Question from B_Rod101

How can I get more shrouds?

In the beginning of the game I was swimming in them, but now I get one like every other chapter. Is there a network where I can buy them from, or an enemy that drops them? (Particularly Deceptisol)

I'm on chapter 11, btw.

Accepted Answer

SmokeyMcNasty answered:

You can receive shrouds from any enemy you face. Usually if u get a low battle rating insteadof the intended item the monster drops they give you a shroud instead.
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darkm0d answered:

After chapter 12 you get them.

Btw, deceptisol is 30K a pop :P
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B_Rod101 answered:

Aw you have to be kidding! Is there an enemy that drops them, then? If not than that's a complete waste of a system! >:O
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