Question from Devilmaycry245

Should I sell the Millerite?

It doesn't seem like it's used for upgrading. Is it going to be useful later on or should I just sell it? I'm on chapter 7 by the way.

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crystalgolem420 answered:

DONT SELL THEM...the millerite is used to upgrade a weapon/item from one form to another...example i leveld up an iron bangle to max (lvl5) then used the millerite to change the iron bangle to a lvl 4 silver dont sell them all components and catalysts are invaluable...except for the ones that say they can be sold for a premium...
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darkm0d answered:

I have 5, I've yet to save them... Though, i might soon.
This is related:

So far, it seems no one knows of what they are used for.

DON'T sell any other catalysts though, like uranite or whatever. cobalite too, don't sell those.
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