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It's like playing every FPS ever.darkside_883/10
The best First person shooter I've played in a long time.ABUSIVExGAMER9/10
If Playstation's Next-gen games are as good as this, the competition better watch out.Arc_Ricolne9/10
Nathan Hale can fight off hordes of the Chimera, but can he set the pace for the PlayStation 3 this generation?BDZilla8/10
Need an obsession? Buy RFOM.cheeseface_12349/10
A strong start for a new franchise and the PS3.CrimsonSeven9/10
An upgraded shooter from yesteryear.dantheman33896/10
Generic: Fall of manfanboy594/10
Best FPS of all time? Well, almostgamesblow9/10
Is alien slaughtering as fun as it sounds?gdmatt8/10
This ain't your fathers FPSHuck54648/10
Hardcore action with that next-gen spice.kingdodongo19/10
Best console FPS for now.nelsonia110/10
A typical FPS with an added spin. Definitely deserves to be the best PS3 launch title.OblivionRising8/10
An incredible FPS that offers a unique mixture of different gameplay stylesPhazonInfuser10/10
The PS3's best game hands down. Anyone that's actually played this game will immediately recognize just how underrated this game is.PoPPiP9/10
Should be PS3 Game of the Year !rfomforums10/10
You are now an ambassodor of the United States so act as suchrx72mk3xa8/10
Viva la Resistance!ShortRoundTen8/10
My Resistance for this game is very Low!Slimer129/10
Nothing new...?SniperBread6/10
fight the Resistancesora2508/10
Not quite a killer-app, but worth every penny.SWATJester8/10
A solid launch game for the PS3wolverinefan9/10
Very Good GameZukkus8/10

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