in the rock puzzle room? Answered 1
How do you get the last 4 enemies in the if7r in yakuza 4? Open 1
How do you get the throwing knives on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2??? Open 5
How do you take screens shots? Answered 4
How to Connecta bluetooth headset with the ps3? Open 2
How to find freeplay targets on the map in The Saboteur? Open 1
HOW to find the 4 riman secret locations??? Open 1
How to get good with a PS3 controller? Open 8
How to transfer Videos/Music/Photo from portable HDD or flash drive to PS3? Answered 1
I accidentally charged my new controller for only one minute and now it doesnt work. Help? Answered 2
I can not load ps2 save file to ps3 what do i do? Open 5
I can't work out which weapons I'm missing! - Far Cry 3? Open 1
I have seen all guides for the flying rats in gta iv and i still have 1 left what happened? Open 1
I need a black soul gem for Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion.I dont know where to find one do you know? Open 2
I need amber armor? Open 1
In dragon age 2 how can you get the dual weapons (daggers?) when you start as a rogue? Open 1
iPhone and PS3? Answered 3
Is the Sony Bluetooth for PS3 compatible with other cellular devices? Answered 3
Is there Different colour PS3's ? Open 1
Japanese Controllers? U.S. System? Answered 3
Kenta's Costume glitch? Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, PS3 Open 1
KH 1.5 numbers next to keyblade names??? Unanswered 0
Logitech 'Attack 3' joystick, is it compatible with PS3 ? Answered 1
Lowest costing PSN card? Answered 1
Medal of Honor Online skins? Answered 2
Need PS3 friends who play Assassins Creed Black Flag? Open 1
PAL and NTSC? Open 1
Playing two people on resistance 2? Open 2
Playstation Move question? Answered 1
Playstation Move? Answered 1
PS2 on PS3? Open 5
PS3 game comparable to Kingdom Hearts 2? Answered 1
Ps3 Hdd? Answered 7
PS3 headset? Answered 1
PS3 official headset help? Open 2
ps3HDMI no signal? Open 2
Ratchet & Clank tools of destruction how to open doors to get ship part anyone know how? Open 3
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare: Provisions and Flowers...??? Open 2
Saboteur-wheres aurora race car i have noz for it in perks? Open 2
SAW on the PS3 can you help me please? Open 1
Speakers????!! Open 2
Staff of herding? Answered 1
The first War Machine Overseer, where is he??? Unanswered 0
What are ps3 mods how do they work and where can i find them? Open 1
What game i should buy next.For my ps3? Open 2
What if I use Flat TV? 4:3 Screen Size. Answered 1
What is possible to increase chances of pure bladestone drops from the black skeleton? Open 2
what team is Buddy Carlyle on in MLB 10 The Show? Open 1
What to buy??? HELP!! ps3 Open 4
What's the problem with the Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe 06'? Open 1
When are the new maps for (cod mw2) are comeing out for the playstation store? Open 1
When you change hard disk how can you save your downloaded games or the games you buy it on your new Hard Disk? Open 4
Where can I find (free flight mode in HAWX)? Answered 1
Where can I find (the latest ps3 update on a pc)? Answered 1
Where can I find 4th Great soul? Unanswered 0
Where can I find deadric armour ? Answered 4
Where can I find? Answered 1
Where can I get Japanese car such as Nissan and Subaru? Open 1
where can u buy Wireless Buzzers Playstation3 Game or the receiver? Open 1
where do i locate the chest needed to complete the search of Soloman's Folly? Open 1
Will Broken Steel be available for purchase at Gamespot for the PS3 and if so when? Open 3
Will marvel universe online come out for ps3? Open 2
x GTA 5? Answered 1
Level Help status answers
About kills equal to your score per min????? Open 1
adfvancing from A races? Open 1
Anyone want to help me do the Call of the Dead Easter Easter egg? Unanswered 0
Assassins Creed 2 - Ravaldinos Secret? Open 1
Assassins creed 2 read the detailed information? Answered 1
Call of Duty Black Ops, on the leval where Mason blacks out and comes too is black with just an arrow cant see a thing ? Open 3
Can i clone the Formula Gran Turismo car? Open 1
Can someone convert a psu to a psv game save? Open 1
Can you change the number of laps on GT 5? Open 1
Can You Upgrade A Weapon On Black Ops Zombies With A Pack-A-Punch Twice ? Answered 1
Castlevania: Lord of Shadows... opening up gate at the Castel's Sewers? Open 1
come posso prendere piu ESSENZA gialla ch3 ? Open 1
Complete phil bell missions? Open 1
Duck call? Answered 1
Has anyone beat god of war 3 yet? Open 4
ho to get to Bonnie's House level ? Open 1
how can I find the safe to track dr. youngs fingerprints in batman arkham asylum? Open 1
How can i get to a different island in GTA4? Open 2
How do I get get off the bank of the river in level 4? Open 1
How do I get out of the sewer on Alien vs Predator? I've been stuck there for awhile now. Open 1
How do I get past (Little Big Planet)? Open 6
How do I get past level sanctuary? Unanswered 0
How do I get past lost to the ages? Unanswered 0
How do i get the the next chamber? Open 1
How do i handplant in skate 3? Open 1
How do I kill the last two terrist on mountain? Open 1
How do i leave the area after taking the head of Helios? Answered 1
How do you get taggart on prototype for the ps3? Open 1
How do you get to the dlc General Knox armory in ps3? Do I need to be at level 50? I have d/l it and installed Open 1
How do you get your created player in the Ryder cup in tiger woods11 for the ps3 console? Open 1
How do you use the the box in sonic the hedgehog; silvers story- soleanna castle? Open 2
i am stuck with the head of Helios.??? Open 1
I cant press the L1 button? Answered 1
I need help finding subject sixteen messages in assassin's creed 2? Open 2
I passed the bonus level Young Indy, but how does one pass the other two bonus levels? Open 1
In assasins creed 2 where he dreams that he is altayer and he chases the guy but cant climb all the way up the building? Answered 2
Is it possible to upgrade the Honda Integra Type R? Open 1
Is there a glitch for the book The Armorer's Challenge? Open 1
Killzone 2 flares? Answered 2
Lego Indiana Jones 2 - How do I win in The Temple of Doom ? Open 1
Medal of Honor Gunfighters ? Open 1
On Dark Sector where is the entrance to the next level after everyone is dead on the baggage claim level? Open 1
Sage Freke the Visionary-PLEASE HELP? Open 1
Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 trophy? Open 4
trying to find all the gargoylers to get all the D/As? Open 1
Where do i find the growl face trigger sticker for the meerkat kindom level? Open 1
Where is the merchant at the end of chapter 18 ..Ninja Gaiden Sigma? Answered 2
Yngol Barrow - Final room (after the coral claw) - open gate? Open 2
Technical Help status answers
"Crackling" Speakers? Answered 1
1080p Games only play in 720p, whats wrong? Answered 6
3D Monitors work with Playstation 3? Open 1
720P to 1080P??? Answered 2
80028F10 Error with FF VII off PSN? Answered 1
? My PS3 said it'd rebuild the hard disc data structure so I let it. Now it won't detect my game & it deleted folder Open 2
?Help with VERY long loading times in TDU2! Open 1
?Why when a game autosaves the sound gets laggy? Open 1
A couple ?'s about my new PS3... Answered 1
A HD ready 1080i and 720p resolution tv supporting a full HD 1080p on the PS3?? Is It normal?? Open 2
A problem with the graphics chip? Open 3
AAC problem? Open 1
About game software updates? Open 1
AC2 froze? Open 4
Add ons? Answered 2
Addons/Demos to USB flash drive? Open 1
After Home update v1.3? Answered 2
Age restriction to play online? Open 2
Alternate charging options? Answered 1
Angled menu text? Open 2
Any PS3 repair places near Brooklyn, CT? Open 2
Any solutions on fixing YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)? Open 14
Any way to change birthdate for psn sub account??? Answered 1
Any way to make master account? Answered 1
Are any of the sonic games for PS2 work with PS3? Answered 1
Are friends linked to PSN account, or gaming profile? Answered 1
Are Game Saves of Japanese games and Asian Version Games compatible? Answered 2
Are minis in HD? Open 1
Are the PS1 classics in the PSN store really play in HD? Open 2
Are there any free downloadable games besides Playstation Home? Answered 5
Are there anyway of deleting trophies from ur PS3? Answered 1
Asian game on us psn online play? Unanswered 0
At what time does the Playstation Store update? Answered 2
Audio is slow/garbled on some Blurays and games. What's wrong? Open 2
Auto O button thing? Open 1
AV Multi and HDTV (regarding recording with HD PVR)? Open 1
Back Up Operation Could Not Be Completed? (80010038) Open 1
Back up utility ? Open 1
Backup problem? Open 1
Backup Restore to Format PS3 HDD? Unanswered 0
Backup the ps3 onto an ipod? Answered 1
Backwards Compatibility, need help? Open 1
Banned? Open 1
Best HD tv under 200$? Answered 1
Best setting for watching DVDs using ps3 ? Answered 1
Black screen sometimes? Open 3
Blinking green power light? Open 2
Blu Ray lens gone on my PS3? Open 4
Blue-Ray Discs (Games/Videos) stop playing after a few minutes, but other Discs still running? Answered 3
Bluray drive controllers: are they all physically the same? Answered 2
Borderlands dlc's wont show up? Open 1
Bought a refurbished PS3 with digital games? Open 1
Bringing a PS3 to a friend's place? Open 3
Buying a new PS3 or getting it fixed by Sony? Open 1
can a ps3 break your tv if its not an HDtv? Answered 5
Can anyone help me with this? Answered 1
Can anyone help please? Answered 1
can I charge my ps3 controller not in my ps3? Answered 2
Can i connect 2 ps3 together w/ethernet cable? Open 1
Can I connect to the internet somehow using a cricket modem? Open 1
Can I connect with no problems, if I'm on the Philippines? Open 2
Can I copy everything onto a new HDD? Answered 1
Can I delete a profile without logging into it? Open 1
Can I downgrade the update from 3.15 to 3.10? Open 2
Can I fix my Guitar Hero World Tour drum set? Answered 1
Can I format an exterior hardrive? Answered 1
Can I get help on a 80GB blu-ray drive for the PS3? Answered 2
Can I get online using a USB cable? Answered 4
Can i have a usual member ship for ps3 network in iraq? Open 1
Can I install a backwards compatible HDD in a 40 GB PS3? Answered 1
Can i open my current psn account in other ps3? Answered 1
Can i play my ps3 with just my OLD big black TVs? is Final Fantasy XIII works fine with it? Answered 1
can i play PAL or international versions of PS2 games on my first gen PS3? Answered 1
Can I play PSP games on my PS3/TV? Open 1
Can i redownload DLC content? Answered 1
Can I tranfer my Playstation Network account from one user to another? Answered 1
Can I transfer my stuff from a dead ps3 hard drive? Open 1
Can i transfer save files from ps3 to pc with a usb drive? Open 1
Can I use a Wii Speak as a mic? Answered 1
Can I use multiple cooling attachments? Open 1
Can I use my PS3 for file transfer from my Nokia? Answered 1
Can I use the official PS3 Memory Card Adaptor with my PC to manage and back up my saves? Open 1
Can I use the save file created from CD A on CD B? Open 2
Can it? Answered 1
Can multiple accounts play on one system? Open 2
Can PS3 play WMA files without internet? Answered 2
Can some one help me? Answered 1
Can someone generate money for me? Open 1
Can someone help me my ps3 won't play any discs? Open 1
Can someone help me with backup? Open 1
Can someone help me with save files? Answered 1
Can someone help me with the internet connection? Open 1
Can the 60GB model PS3 use SDHC type cards? Open 1
can the PS3 be altered for new disk reading? Open 2
Can the ps3 play ps2/1 games like ps2 play ps1 games? Answered 1
Can the PS3 play regular DVDs? Answered 3
Can the ps3 support bravia sync ??? Answered 1
Can the PS3 work as a Wi-Fi source for devises such as the PSP or iPod allowing them to connect to the internet? Open 1
Can u play broken ps3 games? Answered 1
Can updates for games be removed? Answered 1
Can we play VF6 flash videos in PS3?... Answered 1
Can you charge the controller on any USB port? Answered 1
Can you configure the buttons of a PC USB controller? Open 1
Can you convert saves to other regions? Open 2
Can you delete DLC? Answered 1
Can you delete Wallpapers? Open 1
Can you download Emulators on PS3? Open 1
Can you download game updates on a computer and transfer to ps3 with usb? Open 2
Can you get Adobe Flash Player to run on for the PS3? Answered 1
Can you get banned on fifa and what for? Open 1
Can you go online using dial-up? Answered 4
Can you log into a different console and still keep your trophy data? Open 4
Can you record video from your PS3 to your computer? Open 1
Can you save over somebody else's PS3 game saves? Open 1
Can you transfer data from Old PS3 HDD to new PS3? Answered 1
Can you use the wireless PS3 controller on the PC? Answered 1
Can't connect to my WiFi? Open 1
Can't connect to the Internet anymore? Open 1
Can't play minis on PS3? *new* Unanswered 0
Cant get my games to play. need help? Open 1
Cant Load/Play EFLC.. Help??? Open 2
Cant play on oline? Open 1
Changing players at the start menu? Open 1
Chat restrictions in sub account? Open 1
Client Command Overflow!? Open 1
Concerning the HDMI cable? Answered 1
Connect Online Via Air Card? Answered 2
Connection to playstationnetwork timed out? Open 1
Console is not reading game discs anymore, what is my final resolution? Open 4
Console won't reset av/hdmi setting? Open 1
Controller Assignment Problem? Open 1
Controller problem? Open 2
Controller? Open 1
Copy PS1 game save from PSP to PS3? Answered 3
Copying protected saved games? Open 3
Copying ps3 save games to usb storage drive? Answered 2
Currupt Data? Answered 1
Deleting an Account? Open 1
Disc spins but nothing else? Open 1
disk ejector failing, any good do-it-yourself methods of repair? How long will force-ejecting work? Open 1
Do I have to pay to get Playstation Network? Answered 1
Do I need a router? Answered 1
Do PS3 consoles use hardware or emulation for PS1 (not PS2) backwards compatibility? Open 1
Do USB peripherals impede performance? Open 1
Do you keep the trophies earned on a downloaded title you later delete? Answered 2
Do you only need an HDTV to enjoy the PS3 visual or do you also need HD service? Open 3
Do you still get trophies if you aren't logged in? Answered 1
Does a laser have anything to do with updating a game? Answered 1
Does a Ps3 console get spoilt if i play it all the time? Open 1
Does a refurbished PS3 bought in 2010 have backwards compatibility? Answered 1
Does anyone know if there is a problem connecting to PS3 network in KSA or in the middle east? Open 1
Does anyone know what is this error code means 80710B24? Open 1
Does sony fix the YLOD or do they send you a new one? Open 1
Does the PS3 have a feature similar to "recover gamertag"? Answered 2
Does the PS3 have a manual eject? Open 1
Does the PS3 make hat sound when you get a trophy even if your not sign it? Answered 1
Does the PS3 slim still use an ethernet cable port? Answered 1
Does the standard cable really has a difference than the component? Answered 1
Does upgrading your harddrive effect backwards compatiabilty? Answered 3
Downloadable Content ? Open 1
Downloaded games problem? Unanswered 0
Droid X. I see that I can transfer data from my ps3 but can I do the reverse? Open 1
Dust help? Answered 1
Enslaved (Namco) won't display in HDMI - only works on Composite Cables? Answered 1
Error code 80010514 help? Answered 1
Error code 80029564 and another one I can't remember? Open 34
Error code 80710102? Open 1
Error Code 80710723? HELP PLEASE!!! Open 2
Error Code: 80022A07 What is it and how can i fix it? Answered 2
Error conecting to internet with ethornet cable? Open 1
Error Message? Answered 1
Eu PS1 Classics onto NA Ps3? Open 1
External Harddrive or Network drive for Movie and gaming? Open 1
Extra content? Open 1
Extracting Data? Open 1
Formatting to Fat32? Answered 3
Free DLC add-ons? Answered 3
Freeze at startup? Open 2
Freezing occurs after thirty minutes of gameplay. Can anybody help? Open 1
Friends list is disappearing? Open 2
Funds could not be added to your wallet? Open 1
Game data and Profile data? Open 1
Game Launching? Open 1
Game save trouble, can you help? Open 1
Game Saves For Games With Trophies? Open 1
Game Saves- cant save my progress in Fallout 3 after loading a game save? Open 3
Game update problem? Open 1
Game won't load? Open 1
Games Freezing? Open 1
Getting DLC? Open 1
Getting signed out of PSN (error code 8002A548)? Open 1
Getting Wi-Fi on a 20GB? Answered 1
God of War collection runs in 1080p? Answered 3
Got a new my PS3 doesn't work properly? Open 2
Gran Turismo 5 Online Races? Open 1
Graphics Problem: Madden NFL 10 jagged graphics and dull color? Open 1
Graphics problem? Open 2
Gt academy? Open 1
Gt5 update error(80710736)??????????? Open 1
Hard Drive Upgrade? Open 2
Has anyhone ever had their PS3 turn off in the middle of a game? Answered 1
Has my Blu-ray Reader died? Answered 2
Have I been banned..? Open 1
Have picture problem when plug PS3 into HDMI switch box, is there a setting I have missed or somethin else? Open 2
Having controller issues on certain games? Open 1
Having Remote Play Problems? Answered 1
Having trouble with PSP/PS3 remote play? Open 3
Hdd Access Indicator Light Long Time Stutter Freeze? Open 1
HDD space problems? Answered 1
HDM1 help? Open 1
HDMI Help - No RCA Cables? Open 4
HDMI Sound settings? Open 1
HDMI/Optical Audio setup question? Answered 1
Hdmi??? Open 1
Help Plz? Answered 2
help setting up wireless internet conection and finding field info? PLEASE!!!! Open 2
Help wit the reslution plz? Open 1
Help with bad wireless connection? Open 1
Help with PS3 Back-Up Utility? Answered 2
Help! How came my ps3 won't even start up anymore? Open 2
HELP!! can't update my system? Open 1
HELP!!! I can't find some demos in PLAYSTATION STORE ???? Open 3
Help, PS3 games wont work but DVD's does? Answered 1
Help.. My PS3 won't connect to my OLD TV... ( I mean not HD TV ) How to fix this ? Answered 1
Hey guys, I have a problem. ? Open 1
Hiii anyone play uncharted 2 online need help?? Open 1
How can I be sure that my bluetooth is workings? Open 2
How can i buy the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in FIFA 10 ? Open 1
How can I change the color of my PS Move wand? Open 1
How can I clear room on my hard drive? Answered 1
How can I connect to the internet? Open 3
How can i delete my old psn account from the ps3 to add a new one in the same user? Answered 1
How can I download game saves for a PS1 game onto my PS3? Open 1
How can I find out how many GBs my PS3 has? Answered 1
How can I get this MGS4 headset to work? Answered 2
How can I go online? Answered 1
How can I play 3 or 4 player ps2 games on my ps3? Answered 2
How can i remove themes? Answered 1
How can I transfer a PS2 save from Gamefaqs onto my Ps3 and have it work? Open 1
How can you use PSN and xbox live at the same time? Answered 1
How come i can talk to people through my headset but can only hear them on my tv? Answered 1
How come i cant play online??? Please help Answered 1
How come when I attach a USB stick with version 3.56 it says data is corrupted? Open 1
How do i back up my HDD? Answered 1
How do I change my brightness setting? Answered 1
How do i change my Email sign in? Answered 1
How do i change my parental control? Open 1
How do I change my PSN online ID? Open 1
How do i choose which format i would like to save folders to? Open 1
How do i connect a portable usb modem to my ps3? Answered 1
How do I connect more than 2 controllers to my PS3? Answered 1
How do i copy a gamesave onto my ps3 using SD card? Open 5
How do I Copy images from a flash drive? Answered 2
How do i copy images to ps3? Open 2
How do i copy pictures off my camera onto my ps3? Answered 1
How do i copy pictures to ps3? Open 1
How do I correct the AV/HDMI output? Answered 2
How do i create private match online?? Open 2
How do I delete installed stuff?? Answered 3
How do I delete my credit card info from the store so that I can use a different one? Answered 2
How do I delete something I've searched? Answered 1
How do I delete the list of downloaded files? Answered 2
How do I download an attachment? (It wont let me select it.) Open 1
How do I download saves? Open 1
How do I fix error code 8013013D? Open 1
How do i fix my playstation network? Open 1
How do i fix my ps3? Because it just stays at the wave screen with no icons. Open 4
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How do I get my BD movies to play in dolby digital 5.1? They only play in dolby pro logic on my surround sound setup. Answered 1
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How do I get online? Answered 1
How do I get out of spectating mode on call of duty modern warfare2? Open 1
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How do i grip during a faceoff? Open 1
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How do i pass through the camera level in james bond blood stone.? Open 1
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how do i take a PS1 Classic and put it on PS3 [whole Game]? Open 1
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How do I take screenshots of games with my ps3? Open 1
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How do I use Bluetooth in TW09? Open 1
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How do you create a 1 on 1 race in motoGP 08? Open 1
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How to configure V8 Superstars\GT5 Prologue with G27 Logitect Streering Wheel? Open 1
how to copy save data from gamefaqs to the PS3??? Answered 1
How to see trophies? Open 1
Howcome It Disconnects Me Every Time Before the Game Starts on Ncaa Football 2010 ? Open 1
Howcome It Disconnects Me Every Time Before the Game Starts on Ncaa Football 2010 ?! Open 1
I am unsure about how multiplayer offline works pls help? Open 1
I can play music through the XMB, but never in-game, what to do? Open 1
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I cant get online? Open 1
I connected my PS3 to my cricket USB modem and it's slow. Help anyone? Open 1
I did a quick format for my new ps3...? Unanswered 0
I do not have a wireless router, I have a typical ethernet broadband, can I still connect wirelessly with the PS3? Answered 1
I get 50-80% on my wireless router. Can It go faster? Answered 1
I get NAT type 3 on ps3 and open on my xbox360? Open 1
I have 2010 Fifa World cup South Africa and the commentary is in German. How do I change it to English? Open 1
I have a 1080p monitor with no speakers, If i connect my ps3 to it, how do i get the sound? Open 1
I have a corrupt save file for Modnations that gives me an error code when i attempt to delete it. What should i do? Open 1
I Have a problem connecting to PlayStation Home. How do I solve it? Answered 2
I have difficulty inviting friends on codwaw i have no such problems of cod4 any ideas what im doing wrong? Open 4
I have problems when I play FIFA 09 online? Open 2
I just got DMC4 again, haven't had it for some time. When I go to play, it says that I have no save data. Why? Open 1
I keep getting an error code 8002AD23? Open 1
I keep on getting error 80710011 when I try to go to file and save target on videos... wtf?! Open 1
I need help creating a psnetwork account. necessary?mark: ? Open 1
I need help getting the Patch to work for DLC on PS3 for GH5? Open 1
I need help with the demos!?! Open 1
I Need To Change my Online parental Settings, Can Someone Help Me? Open 3
I read that error code 8001002B was a dirty disk read, so why does it show up when I try to copy something onto my psp? Open 3
I think i have online but im not sure....can somone help me....please? Open 1
I updated PS3 2.80 using GH3 Controller and now it comes on as player 3&4? Answered 1
I want to access the Japanese PSN, How do I do that? Open 1
I want to transfer data using ethernet cable with two ps3's but it says copy-righted data will be moved??....JUST READ!! Open 1
I want to use a pc monitor instead a tv? Answered 2
I was wondering if I could transfer the data from my old ps3 to my new one? Answered 1
I've 3 things came up at the same time. Please help? Answered 1
I've plugged everything in and nothings happening, what's up? Open 1
If I copy a save from a ps3 with DLC and put it on a ps3 without DLC, what will happen? Answered 1
If I download games to a PS3 can I put them onto another? Open 2
If I get rid of the "install data", then? Answered 1
If I log into PSN on another system, will my trophies transfer? Answered 1
If I restore default settings, will it affect my playlists or albums I've created? Open 1
If my PS3 dies, is there any way to salvage game saves and DLC on the hard drive? Answered 5
If the controller loses all it's charge, can i still recharge it? Answered 2
Importing Bookmarks From My PSP? Answered 1
In GTA 4 multiplaper, can I rest my rank/level to 1 or 0?change name? Open 1
Incorrectly getting insufficient memory message? Open 1
Installing game addons? Open 1
Internet Connection? Open 1
Internet question? Open 1
Is a PS3 backward compatible? Open 1
Is Aerosmith Les Paul guitar compatible with GH Metallica on the PS3? Open 3
Is anyone experience game freezing problems with the new 3.1 firmware? Answered 1
Is downloaded game content shared among different PS3 accounts? Unanswered 0
Is it an issue with the lens or an issue with the game? Open 1
Is it possialbe to trade stuff between the PSP and PS3? Answered 1
Is it possible to copy my uncopyable saves? Answered 1
Is it possible to hook up 3 or more monitors or tvs to the ps3 and create a wider or 3 different views? Answered 1
Is it possible to play music while gaming on the ps3 on games that don't allow it? Open 1
Is it possible to swap a harddrive with another PS3 harddrive that has save data on it? Answered 1
Is it safe to play in a car? Answered 4
Is it safe to? Open 2
Is it still ok to play a slightly scratched game? Open 1
Is it worth buying a cooling fan for my PS3? Answered 2
is my PS3 a gonner? YLOD what are my options now Answered 2
Is my PS3 screwed up? Answered 3
Is online for PS3 free and if do get online when I be pestered with ads and end up getting stuff sent and charged to me? Answered 1
is possible En/De Crypt Savedata? Open 1
Is the fan test thing bad for the PS3? Answered 1
Is the memory important gamewise or is it just for photos and music and videos?? Answered 1
Is the ps3 dual voltage? Open 2
Is the PS3 region free? Answered 2
Is the PS3 Slim anything like PS2 slim? Open 4
Is the TOSLink (Optical out) always on/can I combine the signals? Open 1
Is there a game save glitch that happens when you change your password? Open 2
Is there a Multi Monitor Setup stand that is premade or am I forced to buy them individually? Open 2
Is there a way I can use an external hard drive to make more data space with the PS3? Answered 1
Is there a way to delete game add-ons on the PS3? Open 2
Is there a way to download PSN stuff to a computer? Open 1
Is there a way to make my PS1 gameshark work on my PS3? Open 2
Is there a way to move data from a corrupted drive onto a new drive? Answered 1
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Is there a way to turn off predictive typing in the web browser? Answered 1
Is there any problems on psn ATM? Open 1
Is there anyway the 80g PS3 model can play PS2 games? Answered 5
Is there anyway to run a 720p game at 1080i? Open 2
is there now a way I can play my ps2 games again? Answered 1
Is there something wrong with my tv? Answered 1
Is this a YLOD sign ? Open 1
Is this too cramped a space for the PS3 Slim? Open 2
Just how long does it take for Sony to fix a broken hard drive? Answered 1
Just what are these... "media servers"? Answered 2
LCD or LED? Open 1
Loading Slowly and Crashing? Open 1
Locked out of FF: ARR account. Any suggestions? Unanswered 0
Looping/Repeating Videos on a Slim PS3? Open 1
Marvel Ultimate allance 2? Open 1
Memory increase? Open 1
Memory? Open 1
Message tells me to upgrade software? Answered 3
Might Seem Retorical But...? Open 2
MLB 09 The Show froze on Copyright screen? Open 1
ModNation Racers Connection Issue? Open 1
More memery................? Open 1
Move controllers? Answered 2
MP3 music? Answered 1
Multiple Users On PS3? Open 3
My account gets signed off every time i play online? Open 1
My bluetooth mic isn't working...? Open 1
My controller input gets stuck? Open 2
My controller is not working...? Answered 2
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My Game keeps freezining at the menu why? Answered 1
My game keeps on freezing,why? Open 2
My Playstation is acting up? Answered 1
My playstation network not working?? PLEASE HELP Open 1
My ps2 game doesnt work right? Open 2
My PS3 blu-ray player plays films uncoulored?Help? Open 1
My PS3 Cant Read PS3 Games, it only reads PS2 Games?? HELP!! Open 1
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My PS3 Slim has started to do weird "click" sound. What's wrong? Open 1
my PS3 sounds louder than before. What can i do? Open 2
My PS3 stopped reading discs what should I do? Open 5
My ps3 turns on but nothing happen? Open 1
My PS3 won't Display a thing, even after I reset it. Help please? Open 1
My ps3 wont come on right until i unplug it why?? Open 1
My PS3 wont play four players on ps2 games? anyone know why? Open 3
My Ps3 Works But Why Wont It Show Up On Screen After Freezing?? Open 1
My PS3's having problems...? Open 2
My PS3(40gig) power button doesnt turn the ps3 off , it only turns it on =( why does this happen? Open 1
MY stats got reset in COD BO??? WTF? Open 1
My system won't read any discs. What should I do? Open 1
NAT type 3 detected? Answered 1
Nat type 3 to 2? Open 4
Need for speed hot pursuit will not recognize my logictech driving force steering wheel, why ? Open 1
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Noisy PS3 Slim disk drive ? Open 1
Non Corrupted Corrupted Data? Open 1
Not Enough Space? Open 1
Obtain IP Address Failure? Answered 5
On the Playstation Store. How can you tell if a downloadable game has trophies? Open 2
Overheated? Answered 1
Patching/dlc across regions? Answered 1
Photo help? Answered 1
Pixeljunk Trophies? Open 1
Playstation 2 games on Playstation 3? Open 1
Playstation Eye on Fight Night Round 4? Answered 1
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Playstation store question? Answered 1
Playstation@Home Problem. Can anyone Help? Open 2
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PLEASE HELP....Can't reinstall GTA IV on PS3?? Open 1
Plz can i connect to the nternet by this way? Open 1
Portal 2, Your partner has disconnected? Unanswered 0
Power save settings not working? Open 1
pre-ordered PS4? (canada) Open 1
Probably a simple answer to a complicated question? Open 1
PS1 Games Disc Vs Download? Answered 1
PS1/PS2 game saves from GameFAQs to USB to PS3? Open 2
PS2 games won't display with hdmi? Open 9
PS2 GameShark/Action Replay Max? Answered 1
PS2 save files with PS3 slim? Open 1
PS2 Singstar Mics on PS3? Answered 2
PS3 -> PS2 saves? Open 1
PS3 80gig - backward compatible type - Ps2/Ps1 games - TV problem? Open 1
Ps3 Blu-ray/game exiting? Open 2
PS3 breaking down? Open 2
PS3 connection problem? Answered 1
PS3 Demo installation error? Open 2
PS3 EX-01 wireless bluetooth headset not letting me talk to my friends? Open 2
ps3 GTA4 multiplayer deathmatch guns didnt work, but hitting did anyone have this happen before?was someone cheating? Open 1
PS3 Hard Disc Fail? Open 1
PS3 HDD broken? Unanswered 0
Ps3 help? Open 1
Ps3 Keeps Freezing? Open 1
PS3 makes noise before reading games? Open 1
PS3 Memory Card Adapter backups on PSN downloaded titles? Open 1
Ps3 powering itself down, but not with the 3 beeps I hear about? Answered 1
PS3 red light please help? Open 1
PS3 Slim (60b (Australia) ) Slow Loading? Unanswered 0
ps3 slim AC in connector ? Open 1
PS3 slim features? Open 2
PS3 slim giving out cracking sound during gameplay and after off. Is it normal?? Open 2
PS3 The Elder Scrolls V - Legendary Edition, Quest bugs on 2 different quest Can anyone help? Unanswered 0
PS3 themes creater from playstation website? Answered 1
PS3 turns itself off with three beeps? Open 2
PS3 turns off with 3 beeps a minute after turning on...but then runs normally after reset? Open 1
PS3 was on the carpet for a week, any permanent damage done? Open 1
PS3 with laptop monitor? Open 2
PS3 won't automatically sense Blu-ray disc or take it in? Open 1
Ps3 wont play games but dvds why? Open 2
Ps3 wont turn on because i turned it off from the back how to fix? Open 1
PSN techinical support email?? Open 1
PSN/Playstation store connectivity? Open 1
Quasi PS4 games on PS3? Open 1
Question about game saves backing up? Open 1
Question about PSN? Answered 1
Question about saves? Open 1
Quick question about game updates? Answered 1
Remote Play? Answered 1
Repeat downloads? Open 1
Restore files? Open 1
Restoring? Open 1
Retrieving Saved information after Blinking Red Light Issue? Open 1
Return from Sony After YLoD: Yellow Light of Death, telling me to format my old drive?? Open 1
Router help? Open 1
Save game lock out? Open 1
Saved data, trophies and account transfer? Answered 1
Saving movies to the hard drive? Answered 1
Screen Res Question? Answered 1
SD Upconversion Question? Answered 1
sewr level,no Siam,how do I get out? Open 2
Should i got the 'fat' or slim PS3?? Answered 1
Since when can trophies pull a Houdini? Answered 3
Slim 320GB PS3 won't show up on the screen, what do I do? Unanswered 0
Small gaming screen on a large TV? Answered 1
Solid blue light on the eject button always on, but there's no disc inside? Open 1
Some games won't load but some do? Open 2
Some questions about HDD upgrading? Answered 1
Sony 3D display calibration settings ? Unanswered 0
Spilling on controller? Open 1
Squeaking controller? Open 1
Staying Conected to PSN? Answered 1
Streaming Videos Frame Rate? Open 1
System Lock Save? Answered 1
System reset - cleaning out the system's memory? Answered 1
System shuts down? Open 1
System Transfer Question (Reply ASAP please)? Answered 1
System Update Failure and the Eternal Loop of Death...? Open 1
Terms of service/ user agreement and privacy policy again.? PLEASE HELP! Open 1
The Last Of Us - online pass code invalid / used, yet game is brand new, unused. Help!? Open 1
The PIN for Official Headset? Answered 1
The power cuts off. Why? Open 1
The system doesn't tell me to update 3.01? Answered 1
Time out with Sony Entertainment Network? Unanswered 0
Trine 2 problem...? Unanswered 0
Trophies & Game Data???? Answered 5
Trophies section not popping up for some games - why? Unanswered 0
Trophy loading error? Answered 1
Trophy sinchronize with PSN? Open 1
Trophy update help? Answered 2
trouble Changing TV's? Answered 4
Trouble connecting to gaming servers....? Open 1
Trouble with PS3 headset? Open 1
Troublesome occurence of error 80710102? Open 3
TV hads lines moving up on the tv. IT does it on other tvs as well. Why does this happen? Please tell why. Thank you. Answered 1
Tv specs listed,wall of text please copy and fix to read, which resolution should i pick? Open 1
Uk PS3 games will work? Open 1
Unable to connect to PSN recently? Open 1
Unable to read discs: Help? Open 3
Update 3.42? Answered 1
Upgrading HDD in PS3? Open 2
USB power issues? Open 1
Usb to ps3 saves? Open 1
Vanquish freezing? Open 1
Video problem? Answered 1
Video problems? Answered 1
Viewing my birthdate? Answered 2
ViewSonic's 37 or 24 inch mac as monitor ? Open 1
Virtual Memory Card? Open 1
Ways to fix / replace the video output port on the PS3? Open 3
What are good sites that contain PS1 game saves? Open 2
What are the best audio settings for my PS3? Open 2
What brand of hdmi cable for the PS3 is best to get? Answered 2
What causes these lines? Open 1
What data does the back-up utility back up? Answered 2
What do I do when Update 3.21 is giving me trouble? Answered 1
What do I need to download java? Answered 1
What do I need to get in order to play my PS3 on my LCD Monitor? Open 1
What do I need to to? Answered 1
What do you need to going online? Open 1
What does it mean when there is no blue light but only a green light? Answered 3
What does my ps3 freezes as soon as it starts? Open 2
What does the "Restore PS3 System" option do? Answered 2
What does the error code 8001002B mean? Answered 1
What does update do to my PS3? Answered 1
What happened to my PS3? Why did it randomly work again? Open 1
What happens when you are playing a game it getts all fuzzy and? Open 1
What if...? Answered 1
What is error code 8001050F? Open 7
What is error code 8002AF02? Open 1
What is the best wireless router for gaming? Open 1
What is the PS@ System Data add-on? Answered 1
What is the....? Open 1
What is wrong with my ps3? Unanswered 0
What PS3 models play PS2 games? Answered 2
What's error code 8001050F?What must i do to solve this? Open 1
What's that wierd noise from my disk? Answered 1
What's up with the ps3? Answered 1
What's wrong with my PS3? Open 1
What's wrong with my PS3?, keeps freezing up Open 2
What's wrong with my system? Open 2
Whats the difrrence betwen Trophies and Acheivment? Answered 1
Whats wrong with my clock? Open 1
Whats wrong with my playstation 3? Open 1
When i go to open up Gran Turismo 5 it comes up with not enough space in the hard drive whats wrong with it? Open 1
When i put a PS3 disc in, the PS3 doesnt read it? Answered 2
When i trying to play James Bond 007 Quantum of solace multyplayer there are no players in lobby, what is it? Open 2
When im downloading more then thing at once one thing will download but everything else will be pending why? Answered 1
When will the psn network be back up and is it true that we get free stuff? Open 1
Where can I download updates for folding@home? Open 1
Where did my space go? Open 1
Where do i send this? Answered 1
Where'd my trophies go? Answered 1
Whi is PSN still down and when will it be up?? Open 1
Which is my SSID? Answered 1
Why am I not able to play PS2/PS games? Open 1
Why am I suddenly unable to connect to the internet? Open 1
Why are most of my downloaded copies of retail games glitchy? Open 1
Why are my custom soundtrack songs so loud? Open 3
Why arent my trophies up-to-date? Answered 2
Why can't I back up my PS3? Open 2
Why can't I connect to PSN? Open 1
Why can't I downlaod the game updates? Answered 1
Why can't i get my guitar or drums to work on Rock Band? Open 1
Why can't I get online on Blur any more? Open 1
Why can't I play my game? Open 1
Why can't I play online? Answered 1
Why can't I register my PSN? Open 1
Why can't I turn the system on using the PS button? Open 6
Why can't my demo be installed after it is fully downloaded? Answered 1
Why can't my ps3 connect wirelessly? Answered 2
Why can't my PS3 read my USB saves? Open 2
Why cant i connect with my friend on FIFA 10 ?? Open 1
Why cant I get a picture? Answered 1
Why cant i hear the speech of cutscens in my games? Open 1
Why cant i play Brutal Legend over PlayStation Network? Open 1
Why cant i select downloaded superstar? Open 2
Why cant I sign into my Playstation@Network account? Open 1
Why cant my PS3 load games? Open 2
Why did my PS3 shut off while I was playing a PS2 game? Open 1
Why do certain games constantly freeze on my ps3?? HELP!! Open 2
why do game say my drive doesnt have enough space left when I have over 70gb free??? Answered 2
Why do I keep getting booted from Playstation Home? Open 1
Why do i lag in online games? Answered 2
Why do I lag so much online? Answered 1
Why do my BD movies have the widescreen black bars above and below picture? Answered 2
Why do people keep saying the PS3 has no PS2 compatibility? Answered 2
Why do the controller LEDs blink when I turn on PS3? Open 2
Why do white and green lines appear on my TV when I try to play my PS3? Open 1
Why does 2 of my game and playstation home are in black and white? Open 2
Why does it keep telling me error name 80022D05? Open 1
Why does my 2 PS3s keep lagging up? Open 1
Why does my control just keep flashing? Open 1
Why does my data corrupt on my PS3 ? Open 1
Why does my doesn't my ps3 turn on? Open 4
Why does my game play in French? Open 1
Why does my game reset my stem every time a cut scene starts? Open 1
Why does my keep telling me error 80010023 when I try to activate? Open 1
Why does my left/right stick not work properly? Open 1
Why does my play station 3 play the game little big planet? Open 1
Why does my ps3 game freeze sometimes? Answered 1
Why does my PS3 have trouble reading Blu Ray/Games? Answered 1
Why does my PS3 keep freezing up on me? D: Open 1
Why does my PS3 keep freezing when I first start it up? Open 1
Why does my PS3 keep freezing? Open 2
Why does my PS3 keep giving me a DNS error 80710102? Unanswered 0
Why does my ps3 keep shutting off and blinking red? Answered 4
Why does my PS3 keep telling me DNS error when i sign in? Answered 2
Why does my PS3 lose its online connection whenever I quit a game? Open 2
Why does my PS3 makes noise? Answered 3
Why does my ps3 network wont let me use my account...? Open 1
Why does my ps3 not accepting my games? Open 1
Why does my ps3 only play dvd's? Answered 1
Why does my screen keep flickering whenever I play a game? Open 2
Why does my TV keep emitting these crackling noises? Open 1
Why Does The Blue Light Stay Solid? Answered 1
Why does the game freeze ? Unanswered 0
Why does the game keep telling me ' The save game data does not correspond to the current user'? Open 3
Why does the game keep telling me (8002A548)? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me (your id or password is wrong)? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me 80121607? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me error (80710D36)? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me error 80023156? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me error loading cd information ? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me errorcode 80710723? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me I have an error in the Playstation Store? Open 3
Why does the game keep telling me the hard disk file is corrupted and will be restored? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me to enter a disc to continue playing? Open 1
Why does the game not show up on my tv? Answered 1
Why does the game only run in 480p when I have my settings for 1080i? Open 3
Why does the movie I downloaded not letting me watch? Open 3
Why does the playstation 3 not play or read any playstation 3 games but still reads audio disks? Open 1
Why does the saved game data on hear not work for my ps3? Open 1
Why does Vanquish keep freezing? Open 1
Why doesn't my PS3 Not Read sound From Discs? Unanswered 0
Why doesn't my PS3 recognise CDs? Open 1
Why doesnt my internet work? Open 1
Why doesnt my playstation 2 games work? Answered 1
Why don't I have audio from PS3 w/secondary TV? Open 1
Why don't my discs run anymore? Open 1
Why don't my PS3 eject the disc all the way? Open 1
Why dont switch sides? Open 1
Why dose 3.0 keep resting during install? Open 1
Why dosnt skyrim fit my tv screen? Answered 1
Why dusent my bd remote work? Open 1
Why has my PS3 frozen during system update? Open 2
Why i can't play games!? Answered 1
Why i cant play 4 multiplayer in CTR? Answered 2
Why is 1080p resolution so problematic with my HDMI connection? Open 1
Why is it that my PS3 continues to freeze? Open 2
Why is my fan making so much noise? Open 2
Why is my PS3 beeping and ejecting? Unanswered 0
Why is my PS3 display zoomed in? Open 1
Why is my ps3 not taking the games in all the way? Answered 1
Why is my ps3 reseting the resolution ???? Open 1
Why is my Ps3 slim got hot (need answers!)? Open 2
Why is parental control screwing me over? Open 1
Why is the PSN download speed so slow on wireless? Open 1
Why is there an option to create a PS2 memory card, if you cannot play PS2 games on a PS3? Open 4
Why is there no sound in the game i'm playing? Open 1
Why isn't the multiplaye in COD: MW2 working? Open 1
Why isn't the resistance 3 update downloading? Open 1
Why my playstation3 always shut down with red flashing? Answered 1
Why my PS3 is very hot???? Answered 5
Why my PS3 shut down while I am playing GT5? Open 1
Why when im done installing a ps1 game the install bubble will not go away? Open 1
Why when im playing a game while im downloading something the thing im downloading will be pending or still download? Open 2
Why will menu will not show? Answered 2
Why will my games or movies not load on my PS3? Open 1
Why won't Blu-Ray movies play, but games will? Open 1
Why won't my controller charge? Answered 1
Why won't my HDMI cables work? Answered 1
Why Won't My Original PS3 Play My PS2 Games? Answered 2
Why won't my system let me download FFVII off the PSN store? Answered 1
Why wont my borderlands 2 dlc's work? Open 1
Why wont my PS3 connect wit the softwareee???? Open 1
Why wont my PS3 play online modes? Open 1
Why wont my ps3 wont take discs in all the way? Open 1
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does the PS3 take any virus from the internet? Open 1
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Does the RB drum set work with GH:WT? Open 1
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Hardrive Install ? Open 1
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Hey,I heared that the ps3 online playing online will be like the xbox 360,must pay to play. is it true? Open 2
HHD upgrade?? Answered 1
Hints and cheats ? Open 1
Hooking the PlayStation 3 to my computer monitor? Thank you! Open 1
Horizontal line and or flicker? Open 1
How / what antivirus should I get for my PS3 ? Answered 2
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How can I connect my PS3 directly to a computer monitor? Open 2
How can I convince them? Open 2
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How can i fix this? Answered 2
How can I get color displayed on my TV with new PS3? Answered 1
How can i get my PS3 to read my discs again? Answered 1
How can I hold on to saved data when replacing my old 20 GB with a new 320 GB hdd? Open 1
How can I link my ps3 with my itunes? Open 1
How can I make my PS3 play PS2 games full screen? Open 1
How can I record games ? Open 1
How can I record my gameplay? Answered 1
How can i tell if my ps3 is american, japanese, or european? Answered 1
how can i transfer my master account to another PS3? Open 1
How can I transfer photo's from a ps3 to a sdhc card? Open 1
How can i transfer ps3 memory to a usb stick? Open 1
How Can I Use A Wal-Mart Pre-Paid Debit Card? Open 1
How can i use the PS3 Saved Games, everytime I try to use it it wont let me saying the save is from another player? Open 3
How can know when a PS2 disk is 80 gb? Open 1
How can microphone sensitivity be reduced? Open 1
How can one game destroy my system? to speak Open 1
How can u talk to some one the on xbo360 with me ps3? Open 2
How can you access your computer via ps3? Open 1
How can you check date and time on predictive text dictionary entries? Answered 1
How can you use a d/led game save from a different profile? Open 1
How do I alter the savegame from Ninja Gaiden: Sigma? Open 1
How do i buy things for my fallout 3 house when the vender is dead? Open 1
How do i cancel my account? Open 1
how do I change my name on psn without deleting my status? Open 1
How do I change my NAT Type from 3 to 2? Open 2
how do I change my screensize for movies? Open 1
How do i configure the 3D glasses that came with the Sony ps3 3D display? Unanswered 0
How do I connect my PS3 to my PC? Open 1
How do I convert my visual/audio settings back to an AV cable after using someone elses HDMI cable? Answered 1
How do I create a team in FIFA 10?? Answered 1
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How do i delete a oline profile that i mestup on? Answered 1
How do I delete profiles on my PS3? Answered 1
How do I disbale cheats at the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game? Open 1
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How do i download horses for g1 jockey 2008 for ps3? Open 1
How do i download movies onto my ps3? Open 2
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how do I get my headphones to work with the optical out? Open 1
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How do I get the only Operation Raccoon City on Gamefaqs onto a thumbdrive and then onto PS3? Unanswered 0
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How do i parmanently install my games on d ps3 console? Open 1
how do I play as the doctor in multiplayer? Open 1
How do i power on and off playsation offical bluetooth 2.0? Unanswered 0
How do I put a PSV file on to my PS3 Using a Flashdrive? Open 1
How do I put a VMP save file onto my PS3 when I don't own my PSP anymore? Unanswered 0
How do I put my 500gb hdd from my fat ps3 into my new slim ps3 without losing my data? Open 1
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How do I transfer all my data from one ps3 to another? Open 1
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How do i transfer music from my computer, which is a macbook leopard to my ps3? Open 1
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How do you delete? Answered 1
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How do you get to the enter cheat code in tiger woods pga tour 2010 for ps3? Open 1
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How do you start a new career on nascar 09? Open 1
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How do you? Open 1
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How Many Chapters In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? Open 1
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how many game saves can you fit on a 4GB memory stick? Answered 3
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How many kilobyte's are in a megabyte and how many megabyte's are in a gigabyte? Answered 2
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How much does a ps3 cost? Open 1
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I downloaded Tombraider Underworld trial and do I have to download the real game or can I go buy the game at the store ? Open 1
I have a 40 GB and a 80 GB HDD is there a way I can combine them? Open 1
I have a 40 gig PS3 and does anyone know? Answered 1
I have a hard drive I removed from a dead PS3 that has tons of save files, can these be retrieved? Unanswered 0
I Have A Message Saying The Hard Disk's file system is corrupted and will be restored but i doesen't ? Help! Answered 1
I have a ps3 and internet connection in my house.But how to connect to the internet? Answered 1
I have a question:1.Tell me where u r from.2.Tell me whats the usual price of every new ps3 games? Answered 3
I have a Sony 720p LCD HDTV with PS3 and HDMI cable. What (Resolution) should I run the PS3 in? Open 1
I have downloaded asave file from gamefaqs, how do i use it? Answered 2
I have lost Havel's ring in Dark Souls. What do I do? Unanswered 0
I have ps3 and I downloaded madden 13 and it installed but it doesn't appear on the game , Did I do something wrong ? Unanswered 0
I hear clicking sound when i turn on my ps3? Is this normal ? Open 1
i live in Indonesia. when i made my profile, there was no indonesia in it. what should i do? Open 2
I need a fun game? Open 3
I need a good single player game! any advice? Open 2
I need a precision phillips 00 screwdriver for the HDD, correct? Open 1
I need help defending the HB screen pass, can someone tell me exactly what defense to use? Open 1
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I need some ps3 infos !! can you help me ?? plzzz Answered 1
I need to know how to copy data of my PSX2 saved game & PSX3 games from PSX3 HD to memory card? Open 2
I need to know what is using up 13 gigs? Answered 2
I restarted my ps3 and it was blank? Open 2
I sometimes see some red or white ... dots and lines in some games on screen when Iam playing .what's the problem ? Open 1
I want a new game? Answered 1
I want to buy a PS3 Laser lens, is it cheap or expensive? Open 1
I want to know if there anyway to put a password on ps3? Open 2
I was wondering about? Answered 1
I'm about to buy the ps3 ! help?? Answered 1
I'm having a network connection problem ? Open 1
I've been trying to sign in to PSN for 2 days and I keep getting the psn error 80710a06 message, what does it mean? Open 1
If I buy a downloadable game from the ps store, then delete it, can I redownload it without having to pay for it again? Open 3
If i buy a PS1 game on PSN, will i be able to load my saved data? Open 1
If I charge my dualshock 3 on my xbox 360 will it break since different systems? Answered 1
If I copy my save to a USB storage device, does that disable trophies? Open 2
If I copy save data will I be able to still get trophies? Open 1
If I format the the hard disk...? Open 1
If i get trophies when im offline will it still go to my psn profile? Open 1
If I have children with a woman outside my household how do i visit the children? Open 1
If I update my ps3 to version 3.30, can I go back with system restore or default settings? Answered 1
If there is a next Naruto game coming out 4 for ps3 will it have online play? Open 2
If there's no backwards compatiblity, then why? Answered 1
If u have a us psn and a eur psn can u transfer items, rewards and clothes from one account to the other? Open 1
If u reformat ur system, do u loose all of ur save files ??? Answered 1
if you started a new Playstation ID,can you transfer your Qore subscription to the new account? Open 1
If you want an Xbox style controller which one is better PowerA or Gioteck? Unanswered 0
im playing heavy rain. I just blacked out after shaun went in on the horse thing in the park? what do do? Open 1
Im sending my ps3 in to fix the ylod...? Open 4
IN call of duty 2 how can i take that circle with you in the middle of it ? Open 1
in COD WAW my rank symblo went from lt colonel to a weird prestige rank how to fix it? Open 1
In demon's souls why arent my miracles working? Open 1
In Fallout 3 i lost docter li at the entrance of the citidel and i can't get in, does anyone now where she goes? Open 1
In my ps3 youtube search button is not activated? Answered 1
In the game redDead redemption undead nightmare, how do i meet the Irish? Open 1
in the Save Section in ps3 Games (NA,Japan,Europe are they meant for the ps3 game or the ps3 console) ? Open 1
In-game trophy viewing? Answered 1
Installation Speeds? Open 1
Internet Comparison Help? Open 1
Internet problems with the PS3, is something wrong here? Open 2
Internet Tabs Help? Answered 1
Ipod help? Open 1
Is a keyboard or headset more imperative? Answered 1
Is Afro Samurai Good game Or Bad Boring GAME??? Open 1
Is bluray disc really the best? Open 2
Is capcom bringing out resident evil 6 in 2012? Open 2
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Is final fantasy 9 coming onto the playstation store? Answered 1
Is home free ? Answered 1
Is inFamous better than the demo? Open 3
Is it easy to buy and download games? Open 1
Is it necessary to buy a playstation credit card to purchase stuff from PSN or can I just use me VISA or master card? Answered 1
Is it possible to back up save data ONLY? Answered 2
Is it possible to download PS3 games onto the hard drive and play them w/o using the discs? Answered 1
Is it possible to have audio out through my TV while using headphones? Open 1
Is it possible to install any windows OS? Answered 3
Is it possible to make a ps3 a backward system? Open 1
Is it possible to play the ps3 online or off, while downloading content? Answered 1
Is it possible to run a Japanese DVD on my PS3? Open 1
Is it rly worthy to change my fat ps3 to ps3 silm cuz i am happy with my fat 160 ps3 ? Answered 3
Is it safe for my PS3 to use downloaded saved files from the net? Open 1
Is it same? Open 1
Is it secure to use debit/credit cards on PSN? Answered 1
Is it true if u get 25 kill streak in cod5 on 1 of the maps u get bears and they attack people? Answered 1
Is it true that if you have a usa account PSN will you have different games in the ps store than other countries? Open 2
Is it true that there is a code for rainbow six vegas 2 were it takes only one shot to kill? Open 3
Is it true we will soon have to pay for the PSN? Open 7
Is it worth getting a PS3 if my tv isn't HD? Answered 2
Is it worth getting the 12GB model if I plan to get a lot of games? Open 1
Is it worth it to buy one? Answered 1
Is it worth it? Open 1
Is Killzone3 really bad???? Open 1
Is METRO 2033 Will Be On PS3? Answered 1
Is mgs rising coming in ps3 ? Why there is no update on gamespot ps3 page? Answered 1
Is my PSN the same as my gamertag? Answered 1
Is ps3 death only for 60 gb version ?If not ,what is the best way to prevent from it? Answered 1
Is sony going to make a yellow light of death proof ps3? Open 2
Is splinter cell conviction only for x-box 360 ? Is there any news about splinter cell conviction coming on ps3? Answered 1
IS Splinter Cell: Conviction Will BE On PS3? Please Answer? Answered 1
Is the 250 GB ps3 worth buying?i need an anser before christmas!!! Answered 1
Is the 250 gig slim worth the extra? Open 2
Is the 40gb PS3 backwards compatible? Answered 1
Is the European version of Devil May Cry HD collection censored? Unanswered 0
Is the marketplace cheaper then the Xbox's? Answered 1
Is the NCAA football 08 game made for PS2 and 08 game made for PS3 the same game? Open 1
Is the NGP going to have phone capabilities? Open 1
Is the PS3 worth buying? Answered 1
Is the Slim model less reliable than the fat model? Open 1
Is there a action replay of any kind for the ps3? Open 2
Is there a button press for "goto prediction" when typing? Answered 3
Is there a chance that a chrome Slim ps3 will be released? Answered 1
Is there a model that plays PS1 & PS2 Games? Open 3
Is there a safe method where you can transfer data from a PS3 to another PS3? Answered 2
Is there a way to alter security settings so that the titles of restricted games will still display? Unanswered 0
Is there a way to change the country of your online account? Answered 1
Is there a way to convert a DexDrive file into a virtual PS3 memory save? Open 1
Is there a way to download PS3 songs from PSN on my pc & then transfer it to my PS3? Open 1
Is there a way to get patches/dlc without broadband access? Answered 1
Is there a way to take your PSN account with you on a USB drive? Open 2
Is there a way to transfer a PSN copy of FF7 from PS3 to PSP if I downloaded it before the update? Answered 1
Is there a way to uninstall PS3 games to make more room on your HDD? Open 1
Is there a website I can go to (on my PC) to see the file sizes of patches for games before I start downloading them? Answered 1
Is there an external hard drive that is truly compatible with ps3? Answered 2
Is there any game disk ads on in fall out 3? Answered 1
Is there any games...? Open 1
Is there any good 2-4 player offline shoters for the ps3? Open 3
Is there any problem when i dont know that switch off from the main power? Open 1
Is there any way to change your PSN username? Open 2
Is there anyone have the same HDMi prob like me? Open 1
Is there endurance races in gt5? Open 2
Is there NEW Resident Evil 5 Save data for PS3? Open 1
Is there really a Yellow lite on Your Ps3 wHen it iS breaking? Open 2
Is there such a thing as a save editor? Open 1
Is thete a good mmorpg for ps3? Open 1
Is this completely backwards compatible with the PS2? (read description) Answered 2
Is this good enough speed to play online without lag? Answered 1
Is your PS3 in good condition even if you don't use vacuum? is it really important to use vacuum? Open 1
Ive got a vodafone stick internet? Open 2
Japanese PSN help? Unanswered 0
Japanese PSN Store not working? Open 1
JPN PSN Card? Answered 2
Just ask? Open 1
JUST CAUSE 2 ps3 save game? Unanswered 0
Just wondering ??? Answered 1
Killzone 2 Leaderboard Points Question? Open 1
Larger Hardrive? Answered 1
Lava Glow Wireless Controller? Open 2
Less than normal gigs? Open 2
List of Playstation 3 Games that have the Official Cheat Menu? Open 1
List of updates? Answered 1
Little Big Planet (GOTY) or Dead Space? Answered 1
Little Big Planet-should I get it? Open 1
Loading Trophies Problem? Open 1
Logitech USB PS2 mic, for the PS3? Open 2
Lost Planet Two demo? Open 1
Mandatory install question? Open 1
Media Sharing won't work,help? Answered 1
Media Sharing? Open 1
Memory Problem? Open 1
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection vs The Essential Collection? Unanswered 0
Mgs4 freezing...can anyone help? Unanswered 0
Mini Ninjas Trophy help? Open 1
Missing system updates? Open 1
Mobile to PS3? Answered 1
Moddeded guns on Borderlands? Open 1
More HDD space? Open 1
More than One profile? Answered 1
Moving Games from my PC (Media Go) to PS3? Answered 1
Multiple Hard Drives? Answered 1
Music on PS3? Answered 2
Music transferred from laptop to PS3 HDD sounds bad. help? Open 1
Music? Open 1
My 360 friends are all going to ps3 so should i switch? Answered 1
My 80GB PS3 turns off by itself without red, green or yellow light! What is the problem? Answered 1
my controller went dead and wont charge.HELP?? Open 1
My controller(s) won't charge, i need help!plz? Open 1
My disk doesn't read, what is wrong? Open 2
My downloaded songs on rockband will not play unless connected to internet. What to do? Open 1
My old console bricked and I bought a new one, but my old hard drive won't work. Any suggestions? Open 1
My old fat ps3 broke now should I buy Super Slim? Answered 1
my playstation says I'm out of memory but i can't find where i'm using it all? Answered 1
My playstation3 will not play a bluray movie if i connect it to my HDTV via HDMI, Why? Open 1
My ps3 already error so many times what do i've to do? Answered 1
My PS3 freezes up with a distortion of colored pixels! How di i solve this?!?! Open 1
My ps3 gave me a recommended amount of space for playstation home i hit ok to reserve, is it still reserving its space? Open 1
my ps3 is broken and i toke the hard drive out if i put the HDD in another ps3 my users well be there ? Open 2
My PS3 is freezing before even running any games. Help? Open 2
My ps3 just died and if i try to turn it on it will turn on for like 2 secs and beep and die again? Answered 1
My PS3 just shuts down on its own and blinking red. Is it a virus? Open 4
My Ps3 keeps Yloding!!? Answered 1
My ps3 on the memory space says 37gb is that normal ? Open 1
My PS3 was able to connect before, why not now? Open 1
My PS3 Will Not Login To Any Accounts? Open 1
My PS3 won't connect to the internet.. what do I do? Answered 1
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My PS3/controller is delayed? Open 1
My saints row 3 wont install. Any suggestions? Open 1
My screen is higher than it should be, how to fix? Open 1
My Tritton AX720 have stopped making sound? Open 2
My trophies wont sync? Open 1
Naruto Shippuden? Open 1
Nascar 2009 crazy cars need help ? Open 1
Nba2k11 pressbook? Unanswered 0
Need a good game save please? Open 1
Need a replacement Blu-ray drive laser for my Ps3? Open 1
Need help to milk Sony. Please help? Open 1
Need help transfering??? Open 1
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Need help with the memory, someone help me? Answered 1
Need Opinions ? Open 1
Need tekken tag 2 freinds? for solo players no tags Unanswered 0
Netflix Help? Open 1
New Game to play? Open 1
New online-id? Open 2
New System? Answered 1
Newbie doesn't know how to save game? Open 1
Noisy PS3 Slim disk please? Open 1
Official Mic Problem? Open 1
Official PS3 headset problem? Open 1
Offline multiplayer games? Open 1
On COD Modern Warfare 2 what is my online ranking out of ? Open 3
On the game MAG can a clan leader but the expansion pack and then all the teamates play the extra levels with him? Open 1
On the video for the ps3 move i see a woman shooting a bow and arrow what game will that be on? Open 1
Online capability? Answered 1
Online eror? Open 1
Online games? Open 1
Online Help? Open 1
Online multiplayer games? Answered 1
Online multiplayer help? Open 1
Online signal trouble? Answered 1
Only HD? Open 1
Out of all the games? Open 4
Out with the old in with the new?(wii+xbox 360 vs ps3) Open 2
Outcome of reported players? Open 1
Over heating? Answered 1
Overheating Playstation 3? Open 1
ow do I put downloaded ps1 games from my psp onto my ps3? Open 2
Payment? Open 1
PC monitor? Answered 1
PC toPS3 game saves? Need feedback my problem is specific? Open 1
Play PS3 By Connecting it Through Computer/Monitor? Open 3
Play ps3 game daily ruin ps3? Answered 1
Play ps3 game daily? Answered 1
Play TV? Open 2
Playing european games in US ps3? Open 2
Playing US games in Europe? Answered 1
Playstation 3 Downloader Management: What CAN I do? Answered 1
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PlayStation 3 Logo ? Answered 1
Playstation 3 trophies? Answered 1
PlayStation 4? Answered 1
Playstation Eye Camera? Open 1
Playstation Home can anyone help me? Open 1
Playstation Home question? Answered 1
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Playstation Network Sign In difficulties. Help please? Answered 1
PlayStation Plus Cloud? Open 1
Playstation Plus? Open 1
Playstation Store Question2? Open 2
Playstation Update firmware 3.55 problems? Open 1
Please answer this? Answered 1
Please answers fast !!!? Answered 1
please help i am looking for the code for the scorpion suit in dead space 2 does anyone have one extra TY?? Open 1
Please Help!!!! How can I speed up my online play? Open 3
Please help?Which game should i buy Open 2
Please TELL ME FAST!!? Open 1
Plz i need your answer........? Open 1
Possible to get PS1/PS2 save files off of the PS3 HDD and back on to memory cards? Answered 1
Power Cord...? Answered 1
Power Cord? Open 1
Power not working??? Open 2
Powered USB charger won't charge PS3 controllers? Open 1
Preparing itunes files for mediashare in wmp? Open 1
Prince of persia warrior with in the cliff past ? Open 1
Prison Break the game (based on the tv show)??? Answered 1
Pro evolution10 very slow ? Open 1
Probably a dumb question..? Open 1
Problem in Fallout new Vegas Veronica Disappeared !!!! ? Open 1
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Pros and Cons of PS3? Answered 1
Ps move? Open 1
PS network registration? Need help Open 1
Ps Plus free games? Open 1
PS plus games on previously owned system? Unanswered 0
PS Smoothing? Open 1
PS store movies/TV download?? Answered 1
PS+ "Free Game" Save File Compatible with Hard Copy? Open 1
PS2 Cheat Action Replay CD? Answered 1
Ps2 Engine? Answered 1
Ps2 games on ps3 ? Open 2
Ps2 games on Ps3? Answered 1
PS2 save help? Open 1
PS2 saved files account-locked? Open 1
Ps2 System data? Open 1
PS3 - SingStar - Are build a bands compatible? Unanswered 0
PS3 40GB Failure Question(s)? Answered 1
PS3 60gb upgrade 2.5" hd help? Unanswered 0
PS3 accessory compatibility? Open 1
PS3 aint loading games? Open 1
PS3 as user friendly as PS2? Answered 1
Ps3 backup of downloadable content? Open 1
PS3 Bluetooth headset help? Open 1
Ps3 controller? Open 1
PS3 crops edges of DVDs on 4:3 TVs? Open 1
PS3 Download Speed? Open 3
Ps3 Exclusive Games? Open 1
PS3 freezes up? Open 1
Ps3 freezes? Open 2
PS3 freezing and graphic glitching? Open 1
PS3 Freezing before XMB Screen.... Any help? Open 1
Ps3 froze during update install? Open 1
PS3 Game Data (Patch Data)? Open 1
PS3 gaming without HD television? Answered 1
PS3 hard disk upgrade ? Open 1
PS3 Hard disk? Answered 2
PS3 has been water damaged. advice? Open 1
Ps3 headphone is wireless or not? Open 1
PS3 internal clock resetting? Unanswered 0
PS3 Internal Memory vs. External Hard Drive? Answered 2
PS3 message help-attachments? Answered 1
PS3 Move? Open 1
PS3 network add on download? Answered 1
Ps3 not showen on tv screen? Answered 1
Ps3 online? Answered 1
Ps3 Original and Slim Differences? Answered 2
ps3 power and a/v issues? PLEASEEEEEEEEE HELPPPPPPPP! Open 1
PS3 price drop Spring? Open 2
PS3 Problems? Answered 5
PS3 runs for a few minutes, then green dots appear on screen followed by the ps3 freezing and crashing. question mark? Open 3
PS3 Sixaxis Button Help??? Answered 1
PS3 slim (RSX?) Answered 1
Ps3 slim ? Answered 1
PS3 Slim drive capacity? Answered 1
PS3 Slim or Fat? Open 1
PS3 slim? Answered 1
Ps3 Slow Online Problem? Open 3
PS3 Static on a new 3D Full HDTV, why? Open 1
PS3 System / Data / Trophy Swap Help? Open 1
PS3 To PSP? Open 2
Ps3 trouble power wont turn on? Open 2
PS3 version ? Open 1
Ps3 VS X360? Open 1
PS3 Welcome Back Program??? Open 1
PS3 Why i should get it???? Answered 1
PS3 worth it? Open 1
ps3 YLOD!!! my life is over? what do i do now? Open 1
PS3's problem? Answered 1
PSN account activation/deactivation? Answered 1
PSN Card questions? Open 1
PSN card? Answered 1
PSN Cards only work on the region they're from right? And what about credit cards? Answered 2
PSN for PS3? Unanswered 0
PSN Games, ps3 backup? Open 1
PSN keeps constantly signing me out? Open 1
PSN maintenance ???? Answered 1
PSN payment? Answered 1
PSN Refund? Answered 1
PSN registeration......? Open 1
Psn store credit card payment only? Answered 1
PSN Store movies in HD/SD? Open 1
PSN Trophies? Answered 1
Psp game data to PS3 and back again to the PSP? Open 1
PSP remote play? Answered 1
Purchased games and movies not working? Answered 1
Question about American PS1 games? Answered 1
Question about backing up my save data? Answered 1
question about deleting my PSN? Open 1
Question about external HDD back-ups? Answered 1
Question about HDD replacing? Open 1
Question about littlebigplanet?? Answered 1
Question of Region Compatibility of the PS3 for PS2 games? Answered 1
Question regarding cleaning ventilation? Answered 1
Question regarding PS3 hard drive switching? Unanswered 0
Question? Open 1
Quick Fix for Broken HDMI port? Answered 1
Ratchet & Clank trilogy digital version comes in 3 parts? Answered 1
Read dead multiplay? Open 1
Reconditioned ps3? Open 1
Recording Gameplay? Open 2
Red Dead Redemption online Trophy Help? Open 1
Region 1 online play with region 3 console? Open 1
Registration and buying DLCs? Open 1
Remote Play game List? Answered 1
Reporting PS3 users? Open 1
Resolution output ? Open 1
Returning to wal-mart? Answered 1
RGB Limited or Full? Answered 1
Rock Band 2 /Guitar Hero Metallica? Open 1
Rock Band VS Guitar Hero? Open 1
Saftey tips? Open 3
Saitek joystick ? Open 1
Save data corruption from PS1 Memory Card, any way to fix? Unanswered 0
Save Data Corruption?! Answered 1
Save file does not belong to you?? Answered 1
Saved files? Open 1
Saved Games? Answered 1
Saved on profile? Open 1
Screen modes problems ? Open 2
Screenshots taken via the XMB - possible to upload them to the internets? Open 1
SDHC Support? Answered 1
Sealed ps3 games have scratches? Open 1
Sharpeshooter firing modes? Answered 1
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Should I Buy Metal Gear Solid 4 Or I Buy Red Dead Redemption ? Open 3
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Should I buy this system? If so what version? Answered 1
Should I buy uncharted or x-men origins wolverine? Answered 2
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Should I get a PS3? (Reasons I would included) Answered 1
Should i get fallout 3 or little big planet? Answered 3
Should I get LBP or wait for LBP2 or get both? Answered 1
Should i get mercinaries 2(PS3), devil may cry 4(PS3), Prince of Persia(PS3), or Mirrors Edge(PS3)? Answered 1
Should I get one now or later? Answered 2
Should i get ps3? Open 1
Should I replay the whole Mass Effect Trilogy? Open 1
should I trade my xbox360 for PS3? Open 2
Signing in in the ps3? Open 1
Signing In Problems? Open 3
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Smackdown VS Raw 2008 on ps3 how do i get money to buy things at wwe shop? Unanswered 0
Smoking &/or 2nd hand smoke cause a ps3 not to work? Open 1
So If I Buy anything like, R3 Brutality pack with my PS+ Active? Answered 1
So my 60GB drive has died.....Is my PSN account/trophies still saved?? Answered 1
So PS3 games are NOT region-locked? Answered 1
Software? Answered 1
Solid State HDD? Open 1
Something is wrong with my ps3 hardrive when i turn it on it say hardrive error? Open 1
Sony Wireless Keypad question..? Answered 1
Sound lag can anyone help? Open 1
Sticky Analog Sticks: Solutions? Open 1
Still worth getting a PS3 (as of May 2011)? Open 2
Storage Space? Answered 1
Store purchases? Open 1
Storing a PS3? Answered 1
Strange issues? Answered 1
Subtitles in Heavy Rain? Open 1
Switching between HDMI and RCA cables? Open 2
System completely rebooted itself, why?? Answered 1
System standby vs. switched off ? Open 2
Teade in values? Open 1
Terms of Agreement? Open 1
The best games to play?????? Open 1
The Best Sony PlayStation 3 ? Answered 2
The color on Fifa 10 is still on my ps3!?? Open 1
The email address used to set up my psn with has been deleted, can i change my psn email without losing all my saves?? Open 1
The end of PS2? Open 1
The Firmware update 3.01 & 3.00? Open 3
The owner in the Gran Soren Union Inn has disappeared- where else can I change vocations? Open 1
The ps3 graphics? Open 1
The PS3 has been disconnected from the Media Server? Answered 1
The PS3 Save Game Utility is Ugly? Answered 1
The PS3 Slim or... just the PS3 in general? Answered 1
The Slim Playstation 3 320 GB Bundle?! Answered 1
The trophies has become from 4% to 0% ? Open 1
Themes from PC 2 PS3? Open 2
There is no saved data error when attempting to transfer GT5 saved game from a USB to PS3? Open 1
There is no saved data error when attempting to trasnfer GT5 saved game from USB to PS3? Open 1
Thinking about getting internet, what is the best and cheapest? Open 2
This is an answer to all wanting to buy!(have to put a ? XD) Answered 1
To get, or not to get? Answered 1
Top of ps3 slim gets hot. is this normal?(create your own question) Open 1
Transfer files from old playstation 3 to new one? Open 1
Transfering data through ethernet cords? Answered 1
Transfering from iPod? Open 1
Transfering Profile to a New PS3? Answered 1
Transferring Data? Answered 1
Transferring dlc? Answered 1
Transferring ps2 save data from one ps3 to another? Open 1
Transferring Purchases Under Sub-Accounts? Answered 1
Trophies went from 75% to 0%? Answered 1
Trophies won't activate? Answered 1
Trophies? Answered 1
Trophies?? Answered 1
Trophy issues? Open 1
Trophy notification messages? Open 1
Trophy patches??? Answered 1
Trophy problem? Open 1
Trophy Rewards? Answered 1
Trophy Syncing? Open 1
Trophy? Open 1
Trouble joining game... Anybody know? Open 1
TV types? Open 1
Types of Linux Distributions? Open 2
UK to USA game question? Answered 2
Unable to send invites? Open 2
Unable to watch Youtube videos? Open 2
UNCHARTED 2 beta saved file? Open 1
Uncharted 3 Beta COde does not work.. came with Infamous 2? Open 2
Unsupported data question? Open 1
UPaP is not available? Open 1
Upcoming games? Open 1
Update? Answered 1
Updating trophies earned before trophy system? Uncharted? Open 2
Upgrading hdd help? Answered 1
Uplay and PSN help? Open 1
UPnP not available. why and how do i fix it? Answered 4
UPnP Not Available? Unanswered 0
USB headphones with mic? Open 1
Using a PSN account made on on your ps3? Open 1
Using a U.S. PSN Card on Japanese account? Answered 1
Vaccuum vents? Open 1
Video playing problems? Open 1
Vidzone problem?? Answered 1
Voice chat rooms? Answered 1
Wallpapers at the Store? Open 1
Was gta4 fun on ps3? Answered 1
Wearing the Madcatz Ps3 headset? Answered 1
Web cams? Answered 1
Well, my ps3 can't seem to run much of anything pertaining to the network. Help? Answered 1
Wen will ps3 server be back up? Open 4
What Are AAA Games? Open 1
What are all the age signs that are at the bottom left of games boxes and wat do they mean? Open 2
What Are Some Compatible Hard Drives For The Ps3? Open 2
What are some games for ps3 that have a co-op campaign? Open 1
What are some good co-op games for the PS3? Open 2
What are some good shooters games for multiplayer on the PS3? Open 1
What are some top notch PS3 exclusives that I should get? Open 2
What are the best downloadable games in the Playstation Store? Open 1
What are the differences between the fat PS3 and the slim? Open 1
What are the differences? Answered 1
What are the exact items needed in order to play my ps3 on my laptop? And how to do it? detailed answers pls. Open 1
What are the games that can you can play online with 2 players in the same Ps3? Open 3
What are the GB's for PS3's? Answered 2
What are the main character's weapons of choice in disgaea 4? Open 1
What are the premium music settings for downloading ordinary CDs to the PS3 for optimal audio performance? Open 1
What are the PS3's Microphone options? Open 1
What can dust do to the system? Answered 1
What can I do with my headset to fix it? Unanswered 0
What do I do when I run out of memory? Answered 1
What do you do in red dead redemption when you turn into the boy?? Open 1
What does "restore file system" do? Open 1
What does error code 8002A402 mean? Answered 1
What does the * next to the username mean? Open 1
What does the 2.76 System Update do? Open 2
what does the Q3 and Q4 mean? Open 3
What does the YLoD mean? Answered 2
What does this code mean and how do i fix it? 8001000A Open 2
What Flash drive/Jump Drive is compatible with PS3? Open 2
What game do you recomend?? Open 1
What game shall i get ? Open 4
What game should i get little big planet or killzone 2 ? Answered 1
What game should i get street fighter 4,killzone 2,resistance 1,the simspons game,or little big planet? Open 4
What game should I get? Open 2
What games are available on the US PSN but aren't available in Canada? Unanswered 0
What games are left for me to purchase? Open 2
What games currently have Trophies enabled? Answered 1
What games from the ps1 are available for download on the ps3? Open 1
What games have online splitscreen multiplayer? Open 1
What good PS3 are there for kids,like 11 or somting..ok? Open 1
What happened to my ps3? Answered 2
What happens if you take out a game disc while the game is still running? Open 1
What happens when i join a gamespot union? Open 1
What has the easiest platinum trophy? Open 5
What HD is recommended? Open 1
What is a good offline multiplayer game for ps3? Open 3
What is an MW2 challenge lobby and how can i get in one? Answered 1
What is backwards compatability and how do you know if your ps3 is backwards campatability? Answered 1
what is error 8001050F? Open 2
what is error 8002A308? And how can I solve this? Open 1
What is error code 80021356? Open 1
What is error code 80022436? Unanswered 0
What is error code 80029c55? Open 2
What is error code 80710092? Answered 2
What is Game Sharing? Open 1
What is the Latest and Greatest PS3 model? Answered 1
What is the next Guitar Hero after Van Halen? Open 1
What is the purpose of system activation? Open 1
What is the quality of the ps3 after sending it in to sony? Open 2
What is the reigion code for? Open 1
What is the Sony Company's number? Open 2
What is the tv section of the menu? Open 1
What is the yellow light of death ??? Answered 3
What kind of cloth is used? Answered 1
What kind of harddrive? Open 2
What makes the PS3 a better game console compared to the XBOX 360? Open 6
What model should I get? Open 2
What neat things can I do by connecting the PSP and PS3? Answered 1
What other PS3 games have 2 player co-op like RE5? Answered 1
What printers are compatible with the Playstation 3? Answered 1
What PS1 games are currently available to download? Open 4
What should i do? the fan still sound so loud after 30 minutes! Open 1
What state do i need to send it to get replaced ??? Answered 1
What the hell with DLC? Open 1
What to do when you've earned trophies but never received them? Open 1
What will happen to our psn accounts? Open 2
What would I need to stream a live feed of my video gaming to make a webcast? Answered 1
What's the best TV for gaming with the PS3? LCD/LED/Plasma Unanswered 0
What's the best video format to use for the PS3? Answered 1
What's the best way to clean a PS3? Answered 2
What's the best way to clean the exterior of the PS3? Open 2
What's the deal? Open 1
What's the difference between all the PS3 models, and which one is the best? Open 1
What's this error code mean? Open 3
What's up with the shortages of PS3's lately? Open 1
What's wrong with my TV's picture quality? Answered 1
whats Error 8013031B and how to fix it? Answered 1
Whats everything i need...? Open 1
Whats new this year? Answered 1
Whats the fail rate? Answered 2
Whats up with the HDMI? Open 1
When does Fifa 2010 Demo come out on Playstation Store? Answered 2
When does rockstars 75% sale end? Open 1
When does the new maps come out for call of duty world at war? Open 3
When does the ps3 slim come out? Open 4
when god of war 3 is coming to the PS3??? Answered 2
When i buy a game on the playstation store what does the full game unlock mean and how do i get the actual game? Answered 2
When I try to go on Home my system freezes, any solutions? Answered 1
When is sony presenting at E3 2011? Open 1
When is the CoD MW2 map pack release for ps3? Open 1
When is the next Naruto game coming out 4 ps3? Open 2
When is the next Price drop for Playstation 3? Answered 4
When Transformers War for Cybertron Coming to Ps3? Open 1
When will I get damage in Gran Turismo 5? Open 1
When will I get the call in MLB 13 The Show? Open 1
When you watch, then stop, a DVD or Blu-Ray, does the PS3 save your place for when you want to finish the movie? Answered 1
When's the next price drop? Answered 2
Whene the prices of ps3 will down ????????? Open 3
Whenever i want to quit the game and go to the menu, the screen turns black and nothing happens why? Open 2
Whenever ur doing ur connection test ??? Answered 1
Where can I buy a ps3? Answered 1
Where can i download an update for the playstation store? Open 1
Where can I find a list of games with DLC? Answered 1
Where can i find Ao rated games and what are some of the names? Open 2
Where Can I get a PSN Card? Answered 2
Where can i get a somewhat cheap PS3 that works? Open 1
Where can I get general information on how to set up my cars in NASCAR 09? Open 1
Where can i put great informations for uncharted 4? Open 1
Where could I find the cheapest ps3? Answered 1
Where did my sound go? Answered 7
Where does anyone go to fix an out-of-warranty broken 80GB PS3? Open 2
Where i can get a theme for my ps3? Answered 1
Where I can order psn cards? Open 1
Where is the SD card slot? Answered 1
Where is Winning Eleven 2010 ? Open 2
Where should I place my PS3? Answered 1
Which Cooling Fan for PS3? Open 3
Which game should i buy know? Open 1
Which game should i buy? Answered 1
Which game should I get? Open 2
Which games allow you to use imported music from the console on certain games? Answered 1
Which games have keyboard and mice support? Open 1
Which Games Support Multi User Login? Open 1
Which is the best program that combine the subtitle with avi files to play it on my ps3? Open 2
Which mobile phones support remote play? Answered 1
Which model has backwards compatibility? Answered 3
Which PS3 should i choose? Open 2
Which ps3 should i get? Open 2
Which Ps3? Open 1
White ps3 in US? Answered 1
Whoever helped me with the ps3 problem and tried to be my friend well...? Open 0
Why are ps1 game saves on gamefaqs in GME format? Answered 4
Why are some friends avatars not showing up? Answered 1
Why are there so few Turn Based stratagy RPGs for the next gen systems? Open 1
Why can I copy some songs but not others? Open 1
Why can't I access the video part of PSN? Open 1
Why can't I connect to the internet? Open 1
Why can't I create a PSN account? Open 1
Why CAN'T i find some demos on my PSN ? Open 1
Why can't I get remote play running in Private Network? Open 1
Why can't I get started on socom? Open 1
Why can't I make a new psn account? Open 1
Why can't i play my downloads in pro mode on Rockband 3? Open 1
Why can't I save a picture from a message? Open 1
Why can't I sign in with my new PSN ID? Open 1
Why can't use my microphone whilst playing FIFA09? Open 1
Why did it skip a whole part? Open 1
Why do all cars loose power during the game?(create your own question) Open 3
Why do i get a dns error? Answered 1
Why do my playstation logo dissapear? Open 1
Why do my PS3 games looking pixeled at 1080p on my tv? Open 2
Why does my PS3 controller act up when i try playing a game and its charging? Open 1
Why does my PS3 controller get a layer of sticky slime on it if I leave it for a few days? Open 1
Why does my ps3 fan sound so loud? Open 3
Why does my PS3 makes this loud humming sound in the backround? Answered 1
Why does my PS3 not boot up after updating?? Open 1
Why does my PS3 screen is not appearing on my tv ?? Open 1
Why does my PSN account log out when I try to load EA sports games? Unanswered 0
Why does my right analog stick work backwards on cod blackops? Open 2
Why does PS3 have no games? Open 1
Why does the Playstation site suck so bad? Open 1
Why does the screen black out after an inning in Season Mode playing MLB10 the Show? Open 1
Why does true HD not work with my receiver (no 5.1)? Open 1
Why doesn't background downloads work? Open 1
Why doesn't my usb show my game saves? Open 1
Why doesnt my Ps3 turn on? Open 1
Why don't i get the DLC from my other system profile? Open 1
Why don't i see any NON action replay cheat codes? Answered 2
Why GOTY edition games cheaper than standard? Open 1
Why is everyone so much faster than my selected teams? They can make any shot regardless what defense is used NBA 2k14 Unanswered 0
Why is it so hard to download an update? Open 1
Why is my game disc like this? Answered 1
Why is my ps3 fan louder? Open 1
Why is my PS3 not reading PS2 discs? Answered 3
Why is my PS3 shutting off and blinking red with certain games? Open 1
Why is my ps3 taking so long to download rentals from the store? Open 1
Why is PSN Store not working for me? Open 3
Why is there no sound on my PS3? Open 1
Why is youtube no longer working on my ps3? Open 1
Why my ps3 doesnt play videos online? Open 1
Why no cheat device/action replay/code breaker? Open 2
Why the crap is anonymous hacking PSN? Open 3
Why the gamespot dont have trophy section ,it has only achivement only for x box ...? Answered 1
Why there is no gta4 Lost And Damned in ps3? Open 4
Why there isn't any BMX video game for PlayStation 3 ?? Open 2
Why won't gamefaqs accept my ps3 burnout paradise AU game save? Open 1
Why won't it let me copy PSV and PS2 Classics to my memory sticks no more? Unanswered 0
Why won't my controller charge, but still works corded? Open 2
Why Won't My Games Play When Logged Into The Playstation Network? Open 1
Why won't my PS3 connect to the Internet? Open 1
Why won't my PS3 move controller work? Open 1
Why wont it say my online name? Answered 1
Why wont my PS3 connect.....? Open 1
Why wont my ps3 let me insert any disc? Open 1
Why youtube videos on ps3 is not good quality even its hd ? Answered 1
Wii u or ps3? Open 1
Will a ps3 run on a zenith model sy2568s? Answered 1
Will a PSN card become nonfunctional if you don't use it after the day its purchased? Open 1
Will Copying Save Data To Another ps3 restrict trophies? Open 3
Will Fallout 3 GotY edition give me a new trophy set? Answered 2
Will formatting an HDD on my ps3 delete everything on it? Open 2
Will Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days eventually be here for PS3? Open 4
Will Kingdom Under Fire 2 be coming out for the PS3? and when? Open 1
WIll my ranks stay the same? Open 1
Will playing a game on a friend's ps3 mess up the trophy info? Answered 2
Will PSN cards be available in Canada? Answered 1
Will Sony ever create a disc changer for the PS3? Answered 1
will Tales of Vesperia be coming to the ps3 ? Open 3
Will the new cotroler called the (move) work with resident evil 5 Gold edition or do you have to get an up grade ? Open 3
Will the PS3 continue and finish downloads after it is shut down? Answered 2
Will the ps3 slim come with 3.0 update from the box?? Answered 1
Will the Ps3 slim heat while it is on the internet? Answered 1
Will the Vidzone service will ever be available in North America? Open 1
Will there Be a GTA:Liberty City Stories for the PS3 and if so When really need 2 know? Open 3
Will they bring Valkyrie Profile to the PSN Store ??? Answered 1
Will they eventually create an update or download for offline co-op on Tekken 6? Open 1
Will they put Smackdown VS Raw 2011 demo in psn store, if so when? Open 1
Will upgrading from 1.5 to 2.0 Mbps Downlink speed make a difference? Open 1
Wired controller as Player 1? Open 1
Wired Internet Connection? Answered 1
Wired mic problems? Open 3
Wireless guitar for rock band on PS3? Open 2
Wireless Keyboard? Open 4
Witch game??? Answered 1
Would anyone happen to know how long it takes for Bestbuys or other stores to restock? Answered 1
WRPG's that I can create my own character?? Unanswered 0
Yellow light .....? Open 1
Yellow Light of Death??? Open 1
Yemen? Open 1
YLoD? what is it? my idea of it? Answered 6

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