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Asked: 6 years ago

Are Some Vehicles Faster Than Others (in specific Classes of vehicles)?

So basically what Im asking is are some atvs faster than other atvs and are some racing trucks faster than other racing trucks?

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u should try it out say rally cars
race wif 1st one then
with another 1n u will c a big diffrence
i would only try this out when u completed game or u hav unlocked a few vehicles in each clas

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yea some cars in each class are faster than others,
They are faster because the way it looks it sounds stupid buts it true

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Yes, but remember, all vehicles are equal in the long run. Some, like rally cars, are faster on the flat land, while others such as big rigs are more versatile in the mud, and have better handling. Smaller vehicles like the motorcycles and ATVs are better for tight squeezes and high ground with jumps, but will often become a rag doll when hit by a bigger vehicle.

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