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Asked: 5 years ago

Exactly what does the Counter Buster look like?

While fighting Credo, I executed the Snatch thing as he threw his spear which deflected. I'm asking if the counter buster move can be done using the Snatch move like against Sanctus's Sparda dash thing or can only be done with the normal upward buster? If it is unwise to use the Snatch move then when would it be best to use it as a counter?

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Credo Counter Buster basically makes Nero grab the spear thrown at him then throw it back.

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You do not want to use snatch as another way to do a counter buster it wont work, at least it hasnt for me. Also yes you can use buster against "Sanctus' Sparda Dash Thing" when he is preparing himself he'll have all that energy around him and right before he lunges toward you, he will pull the sword back by a tiny bit or take a small step back, either or doesnt matter. right when he makes that tiny movement activate buster and you will catch him as he flies at you.

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