Question from KATOBlaze

How do you use Jins special move ?

I dont know what it is but can someone tell me how to do it

I_am_Tetsuo asked for clarification:

Which Jin are you talking about and do you know what the move looks like?


subzerodark01 answered:

Which one laser beam lp an hp punch or glow fist as hold back 2 two punch buttons or u mean when jin fly in air grab u 2 kicks buttons an grab lp lk or rp rk really dont matter or beam in air u 2kicks and then 2 punchs
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TLMGZ answered:

I would suggest going into practice mode. Hit start, select the command list and scroll through it to find it. It will be easier that way then us trying to guess which move you're talking about.
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_denizen_ answered:

I don't know which moves you are talking about, but there seem to be moves that the move list cannot show, at least I can't find this one (Jin) juggle moves that I see alot of people do in it. Sometimes when I do go into button mash mode I somehow do it by accident.
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Relaminator answered:

Jin Kazama (Nomal) : Playstation = up/back +square/triangle
Jin Kazama (Devil) : Playstation = back + square/circle
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