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Need help Unlocking Mission 14 to Ride Chocobo?

Ok so I have beat the mission that unlocks the chocobo area, I went in and saw the cut scene then went to the lake where the other mission is supposed to be and there is a chocobo there but the crystal is still on the ground. Any help here? The chocobos are all over the board now but I cant ride them. I am pretty sure I completed 1-8 because I got the trophy for completeing all low level missions. I have gotten 5 stars on all of the missions so far so I am puzzled any help would be AWESOME!!! Also in the chocobo area the one from sazh's hair is flying around and he is marked as a spot on the mpa but i cant seem to reach him..does this matter in any way?

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silverkhalsa1: Where is this spot at where they are attacking a chocobo?

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Yes I just opened the door to the area. Where are the stones for 13 and 14?

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Does anybody else have an answer on this?
I thank u Silver but it still does not answer my question,

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silverkhalsa1 answered:

no problem aaronspybrookAsked

this web page might help you ....... it has maps locations and pictures of all stones, it will show you where 13 and 14 are ..........

just scroll down ..........

just add the whole thing its one link !!! the link was over 80 characters, and i cant post anything with 80 characters, but this link should help you out !!!
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silverkhalsa1 answered:

I was stuck in that same spot before, you have to find the mission where the enemy is where all the chocobos are, they will be attacking a chocobo ! once you do the mission, you'll get some greens (cant remember the name) and you'll make 'friends' with the chocobos ! once you done that, you'll be able to ride them ! you most probably havnt done mission 14 if you cant ride them, because you should get an option to jump on when you go near a chocobo, and ones you can ride, will be marked with a yellow feather on your map ! hope this helped ..........
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silverkhalsa1 answered:

well basically, those stones you been completing, one of them will open it, will be mission 14 ! From what i can tell, youve just opened up a route, on a red stone, which opend this red force field thing to a new area ? and that new area leads to this place where all the chocobos are ! if so thats mission 12, you need to find two more stones and complete those missions, making it 14 ! Mission 14, the enemy you have to kill for the stone, should be back where you opened that red force field doorway with all the chocobos, and one of them will be being attacked ! let me know if this is exactly what youre on about ............
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silverkhalsa1 answered:

Cant remember exactly where they were, but look on your map, any stones which need to be completed will be shown slightly glowing marked on there, im pretty sure they were both on the main area, the really huge plains of land with the huge dinosaur looking monsters ! shouldnt be too hard to find ! but you'll know youre on the mission to unlock the chocobos, when the enemies you have to kill is located in that lake area with all the chocobos !
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