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I use him alot and hear there is a left flamingo unblockable kick. How do i unlock it and use it?

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Sorry i dont know how that happend i meant to say, how do u unlock and use his left flamingo kick.

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Also how can u unlock all of his moves and other peoples?

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What are you talking about? There is no moves you have to unlock. To find the kick your looking for just look in Hwoarang's command list.

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Well believe it or not ,one time i was playing with lars and used this move(<-- + circle) and then he did some kind of follow up when i pressed circle again.I looked it up in the command list and it wasn't i guess some characters might have some kind of secret move,you just have to figure it out.

Hope this helps

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Lars' b+4 is his knee attack. When you use this attack and it lands as a counter hit he will choke the enemy with lightning, it's not because you pressed circle again. There are no unlockable moves but there are secret moves and there is a guide in the faq section for hidden moves and also links within that faq to a topic on the boards which covers a lot of them. There are also videos on Youtube.

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