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Asked: 6 years ago

Whats a clove?

Hi im having trouble understanding what a clove is, because the intels say the cloves see both humans and chimera as enemys what are they?

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From: Tenkaichi06 5 years ago

There is no "Clove". The Cloven, on the other hand, are a faction of Russians who are unbiased to Chimera and Humans. It's speculated that they are Resistant to the Chimeran virus, like Nathan Hale. Also, in the 1st game, an intel implied that they lead the Chimera to York.

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I believe it's "Cloven".... They're like another mixture of Chimera and humans, and have been found scavenging in bodies at the battlefield. Very little is known about them and hopefully more will be uncovered at R2. Think of it as another faction of sorts, an unknown alliance of sorts, kinda like that... I just hope that they reveal more on them at R2.

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