Question from almitykingkoopa

Asked: 4 years ago

Where is mission 12?

I have done missions 1-11 but i need mission number 12 in order to unlock mission 14 wich unlocks chocobos..

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From: AZorro007 4 years ago

Press [Square] to bring up the overhead map while in the Archylte Steppe - Cental Expanse. Scroll the map around until you locate the trail used to enter the Archylte Steppe. Now scroll/look slightly toward the west side (to the right of the located entrance path when viewed looking toward its mouth) of the Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse. You will find a second pathway extending to the south (trending toward the top of the map) with a pulsating Cei'th Stone indicator just in from of an obstruction indicator. That is the Mission 12 stone.

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Youtube it.

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Mission 12 is off a side path on the north wall easily Identified by the large red barrier next to it.

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