Question from mikey_carela

What number is the perfect aim speed ?

What i'm tryin to say is what number do i have to adjust my aim speed to snip, or shoot with the rifle, ect. i need the perfect aim speed for every weapon.

ZonesV asked for clarification:

Is there anyway to change this settings faster than pausing the game and sifting through the menus?

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W_R1point0 answered:

I agree with Mortis. About 60% if you're going to be doing a lot of close-quarters combat, but if you're going to be sniping long distance for a long time, make it much lower.
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hisanchez answered:

100 % On all weapons!!
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71591 answered:

The default can be fine for most weapons, although I use about 60% for just a little quicker aiming. If you plan on sitting and sniping for awhile, a much lower aim speed is helpful, between 0 and 20%. However, you will be vulnerable to someone attacking you at close range. Hopefully this helped.
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