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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i no if its a dropship?

What the hecks a dropship all ive seen so far are warhawks

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From: SevenFactors 6 years ago

A Dropship is a massive airship that was introduced in the first Warhawk Booster pack called Omega Dawn. The Dropship is very heavy so it moves very slow compared to a warhawk, but it can carry up to 7 players and jeep/tank under it. It also features on-the-side canons for protections and each passenger gets to control a homing missile launcher. You need the Omega Dawn Warhawk booster pack to be able to see, use and play in games that support the OD [Omega Dawn] boost pack.

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A dropship is much bigger than a WH and can more people and a vehicle. You will only find it on servers with [OD] in the name (official) or player servers with the dropship enabled. You also have to buy and install Operation Omega Dawn

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On the map it looks like a Bug

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