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How do I beat Neochu?

Neochu is the red Ochu. I am having a difficult time dealing with his status ailments. I am always too busy healing up to kill him...
Suggestions? Characters/Optimas/Equipment recommendations needed.

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EgHeadFool answered:

The main question is, are you morally opposed to using Death? Because he is vulnerable. I beat this mission shortly after beating the game. A good party would be something like Vanille/Fang/Hope. Go into the battle with both smokes (power smoke is mainly for Haste) and use the optima Jammer/Defender/Healer. Unless you've leveled up quite a bit this will keep you alive long enough. Your goal is to spam Death until Neochu dies instantly. If it doesn't land before his scream, just retry. Afterwards just take care of the Picochus. They can still kill you if you're not leveled, so you might want optimas such as Blaster/Defender/Healer, Blaster/Attacker/Healer, Healer/Attacker/Healer, etc.
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porkys_revenge answered:

I looked it up on youtube before reading your answer, and managed to take him down using the same strategy you described, Hapkido. Thanks though!
I will, however, leave this question as open for the time beingh, in case some people have other strategies they would like to share.
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Derekedrek answered:

i died about a hundred times Lol i even deathed the neochu then the little guys killed me cause i forgot to have a attack in my paradigms...when i kill the boss with death healing with hope and using snow for the defense. ofcourse using all the shrouds everytime i retry .use vanilles summon then change back and forth between medic/sen/med and rav/sen/med if you have to. My party was vanille - 5'000 snow - 8,000 hope - 5000 lol but i am leveling like crazy! so it is worth getting it before boarding the ship to cocoon
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