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Anybody know where to find the cheapest place to buy Hard Drive Disks? 15
Are there any games like infamous were you can climb up buildings? 7
Are there any Headset/Headphones for the PS3? 2
Blacksmith ed wont use my souls? 1
Can I download games just like in Xbox 360? 2
Can I use PS2 controllers for this? 4
Can some please give me an online code for fifa 11 that haven't been used?? 1
Can we use other headphone than ps3 headphone? 3
Can you use the PSeye to voice chat during games? 1
Cant find Luck bobblehead in Fallout 3? 4
Does the Dualshock 3 controller have rumble? 1
Does the Karaoke Revolution play the vocals through the speakers,, and how is the sound quality? 1
Fallout 3//Where is Mr. Crowley? 3
Finding my last smash gate on burnout paradise? 3
Hdmi? 2
How can i switch between the mace and the swords adn i ahve bought in assasin creed 2? 2
How do I get my mad catz ps3 controller to work? 2
How do i know if people can hear me when i use my headset? 4
How do I transfer saved data from a usb flash drive to my ps3/game? 2
How do you get the block over the center piece in the rock puzzle room? 1
How do you take screens shots? 4
How to get good with a PS3 controller? 8
How to transfer Videos/Music/Photo from portable HDD or flash drive to PS3? 1
I accidentally charged my new controller for only one minute and now it doesnt work. Help? 2
I can not load ps2 save file to ps3 what do i do? 5
iPhone and PS3? 3
Is Alto Wine Quest Item? Skyrim 1
Is the Sony Bluetooth for PS3 compatible with other cellular devices? 3
Japanese Controllers? U.S. System? 3
Logitech 'Attack 3' joystick, is it compatible with PS3 ? 1
Lowest costing PSN card? 1
Medal of Honor Online skins? 2
Playstation Move question? 1
Playstation Move? 1
PS2 on PS3? 5
PS3 game comparable to Kingdom Hearts 2? 1
Ps3 Hdd? 7
PS3 headset? 1
Staff of herding? 1
What if I use Flat TV? 4:3 Screen Size. 1
What to buy??? HELP!! ps3 5
Where can I find (free flight mode in HAWX)? 1
Where can I find (the latest ps3 update on a pc)? 1
Where can I find 4th Great soul? 1
Where can I find deadric armour ? 4
Where can I find? 1
x GTA 5? 1

Technical Help Answers
"Crackling" Speakers? 1
1080p Games only play in 720p, whats wrong? 6
720P to 1080P??? 2
80028F10 Error with FF VII off PSN? 1
A couple ?'s about my new PS3... 1
Add ons? 2
After Home update v1.3? 2
Alternate charging options? 1
Any way to change birthdate for psn sub account??? 1
Any way to make master account? 1
Are any of the sonic games for PS2 work with PS3? 1
Are friends linked to PSN account, or gaming profile? 1
Are Game Saves of Japanese games and Asian Version Games compatible? 2
Are there any free downloadable games besides Playstation Home? 5
Are there anyway of deleting trophies from ur PS3? 1
At what time does the Playstation Store update? 2
Backup the ps3 onto an ipod? 1
Backwards Compatibility, need help? 1
Best HD tv under 200$? 1
Best setting for watching DVDs using ps3 ? 1
Blue-Ray Discs (Games/Videos) stop playing after a few minutes, but other Discs still running? 3
Bluray drive controllers: are they all physically the same? 2
can a ps3 break your tv if its not an HDtv? 5
Can anyone help me with this? 1
Can anyone help please? 1
can I charge my ps3 controller not in my ps3? 2
Can I copy everything onto a new HDD? 1
Can I fix my Guitar Hero World Tour drum set? 1
Can I format an exterior hardrive? 1
Can I get help on a 80GB blu-ray drive for the PS3? 2
Can I get online using a USB cable? 4
Can I install a backwards compatible HDD in a 40 GB PS3? 1
Can i open my current psn account in other ps3? 1
Can I play downloaded PSP Classics in a PS3? 1
Can i play my ps3 with just my OLD big black TVs? is Final Fantasy XIII works fine with it? 1
can i play PAL or international versions of PS2 games on my first gen PS3? 1
Can i redownload DLC content? 1
Can I tranfer my Playstation Network account from one user to another? 1
Can I use a Wii Speak as a mic? 1
Can I use my PS3 for file transfer from my Nokia? 1
Can it? 1
Can PS3 play WMA files without internet? 2
Can some one help me? 1
Can someone help me with save files? 1
Can the ps3 play ps2/1 games like ps2 play ps1 games? 1
Can the PS3 play regular DVDs? 3
Can the ps3 support bravia sync ??? 1
Can u play broken ps3 games? 1
Can updates for games be removed? 1
Can we play VF6 flash videos in PS3?... 1
Can you charge the controller on any USB port? 1
Can you delete DLC? 1
Can you get Adobe Flash Player to run on for the PS3? 1
Can you go online using dial-up? 4
Can you transfer data from Old PS3 HDD to new PS3? 1
Can you use the wireless PS3 controller on the PC? 1
Concerning the HDMI cable? 1
Connect Online Via Air Card? 2
Copy PS1 game save from PSP to PS3? 3
Copying ps3 save games to usb storage drive? 2
Currupt Data? 1
Do I have to pay to get Playstation Network? 1
Do I need a router? 1
Do you keep the trophies earned on a downloaded title you later delete? 2
Do you still get trophies if you aren't logged in? 1
Does a laser have anything to do with updating a game? 1
Does a refurbished PS3 bought in 2010 have backwards compatibility? 1
Does the PS3 have a feature similar to "recover gamertag"? 2
Does the PS3 make hat sound when you get a trophy even if your not sign it? 1
Does the PS3 slim still use an ethernet cable port? 1
Does the standard cable really has a difference than the component? 1
Does upgrading your harddrive effect backwards compatiabilty? 3
Dust help? 1
Enslaved (Namco) won't display in HDMI - only works on Composite Cables? 1
Error code 80010514 help? 1
Error Code: 80022A07 What is it and how can i fix it? 2
Error Message? 1
Eu PS1 Classics onto NA Ps3? 1
Formatting to Fat32? 3
Free DLC add-ons? 3
Getting Wi-Fi on a 20GB? 1
God of War collection runs in 1080p? 3
Has anyhone ever had their PS3 turn off in the middle of a game? 1
Has my Blu-ray Reader died? 2
Having Remote Play Problems? 1
HDD space problems? 1
HDMI/Optical Audio setup question? 1
Help Plz? 2
Help with PS3 Back-Up Utility? 2
Help, PS3 games wont work but DVD's does? 1
Help.. My PS3 won't connect to my OLD TV... ( I mean not HD TV ) How to fix this ? 1
How can I clear room on my hard drive? 1
How can i delete my old psn account from the ps3 to add a new one in the same user? 1
How can I find out how many GBs my PS3 has? 1
How can I get this MGS4 headset to work? 2
How can I go online? 1
How can I play 3 or 4 player ps2 games on my ps3? 2
How can i remove themes? 1
How can you use PSN and xbox live at the same time? 1
How come i can talk to people through my headset but can only hear them on my tv? 1
How come i cant play online??? Please help 1
How do i back up my HDD? 1
How do I change my brightness setting? 1
How do i change my Email sign in? 1
How do i connect a portable usb modem to my ps3? 1
How do I connect more than 2 controllers to my PS3? 1
How do I Copy images from a flash drive? 2
How do i copy pictures off my camera onto my ps3? 1
How do I correct the AV/HDMI output? 2
How do I delete installed stuff?? 3
How do I delete my credit card info from the store so that I can use a different one? 2
How do I delete something I've searched? 1
How do I delete the list of downloaded files? 2
How do I fix my controller? 1
How do I get my BD movies to play in dolby digital 5.1? They only play in dolby pro logic on my surround sound setup. 1
How do I get online? 1
How do I go online with my PS3? 1
How do I make a sub-account? 1
How do I properly vacume my PS3? 1
How do i see how much memory i have left on my harddrive? 1
How do I set up a new PSN on my PS3? 1
How do I take music from my computer and put it into my PS3? 2
How do I transfer pictures from the PS3 to a flash drive? 1
How do i update my blu-ray player? 1
How do i upload a Gamefaqs game save to my ps3? 3
How do I use my big USB Drive for storage of all data on my PS3? 1
How do I use remote play? 3
How do you backup files on your Hard Drive without it being in the PS3? 3
How do you know if the system is booting? 1
How do you play psp games on your tv through the ps3? 1
How do you see all the data? 1
How do you transfer digital downloads across systems? 1
How do you upload a game save? 1
How do you use the Socom headset? 1
How I can know what is my blu-ray player model in my PS3? 1
How much space will i have on my harddrive if i install Prince of Persia The Sands of Time HD? 1
How to clean dust from the PS3? 2
how to copy save data from gamefaqs to the PS3??? 1
Howcome It Disconnects Me Every Time Before the Game Starts on Ncaa Football 2010 ?! 1
I can't connect my ps3 to psn? 1
I can't download update 2.60... Help? 1
I can't find the game I downloaded? 1
I do not have a wireless router, I have a typical ethernet broadband, can I still connect wirelessly with the PS3? 1
I get 50-80% on my wireless router. Can It go faster? 1
I Have a problem connecting to PlayStation Home. How do I solve it? 2
I updated PS3 2.80 using GH3 Controller and now it comes on as player 3&4? 1
I want to use a pc monitor instead a tv? 2
I was wondering if I could transfer the data from my old ps3 to my new one? 1
I've 3 things came up at the same time. Please help? 1
If I copy a save from a ps3 with DLC and put it on a ps3 without DLC, what will happen? 1
If I get rid of the "install data", then? 1
If I log into PSN on another system, will my trophies transfer? 1
If my PS3 dies, is there any way to salvage game saves and DLC on the hard drive? 5
If the controller loses all it's charge, can i still recharge it? 2
Importing Bookmarks From My PSP? 1
Is anyone experience game freezing problems with the new 3.1 firmware? 1
Is it possialbe to trade stuff between the PSP and PS3? 1
Is it possible to copy my uncopyable saves? 1
Is it possible to hook up 3 or more monitors or tvs to the ps3 and create a wider or 3 different views? 1
Is it possible to swap a harddrive with another PS3 harddrive that has save data on it? 1
Is it safe to play in a car? 4
Is it worth buying a cooling fan for my PS3? 2
is my PS3 a gonner? YLOD what are my options now 2
Is my PS3 screwed up? 3
Is online for PS3 free and if do get online when I be pestered with ads and end up getting stuff sent and charged to me? 1
Is the fan test thing bad for the PS3? 1
Is the memory important gamewise or is it just for photos and music and videos?? 1
Is the PS3 region free? 2
Is there a way I can use an external hard drive to make more data space with the PS3? 1
Is there a way to move data from a corrupted drive onto a new drive? 1
Is there a way to transfer save data from one PS3 to another? 1
Is there a way to turn off predictive typing in the web browser? 1
Is there anyway the 80g PS3 model can play PS2 games? 5
is there now a way I can play my ps2 games again? 1
Is there something wrong with my tv? 1
Just how long does it take for Sony to fix a broken hard drive? 1
Just what are these... "media servers"? 2
Message tells me to upgrade software? 3
Move controllers? 2
MP3 music? 1
My controller is not working...? 2
My game freezes before or during gameplay? 1
My Game keeps freezining at the menu why? 1
My Playstation is acting up? 1
My PS3 doesn't load further...? 1
My ps3 dosent start quickly ...? 1
My ps3 feels warm to the touch but the cooling fan aint loud at all is my system dying? 1
My PS3 is not registering with my TV? 1
My PS3 is squeaking, Help!? 2
My PS3 just stopped working? 1
NAT type 3 detected? 1
Need help with my PS3!!what happened? 1
New laser for my 60gb - what happens next? 1
No Trophy Noise? 1
Not enough free space on new ps3? 1
Obtain IP Address Failure? 5
Overheated? 1
Patching/dlc across regions? 1
Photo help? 1
Playstation Eye on Fight Night Round 4? 1
Playstation Store freeze up? 1
Playstation store question? 1
PS1 Games Disc Vs Download? 1
PS1/PS2 game saves from GameFAQs to USB to PS3? 2
PS2 GameShark/Action Replay Max? 1
PS2 Singstar Mics on PS3? 2
PS3 connection problem? 1
Ps3 powering itself down, but not with the 3 beeps I hear about? 1
PS3 themes creater from playstation website? 1
Question about PSN? 1
Quick question about game updates? 1
Remote Play? 1
Saved data, trophies and account transfer? 1
Saving movies to the hard drive? 1
Screen Res Question? 1
SD Upconversion Question? 1
Should i got the 'fat' or slim PS3?? 1
Since when can trophies pull a Houdini? 3
Small gaming screen on a large TV? 1
Some questions about HDD upgrading? 1
Staying Conected to PSN? 1
System Lock Save? 1
System reset - cleaning out the system's memory? 1
System Transfer Question (Reply ASAP please)? 1
The PIN for Official Headset? 1
The system doesn't tell me to update 3.01? 1
Trophies & Game Data???? 5
Trophy loading error? 1
Trophy update help? 2
trouble Changing TV's? 4
TV hads lines moving up on the tv. IT does it on other tvs as well. Why does this happen? Please tell why. Thank you. 1
Update 3.42? 1
Video problem? 1
Video problems? 1
Viewing my birthdate? 2
What brand of hdmi cable for the PS3 is best to get? 2
What data does the back-up utility back up? 2
What do I do when Update 3.21 is giving me trouble? 1
What do I need to download java? 1
What do I need to to? 1
What does it mean when there is no blue light but only a green light? 3
What does the "Restore PS3 System" option do? 2
What does the error code 8001002B mean? 1
What does update do to my PS3? 1
What if...? 1
What is the PS@ System Data add-on? 1
What is the use for Charcoal in skyrim? 1
What PS3 models play PS2 games? 2
What's that wierd noise from my disk? 1
What's up with the ps3? 1
Whats the difrrence betwen Trophies and Acheivment? 1
When i put a PS3 disc in, the PS3 doesnt read it? 2
When im downloading more then thing at once one thing will download but everything else will be pending why? 1
Where do i send this? 1
Where'd my trophies go? 1
Which is my SSID? 1
Why arent my trophies up-to-date? 2
Why can't I downlaod the game updates? 1
Why can't I play online? 1
Why can't I turn the system on using the PS button? 6
Why can't my demo be installed after it is fully downloaded? 1
Why can't my ps3 connect wirelessly? 2
Why cant I get a picture? 1
Why cant I transfer my data from my old 250gb to my new 500gb? 1
why do game say my drive doesnt have enough space left when I have over 70gb free??? 2
Why do i lag in online games? 2
Why do I lag so much online? 1
Why do my BD movies have the widescreen black bars above and below picture? 2
Why do people keep saying the PS3 has no PS2 compatibility? 2
Why does my controller go crazy and berserk?? 1
Why does my ps3 game freeze sometimes? 1
Why does my PS3 have trouble reading Blu Ray/Games? 1
Why does my ps3 keep shutting off and blinking red? 4
Why does my PS3 keep telling me DNS error when i sign in? 2
Why does my PS3 makes noise? 3
Why does my ps3 only play dvd's? 1
Why Does The Blue Light Stay Solid? 1
Why does the game keep telling me error loading cd information ? 1
Why does the game not show up on my tv? 1
Why doesnt my playstation 2 games work? 1
Why dosnt skyrim fit my tv screen? 1
Why i can't play games!? 1
Why i cant play 4 multiplayer in CTR? 2
Why is my ps3 not taking the games in all the way? 1
Why my playstation3 always shut down with red flashing? 1
Why my PS3 is very hot???? 5
Why will menu will not show? 2
Why won't my controller charge? 1
Why won't my HDMI cables work? 1
Why Won't My Original PS3 Play My PS2 Games? 2
Why won't my system let me download FFVII off the PSN store? 1
Will formating even erase ps3 updates? 1
Will PS2 and PS1 games work on a 40GB PS3? 5
Will ps2 games work on ps3 now that you can buy them off the psn store? 2
Wireless air card and lag question? 1
Wireless-N router? 1
Would it just be easier to get a new one or get more storage for the one I have? 1
X-rocker and HDMI? 2
YLoD ? 4
Ylod? 1

Other Help Answers
!@# Must b Sony LCD TV? 1
-->>Read and Answer Please? Thanks.<<-- 1
.Psn? 3
1. How long does it take to charge the controller? and 2. How long does it last before needing a recharge? 1
7200 RPM or 5400 RPM? Trophy Save Location? 2
80 GB PS3-> Deleting Trophy Collection? 1
80 gig Playstation 3 system media slots? 1
?Hi plz read this message 2
A good JRPG? 1
A tv for a The Sony PlayStation 3? 4
About playing nstc games on a pal ps3 with a 1080i 50hz ? 3
About PlayTV in Australia? 1
About PSN re-downloading? 3
About the older models? 1
Age Restriction? 1
All Ps3 games with trophies? 3
Am I able to transfer my saved data from an already upgraded PS3 hardrive to a new PS3 Hard drive? 1
Am sick of ps2 will i finde the change in the ps3? 6
American PS2 Games? 1
Any downloadable content for fry cry 2 for ps3 ? 1
Any news of possibly adding trophies for PS2 games? 6
Any offline multiplayer games? 21
Any way to delete Trophies? 2
Anyone know when call of duty modern warfare 2 coming out? 1
Are all new games on ps3 have there save locked like sf4? If so how can we back up our saved games now? 1
Are PS2 games compatible with the PS3? 2
Are skins dangerous for the ps3? 1
Are there any free items in PlayStation Home for PlayStation Plus subscribers? 2
Are there any regional differences (at all) when installing a game on your PS3? 1
Are there any systemlink benefits/games? 2
Arkham city trophy problem? 1
Auto aim in gta v online sucks anyone agree? 1
Backing up themes and wallpapers? 3
Backwards Compatible?? 2
Bad Card Or PSN Malfunction? 2
Bayonetta or Darksiders?? 5
BD players or PS3??? 2
Best ps3 to buy? 2
Blue ray? 1
Bluetooth audio? 1
Bluetooth Headset Issues? 4
Buying a new PS3, what games should I get? 1
Call of Duty 6 M.W.2?? 2
Can A person copy a PS1 game Save To PS3 without a DexDrive and memory car adapter? 1
Can anyone help me in playing ps2 games in ps3? 1
Can Europeans buy stuff from the North American PSN store? 2
Can i access Playstation Network from anywhere in the world ? 1
Can I buy a PS3 Console from USA and use it in the UK? 1
Can I change my profile name on my ps3 without deleting it? 5
Can I change my PS3's region? 2
Can I check and manage the memory? 1
Can I connecting PS3 to another TV? 1
Can i copy gamesaves onto a ps3 slim? 1
Can I copy PS3 games onto a memory stick and still play them? 1
Can I delete trophy data? 1
Can i download games from the internet and put it on the ps3? 1
Can i get a chrome faceplate for my Slim ps3? 1
Can i have two PSN account on the same console? 3
Can I move all my data on my ps3 to my friends if we trade PS3s? 2
Can i move PS3 (old model) game saves to PS3 Slim? 1
Can I move PSN Store movies to a PC or PSP? 1
Can i play mkv files? 1
Can i play music on my ps3 while playing a game eg. Burnout Paradise? And How? 3
Can i play ps1 games on a ps3? 2
Can I play PSP games downloaded from the Playstation Network onto a PS3, on the PS3 without a PSP? 2
Can I play PSP games? 1
Can i put a digital copy dvd in my ps3 and copy to a psp memory card? 1
Can i put a ps1 disc in my ps3 and play it? 1
Can i remove trophies? 1
can I replace my 40 gb hdd with a laptop hard drive? 5
Can I still get the platinum after DLC? 1
Can i still use my old mulit taps for ps1 ps2? 1
Can I sync my bluetooth headset to both my cell and ps3? 2
Can i take my hdd from my 60 gig and.....???? 1
Can I transfer PSN games from a PSP onto a PS3? 2
Can i use an External Hard drive for both a pc and ps3? 1
Can I use an External Hard Drive? 1
Can I use psp remote play to play ps3 games? 1
Can I use the Dualshock 3 controller while it's connected to the usb ac adapter? 2
Can PS3 play online with Xbox? 1
Can some one help with creating US account? 1
Can someone help me fix my sixaxis??????? 2
Can someone help me with these DLC/Account questions? 1
Can someone post a last story passed saves on sonic? 1
Can somone tell me were to buy? 1
Can the ps3 axcess internet without a landline? Like a cell phone. 1
can the ps3 play HD DVD movies??? 1
Can the PS3 play PS2 games? 1
Can the ps3 slim play ps2 or ps1 games? 4
Can u d/l n u/l ur own PS3 avatars? 1
Can u play music from your ipod on your ps3? 1
Can u play ps2 games on a ps3 80gb version? 1
Can upgrading the HDD effect download speed? 1
Can you download an already bought PSN game to a 2nd PS3? 1
Can you edit out swearing in world at war? 1
Can you help me? Prototype 2
Can you help? Trying to access my flashdrive on my PS3 to copy videos onto PS3. 1
Can you play any downloadable PSP games on your PS3? 2
Can you play music through your ps3 whilst playing a game? 1
Can you private chat with friends on PS3? 1
Can you stack PS+ 30 day trials all at once, or do you have to type in a key towards the end of a cycle? 1
Can you turn on the ps3 yousing the controler? 4
Can you use Europe game saves on a US PS3? 2
Can you use the PS3 internet connection on a iPod Touch? 2
Can you use your laptop as a monitor via HDMi cable? 1
Can you? 1
Can't access my account? 1
Change names? 1
Cleaning Dualshock 3? 1
Concerning PSN purchase error...? 1
Connection Issue, help? 1
Controllers? 1
Corrupted Data? 1
Data and switching PS3s? 1
Deactivating a PS3? 1
Deleting a download game and reinstaling it? 1
Deleting from the game data utility folder? 1
Deleting PSN downloads? 1
Different Regions? 1
Do all of the coliseum fights have to be downloaded as individuals fights? 1
Do anyone know when Fallout 3 dlc will come in hongkong psn ,coz all over they have? 2
Do games from all regions show up on the same trophy list? 1
Do i have to delete a user? 1
Do I lose the DLC ? 2
Do i need to use siaxias in infamous and why? 1
Do you have any tips on how i can get my ps3 60 gig to act right so i don't hav to purchase another? 1
Do you need an HD TV to play a ps3? 5
Do you think SCEA will allow PS2 downloads in the future? 2
Does a PS3 play AAC format songs? 1
Does a USB Keyboard work on the PS3? 1
Does anybody know, if downloadable content include tax in U.S.? 2
Does downloading and playing games off the HDD consume less energy? 1
Does DS3 last longer than sixaxis??? 3
Does European games play on the US PS3? 1
Does it cost anything ??? 1
Does PS3 play avi files? 2
Does rebuilding ps3 database delete saved game data? 1
Does the American Blue-Ray DVD will work on the Taiwan PS3? 1
Does the PS3 have a character? 1
Does the ps3 have any sort of cheat device like codebreaker or gamehark? 4
Does the system backup backup friends? 1
Does transfering saved data also gets you the trophies? 1
Download game pack for import game? 1
Downloadable Content? 1
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3: PSN Download? 1
Energizer charging dock? 1
Exclusives???????????? 1
Final Fantasy 13? 1
Folders in the video section? 1
Formatting an external drive? 1
Free network? 1
Full HD problem? 2
Game of the Decade? 1
Game saves? 1
Game sharing issues? 1
GameShare? anyone interested read this. 2
Get the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? 2
Getting a bigger hard drive for my ps3? 1
Getting rid of trophies? 2
Getting updates via thumb drive? 1
Gh world tour?? 2
Going online? 1
Good games for the PS3? 2
Good Multiplayer? 1
good price to sell Ps3 with Unchared2, Kill zone 2, and Star Wars the Force Unleashed ? 1
Green screen with new hard drive ? 1
Hard Drive Upgrade issue? 1
Hardrive and noise help? 1
Hardware Question? 1
Has anyone surprass the YLOD? 1
HDD space question? 1
HDMI trouble? 2
HDtv??? 1
Help from someone who owns both? 1
Help with 40 gb ps3? 1
Help with PSN? 2
Help? 1
Hey,I heared that the ps3 online playing online will be like the xbox 360,must pay to play. is it true? 2
HHD upgrade?? 1
How / what antivirus should I get for my PS3 ? 2
How can i change color on my user name? 1
How can I change the email I used on my PSN account? 1
How can i change the password to my PSN account? 1
How can I download a PS3 gamesave to my PS3? 4
How can i download an add-on that cost money? 3
How can i fix this? 2
How can I get back my account? 1
How can I get color displayed on my TV with new PS3? 1
How can i get my PS3 to read my discs again? 1
How can I record my gameplay? 1
How can i tell if my ps3 is american, japanese, or european? 1
How can you check date and time on predictive text dictionary entries? 1
How do I convert my visual/audio settings back to an AV cable after using someone elses HDMI cable? 1
How do I create a team in FIFA 10?? 1
How do i delete a oline profile that i mestup on? 1
How do I delete profiles on my PS3? 1
How do I download game patches? 1
How do i get Namco Museum Essentials??? 1
How do I get trophies? 1
How do I hook up the ethernet cord? 1
How do I install games? 2
How do I know if my controllers are charging while the ps3 is off? 1
How do I load GAMEFAQs save files on to my PS3 via USB utility? 1
How do I put Pics on my PS3? 1
How do i sign up for ps network? 1
How do I sync my Sony Bluetooth Headset to my Playstation 3? 7
How do I transfer data from one PS3 to another? 1
How do I transfer files from laptop to PS3? 2
How do I transfer music from my computer to my PS3? 12
How do I transfer saved data from an 80GB PS3 to another PS3 console? 1
How do I turn my HDD into an external hard drive? 1
How do I upload videos to youtube using my PS3? 1
How do I use a debit card to add funds to wallet ? 2
How do i use vidzone? 1
How do you create copies of game data? 1
How do you delete? 1
How do you download videos from YouTube directly onto your Ps3? 11
How do you get friends? 1
How Do You Open The Front USB Ports ? 2
How do you post things on facebook? 1
How do you share DLC? 1
How does the friend thing on the PSN work? 1
How good is Sony at fixing systems? 2
How long does it take ?? 1
How long will it take to download a rented movie on the psn store? 1
How many friends can the ps3 hold? 3
how many game saves can you fit on a 4GB memory stick? 3
How many kilobyte's are in a megabyte and how many megabyte's are in a gigabyte? 2
How many memory cards can I make on a PS3? 1
How many profiles? 1
How many PSN Friends can the latest PS3 update allow us to have? 3
How much data is required to create an internal ps memory card and save files? 1
How much is a good deal for a ps3? 2
How much will the 320GB PS3 bundle cost? 1
How much would these items cost at GAMESTOP (Specifically there)? 2
How to add Gigabytes to my ps3? 6
How to back up data on a non-working PS3? 1
How to completely clear the ps3? 1
How to download team kit for pes 2008 in ps3? 1
How to get PS3 saves on Via my laptop? 1
How to sync a brand new PS3 controller? 1
How to take care PS3 properly? 1
How to turn off Subtitles when watching a DVD? 4
I buyed my Ps3 with 80 Gb But it is 64/74 Gb Why? 2
I downloaded FFVII, is it safe for me to "Restore PS3"? 2
I downloaded the game save for cod 4 for the ps3? 1
I have a 40 gig PS3 and does anyone know? 1
I Have A Message Saying The Hard Disk's file system is corrupted and will be restored but i doesen't ? Help! 1
I have a ps3 and internet connection in my house.But how to connect to the internet? 1
I have a question:1.Tell me where u r from.2.Tell me whats the usual price of every new ps3 games? 3
I have downloaded asave file from gamefaqs, how do i use it? 2
I need help with my internet? 1
I need some ps3 infos !! can you help me ?? plzzz 1
I need to know what is using up 13 gigs? 2
I want a new game? 1
I want to know how much I can sell my slim ps3? 1
I was wondering about? 1
I'm about to buy the ps3 ! help?? 1
If I charge my dualshock 3 on my xbox 360 will it break since different systems? 1
If I update my ps3 to version 3.30, can I go back with system restore or default settings? 1
If there's no backwards compatiblity, then why? 1
If u reformat ur system, do u loose all of ur save files ??? 1
In my ps3 youtube search button is not activated? 1
In-game trophy viewing? 1
Internet Tabs Help? 1
Is a keyboard or headset more imperative? 1
Is download content. redownloadable? 1
Is final fantasy 9 coming onto the playstation store? 1
Is home free ? 1
Is it necessary to buy a playstation credit card to purchase stuff from PSN or can I just use me VISA or master card? 1
Is it possible to back up save data ONLY? 2
Is it possible to download PS3 games onto the hard drive and play them w/o using the discs? 1
Is it possible to install any windows OS? 3
Is it possible to play the ps3 online or off, while downloading content? 1
Is it rly worthy to change my fat ps3 to ps3 silm cuz i am happy with my fat 160 ps3 ? 3
Is it secure to use debit/credit cards on PSN? 1
Is it true if u get 25 kill streak in cod5 on 1 of the maps u get bears and they attack people? 1
Is it worth getting a PS3 if my tv isn't HD? 2
Is it worth it to buy one? 1
Is METRO 2033 Will Be On PS3? 1
Is mgs rising coming in ps3 ? Why there is no update on gamespot ps3 page? 1
Is my PSN the same as my gamertag? 1
Is ps3 death only for 60 gb version ?If not ,what is the best way to prevent from it? 1
Is splinter cell conviction only for x-box 360 ? Is there any news about splinter cell conviction coming on ps3? 1
IS Splinter Cell: Conviction Will BE On PS3? Please Answer? 1
Is the 250 GB ps3 worth buying?i need an anser before christmas!!! 1
Is the 40gb PS3 backwards compatible? 1
Is the marketplace cheaper then the Xbox's? 1
Is the PS3 worth buying? 1
Is there a button press for "goto prediction" when typing? 3
Is there a chance that a chrome Slim ps3 will be released? 1
Is there a safe method where you can transfer data from a PS3 to another PS3? 2
Is there a way to change the country of your online account? 1
Is there a way to get patches/dlc without broadband access? 1
Is there a way to transfer a PSN copy of FF7 from PS3 to PSP if I downloaded it before the update? 1
Is there a website I can go to (on my PC) to see the file sizes of patches for games before I start downloading them? 1
Is there an external hard drive that is truly compatible with ps3? 2
Is there any game disk ads on in fall out 3? 1
Is this completely backwards compatible with the PS2? (read description) 2
Is this good enough speed to play online without lag? 1
JPN PSN Card? 2
Just wondering ??? 1
Larger Hardrive? 1
List of updates? 1
Little Big Planet (GOTY) or Dead Space? 1
Media Sharing won't work,help? 1
Mobile to PS3? 1
More than One profile? 1
Moving Games from my PC (Media Go) to PS3? 1
Multiple Hard Drives? 1
Music on PS3? 2
My 360 friends are all going to ps3 so should i switch? 1
My 80GB PS3 turns off by itself without red, green or yellow light! What is the problem? 1
My old fat ps3 broke now should I buy Super Slim? 1
my playstation says I'm out of memory but i can't find where i'm using it all? 1
My ps3 already error so many times what do i've to do? 1
My ps3 just died and if i try to turn it on it will turn on for like 2 secs and beep and die again? 1
My Ps3 keeps Yloding!!? 1
My PS3 won't connect to the internet.. what do I do? 1
My PS3 won't recognize motion controller? 1
Need help with the memory, someone help me? 1
New System? 1
Online capability? 1
Online multiplayer games? 1
Online signal trouble? 1
Over heating? 1
PC monitor? 1
Play ps3 game daily ruin ps3? 1
Play ps3 game daily? 1
Playing US games in Europe? 1
Playstation 3 Downloader Management: What CAN I do? 1
Playstation 3 Eye Camera features? 1
PlayStation 3 Logo ? 1
Playstation 3 trophies? 1
PlayStation 4? 1
Playstation Home question? 1
Playstation Network Sign In difficulties. Help please? 1
Please answer this? 1
Please answers fast !!!? 1
Possible to get PS1/PS2 save files off of the PS3 HDD and back on to memory cards? 1
Power Cord...? 1
Prison Break the game (based on the tv show)??? 1
Problem to run Blu-Ray movies on my PS3? 1
Pros and Cons of PS3? 1
PS store movies/TV download?? 1
PS2 Cheat Action Replay CD? 1
Ps2 Engine? 1
Ps2 games on Ps3? 1
PS2 save help? 1
PS3 40GB Failure Question(s)? 1
PS3 as user friendly as PS2? 1
PS3 gaming without HD television? 1
PS3 Hard disk? 2
PS3 Internal Memory vs. External Hard Drive? 2
PS3 message help-attachments? 1
PS3 network add on download? 1
Ps3 not showen on tv screen? 1
Ps3 online? 1
Ps3 Original and Slim Differences? 2
PS3 Problems? 5
PS3 Sixaxis Button Help??? 1
PS3 slim (RSX?) 1
Ps3 slim ? 1
PS3 Slim drive capacity? 1
PS3 slim? 1
PS3 Why i should get it???? 1
PS3's problem? 1
PSN account activation/deactivation? 1
PSN card? 1
PSN Cards only work on the region they're from right? And what about credit cards? 2
PSN maintenance ???? 1
PSN payment? 1
PSN Refund? 1
Psn store credit card payment only? 1
PSN Trophies? 1
PSP remote play? 1
Purchased games and movies not working? 1
Question about American PS1 games? 1
Question about backing up my save data? 1
Question about external HDD back-ups? 1
Question about littlebigplanet?? 1
Question of Region Compatibility of the PS3 for PS2 games? 1
Question regarding cleaning ventilation? 1
Quick Fix for Broken HDMI port? 1
Ratchet & Clank trilogy digital version comes in 3 parts? 1
Remote Play game List? 1
Returning to wal-mart? 1
RGB Limited or Full? 1
Save Data Corruption?! 1
Save file does not belong to you?? 1
Saved Games? 1
SDHC Support? 1
Sharpeshooter firing modes? 1
Should i buy the Sony Playstation 3 (80GB) Refurbished? 1
Should I buy this system? If so what version? 1
Should I buy uncharted or x-men origins wolverine? 2
Should I cover my PS3 when it's turned off? 6
Should I get a PS3? (Reasons I would included) 1
Should i get fallout 3 or little big planet? 3
Should I get LBP or wait for LBP2 or get both? 1
Should i get mercinaries 2(PS3), devil may cry 4(PS3), Prince of Persia(PS3), or Mirrors Edge(PS3)? 1
Should I get one now or later? 2
So If I Buy anything like, R3 Brutality pack with my PS+ Active? 1
So my 60GB drive has died.....Is my PSN account/trophies still saved?? 1
So PS3 games are NOT region-locked? 1
Software? 1
Sony Wireless Keypad question..? 1
Storage Space? 1
Storing a PS3? 1
Strange issues? 1
System completely rebooted itself, why?? 1
The Best Sony PlayStation 3 ? 2
The PS3 has been disconnected from the Media Server? 1
The PS3 Save Game Utility is Ugly? 1
The PS3 Slim or... just the PS3 in general? 1
The Slim Playstation 3 320 GB Bundle?! 1
This is an answer to all wanting to buy!(have to put a ? XD) 1
To get, or not to get? 1
Transfering data through ethernet cords? 1
Transfering Profile to a New PS3? 1
Transferring Data? 1
Transferring dlc? 1
Transferring Purchases Under Sub-Accounts? 1
Trophies went from 75% to 0%? 1
Trophies won't activate? 1
Trophies? 1
Trophies?? 1
Trophy patches??? 1
Trophy Publishing On Facebook Not Working? 1
Trophy Rewards? 1
UK to USA game question? 2
Update? 1
Upgrading hdd help? 1
UPnP not available. why and how do i fix it? 4
Using a U.S. PSN Card on Japanese account? 1
Vidzone problem?? 1
Voice chat rooms? 1
Was gta4 fun on ps3? 1
Wearing the Madcatz Ps3 headset? 1
Web cams? 1
Well, my ps3 can't seem to run much of anything pertaining to the network. Help? 1
What are the differences? 1
What are the GB's for PS3's? 2
What can dust do to the system? 1
What do I do when I run out of memory? 1
What does error code 8002A402 mean? 1
What does the YLoD mean? 2
What game should i get little big planet or killzone 2 ? 1
What games currently have Trophies enabled? 1
What happened to my ps3? 2
What is an MW2 challenge lobby and how can i get in one? 1
What is backwards compatability and how do you know if your ps3 is backwards campatability? 1
What is error code 80710092? 2
What is the Latest and Greatest PS3 model? 1
What is the yellow light of death ??? 3
What kind of cloth is used? 1
What neat things can I do by connecting the PSP and PS3? 1
What other PS3 games have 2 player co-op like RE5? 1
What printers are compatible with the Playstation 3? 1
What state do i need to send it to get replaced ??? 1
What would I need to stream a live feed of my video gaming to make a webcast? 1
What's the best video format to use for the PS3? 1
What's the best way to clean a PS3? 2
What's wrong with my TV's picture quality? 1
whats Error 8013031B and how to fix it? 1
Whats new this year? 1
Whats the fail rate? 2
When does Fifa 2010 Demo come out on Playstation Store? 2
when god of war 3 is coming to the PS3??? 2
When i buy a game on the playstation store what does the full game unlock mean and how do i get the actual game? 2
When I try to go on Home my system freezes, any solutions? 1
When is the next Price drop for Playstation 3? 4
When you watch, then stop, a DVD or Blu-Ray, does the PS3 save your place for when you want to finish the movie? 1
When's the next price drop? 2
Whenever ur doing ur connection test ??? 1
Where can I buy a ps3? 1
Where can I find a list of games with DLC? 1
Where Can I get a PSN Card? 2
Where could I find the cheapest ps3? 1
Where did my sound go? 7
Where i can get a theme for my ps3? 1
Where is the SD card slot? 1
Where should I place my PS3? 1
Which game should i buy? 1
Which games allow you to use imported music from the console on certain games? 1
Which mobile phones support remote play? 1
Which model has backwards compatibility? 3
White ps3 in US? 1
Why are ps1 game saves on gamefaqs in GME format? 4
Why are some friends avatars not showing up? 1
Why do i get a dns error? 1
Why does my PS3 makes this loud humming sound in the backround? 1
Why don't i see any NON action replay cheat codes? 2
Why GOTY edition games cheaper than standard? 1
Why is my game disc like this? 1
Why is my PS3 not reading PS2 discs? 3
Why is PSN Store not working for me? 3
Why no cheat device/action replay/code breaker? 2
Why the gamespot dont have trophy section ,it has only achivement only for x box ...? 1
Why wont it say my online name? 1
Why youtube videos on ps3 is not good quality even its hd ? 1
Will a ps3 run on a zenith model sy2568s? 1
Will Fallout 3 GotY edition give me a new trophy set? 2
Will Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days eventually be here for PS3? 5
Will playing a game on a friend's ps3 mess up the trophy info? 2
Will PSN cards be available in Canada? 1
Will Sony ever create a disc changer for the PS3? 1
Will the PS3 continue and finish downloads after it is shut down? 2
Will the ps3 slim come with 3.0 update from the box?? 1
Will the Ps3 slim heat while it is on the internet? 1
Will they bring Valkyrie Profile to the PSN Store ??? 1
Wired Internet Connection? 1
Witch game??? 1
Would anyone happen to know how long it takes for Bestbuys or other stores to restock? 1
YLoD? what is it? my idea of it? 6

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