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Skirmish Questions? 0
Unknown medals online??? 0
. Lagswitch Help? 5
About Multiplayer? 1
Ammo clip? 1
Any1 need a clan member? 3
Are DLCs Free? 1
Are there any unlockables for beating the single player game? 5
Badges? 3
Can you get the Knife in Multiplayer? 1
Can you play this game in 3rd person view? 1
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Capture and Hold Ribbons? 1
Capturing the Points Badge? 2
Clan Members Needed.....? 1
do i get any special in Limited Edition Collector's box killzone 2? 1
Do i need to? 1
Does KZ2 have a co-op mode like KZ1 had? 2
How can i increase my health Bar in Multi player? 2
How do u get the secondary badge for each class? 2
How to repair turrets and ammo things? 2
How to set AI bot in online games? 1
I don't understand the multiplayer end screen? 1
I Need Clan Members? 2
Is there a off line co-op in this game? 3
Is there a way to unlock the cinematic sequences? 4
Killzone 2 Trailer Quotes? 3
Killzone2 or Uncharted2? 2
Multiplayer rank? 1
Multiplayer unranked? 1
Offline co-op? 1
On-line help? 1
Online chat while in a squad? 1
Online Split-Screen? 2
Online trophies? 2
Rank Ribbons? 2
Scout's Sniper? 2
Specific question about safari hunter? 2
What are the last words Visari says in the intro cinematic? 2
What does it say about the emblems? 2
What is a good clan name? 5
Where And How Do I Pick Up The Flamethrower And Boltgun In Mp? 1
which game has better multiplayer Call Of Duty:World At War or this and wich game shoud i get? 4
Worth buy? 1

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