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How do I beat Hecatoncheir?

Hi guys,

Right now kinda stuck on Hecatoncheir , dont know how to get past it. With only 2 party members, it makes the battle so hard. Got any tips to it?

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dejiki answered:

To beat Hecatoncheir, you should have Fang on Defender and Vanille start off with Jammer. Just casting some de-buffs will give you a good boost already. After that just do your combos, Vanille on Blaster and Fang Attacker.. Heal generously, it helps too.
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evermoon1230 answered:

What boss is this? summon? be specific
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Jayhood1640 answered:

If all else fails, you can die a few times and the difficulty level of the game will drop for the gamer. Hint: If you go through the game perfectly, the difficulty level will rise.
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wei8439 answered:

to beat the summon put fang on defender and vanille on jammer. keep de-buffs the summon until u can overdrive. switch vanille over to healer if fang is low in HP. de-buff is actually faster than u go all out atk.
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