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How do I get past mission 27?

In mission 27 I need to get to an impossible place >.< It's the middle of the 1st floor of that tower with the elevator and statues x.x does anyone know how to get there?

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RyuujinIllusion answered:

Head all the way up to the Apex, once there look for a stone statue and examine to gain access to a new elevator. Ride this elevator to a couple rooms on Floor 7 you couldn't access before and find the next stone statue there. Examine that statue to align the central elevator shaft so it goes from the Apex to the Ground floor. Now return to the central elevator and ride from the Apex to Ground floor and the mark will appear.
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darkm0d answered:

Yeha, thats what it was. Go to the top floor. You'll see a statue, activate it, ride that to 7th floor. Click the statue in this room, then go back to the top floor.
Now, go to the purple platform that indicates a elevator and activate that.

Ride that to the bottom, and viola!
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darkm0d answered:

Also, as a side note... This thing is WAY ahead of what the normal trend of missions was... i mean, sure, with mega defense it can be done, but if your looking to star it, you'll need to grind, no doubt.
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collectadot answered:

As they said follow the steps to get him to come out of that circle. Then set your party up with Snow, Sazh, and Hope
with the following paradigms:
1. Sen/Syn/Syn (default)
2. Sen/Syn/Med
3. Com/Rav/Rav
4. Com/Rav/Med

Start the fight by using Snow to take the damage and Sazh and Hope buffing the hell outa you.
Switch to 2 if you need some health before all your buffs are up.
Once your sufficiently buffed switch to 3 and pound away at him, switching to 4 if you need health.
REALLY easy if you ask me. I had barely touched my tier 9 crys abilities but I had maxed out my tier 8 on all three of each chars default classes and 5 starred it with 3.5 minutes left till target time.
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SonoRinato answered:

The fight's extremely simple providing you can buff him to stagger quick.

Use a simple 3 paradigm setup (4 if necessary) consisting of a defence paradigm (using one or two Sentinels and one or two Synergists - mix and match - you might want to throw in an alternate paradigm with a healer on the other), a chain boosting/staggering paradigm (full Ravagers - make sure Haste is on each of your characters) and a destroyer class (full of Commandos, use this when you feel the chain bonus is high enough).

Simple tactics:
1. Defend until you're buffed.
2. After he uses his ultimate attack, get healed quick and slip into your Ravager class. Max him out.
3. Beat the hell out of the ugly thing xD.
4. Repeat if he doesn't die by the end of your first onslaught.

If you're having a trouble with keeping up with his damage at the beginning, you can try HP accessories, but I would suggest sticking to high level Synergists.



EDIT: Posted this before I tried it for the first time. It works xD 1st time success with 4 and half minutes on the clock to go.
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yoda_smokes answered:

If you read the hunt it tells you that you need to travel to the ground floor from the apex using the central elevator
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marcosis78 answered:

I just walked around and explored. I built up CP points and gained more stats in the process. Wait till you get to the top of the tower. If I remember right, theres also a very nice video around that time.
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Buy-Protonix answered:

Thax. I do it.
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Azriel88 answered:

You need to travel to the ground floor from The Apex of the tower, using the central elevator. It plays a song on the way down and that particualar C'ieth likes music :P
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ISeeCuteZombies answered: not even past mission 1 :p
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