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Regain TP during battle?

The Datalog says, "unleash successful ability queues."

I must be interpreting this wrong because just attacking doesn't do much of anything to fill it back up. So what to do?

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harddk answered:

from faq:
The TP bar is a total of 2100 points long with the first 2 bars being 100 and 200 points respectively and the last 3 bars being 600 points each.
Party member fully stacks their ATB gauge and damages, recovers, or inflicts a status effect. 4 TP.
So just unleash a whole lot of full-atp attacks :-)
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littleduckie answered:

If you refer to the Game Mechanics FAQ, you'll gain a nominal amount of TP everytime you defeat an enemy in the middle of a battle. Its really nominal though :)
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MisterBynoe answered:

Like the other people said, you'll gain a miniscule amount of TP for fulfilling certain conditions mid-battle, but barely enough to notice. You get an accessory later called an Energy Sash that gives you slightly more TP for defeating an enemy, but still this amount is barely noticeable. Elixirs fully recover your TP mid-battle but I only came across one in the entire game and you don't get it till right near the end.
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