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how do I beat odin?

Have lighting and the kid with me and odin just kicks my ass

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tzarecta answered:

@ Japieeee good job
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Fadwarfox answered:

Well, quite simple really... chains. You know that when you have a commando start the chain it depletes slower and that ravagers charge it up faster; so start with commando ravager and switch to ravager ravager after one or two turns with light. Odin yields to (find this out by pressing R1) chains and when you heal your party members, so Don't be afraid to change to a medic paradigm but always keep a commando or ravager (depending on the state of your chain, as I think the effect of the commando will deplete after a time if not continually used) out with the medic.
I had a bit of trouble with this one as well, but remember that ravagers and medics are your best bet, just be sure to throw in the odd commando hit to keep the chain depletion slow.

My answer to this question points out one of the fundamental FLAWS of this game: You fight with 'jobs' rather than characters (sure light will do better as commando than sazh but really its about the job and not the character when fighting... :(... You just can't beat FFIII Square, you just can't! Esper system was perfect.)
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japieee answered:

Each Eidolon has something they 'yield' to, which is an expensive way of saying that you must demonstrate that you are able to do something that turns them on. In the case of Odin, it's chaining him to the point of staggering and healing your party members. So have a RAV/RAV combo and a MED/MED combo ready. The steps are simple:

(1) When Odin does -not- have his shield up, you should have two medics and constantly heal each other (even if you already have full HP, it doesn't matter),
(2) When he -does- have his shield up you should stick with Ravager/Ravager to get the chaining bonus. Keep doing this and his Gestalt guage will fill up.

Remember that you don't actually have to -beat- the Eidolon to get him, you just have to perform a bit of battle theater for him or her.
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Snip3rX answered:

Keep chaining with Lightning and let Hope heal

Since Odin condition is Combo Chain and Healing
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runeasgar answered:

I had a high degree of success chain-switching between rav/rav and med/med.
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fishytoothy answered:

If you use Aegisol with the L1 button before the fight it makes it a lot easier. It autocasts protect, shell and vigilance which makes it much easier to survive so you can spend more time attacking and less time healing. I just switched between Med/Med and Com/Rav.
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Death10014 answered:

They way i won this was to start the battle off with:
to survive his initial onslaught then shift to:
Once he activates Udin's Shield shift to:
Then once he attacks again just shift back to

Oh and make sure you have Med/Med for an emergency
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DualChief answered:

Use the supersoldier Paradigm and war & peace when you need to
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Saiyuki72 answered:

If you're getting frustrated by Odin, then you can use a Fortisol and then an Aegisol before the battle. Set your initial paradigm to ravager/ravager. Blast Odin for a bit and then have one person switch to medic. Should the need arise (I doubt it, since you have every buff on you), you can use the double dose paradigm to heal both of you. I finished before my counter reached 500, so this should be good for everyone.
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Chronorigger answered:

U know u dont have to fill the Gestalt bar to full only until it hits the letter G then just press Square and Bam!! u get Odin.
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halemmerich answered:

Actually, the simplest way is Ravager/Medic. Hope heals, Ravager chains. You don't need to MAINTAIN a chain, just to get it, which the ravager does easily. Hope is constantly healing, which also boosts you.
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Theracrux answered:

Well it took me a couple tries, but here's how I did it.
First, have Lightning and hope on attack system yin and yang which is lightning ravanger and hope healer.
Attack once with three lightnings then quickly switch to a mode with both healers(forgot the name) then keep healing hope Note:HEAL ONLY HOPE unless you're about to die, then heal yourself.
After he turns away from you and focuses on Hope, switch back to Yin and Yang and attack with thunder, this will raise the bar quickly, if he turns back to you go back to both healer mode. You should finish JUST before you die of doom! hope this helped
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Tjayrogan answered:

all i did was have Lighting as medic and Hope as Ravenger,
Odin only attacks Hope so focus on healing him and the gauge should fill up quickly
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