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Hope's and Fang's best weapons?

I am towards the end of Chapter 11. I'm using for my main party..
- Lightning (Rav mainly, Com/Medic secondary)
- Hope (Rav/Medic mainly, Syn secondary)
- Fang (Com/Sent mainly, Sab secondary)

Between Fang and Hope, which weapons of theirs would I benefit the most by upgrading and using? I have already upgraded Lightning's Lionheart to Ultima Weapon. I have enough money to upgrade one of the two others weapons. Which weapons would be the best choice for both of them, and if I had to choice between the two, which one should I upgrade first?

Koekoenutt provided additional details:

I also don't mind if I need to use an accessory to get the most out of a weapon, as long it's not out of my reach until post story. I was using the Axis Blade for Lightning with an accessory to boost ATB, but figured upgrading to Ultima Weapon was my best choice for where I am at in the game. So along those lines, I would do the same for Hope and Fang.

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thumper77375 answered:

For Hope, since you are mainly using him as a purely magic user I would level the Hawkeye -> Eagletalon -> Nue. When it is completely leveled, it's max stats are +917 Magic and +202 Strength. If you want to go with a weapon that is more evenly dispersed go for the Malphas -> Naberius -> Nue since it has a max of +832 for both Magic and Strength. Again, I would recommend the first one since you aren't using Hope to do any physical damage to enemies.

For Fang, if you want to make her as physically powerful as possible, especially as a Com, I would recommend the Dragoon's Lance -> Dragonhorn -> Kain's Lance. Its maxed stats would give you +962 Strength but no addition to your Magic. Since you may be using her as a Sab, you might like the Taming Pole -> Venus Gospel -> Kain's Lance which when maxed gives you +921 to both Strength and Magic.
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turkTsang answered:

In My opinion the best weapons for hope and fang is the taming pole for fang and the malphas for hope. Also I would say upgrade fangs weapon first, just because shes so much more badd*** than hope.
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tonito734 answered:

c'mon guys r u simply going by strength and magic alone?

How bout this;
For Fang - Pandoran Spear --> Calamity Spear -> Kain's Lance which comes with the special property Improved Dibillitation II. this will allow you to take full advantage of Fang's abilities as a saboteur. Plus, this weapon comes with some pretty decent stats. AND it doesn't come with the Stagger Lock like the Taming Pole does.

For Hope - Otshirvani -> Urubutsin -> Nue which comes with the special property Siphon Boost II. Again, this will allow you to take full advantage of Hope's abilities as a ravager. When you combine this setup With Light + Omega Weapon (made from Axis Blade) + Army of One and you'll be able to stagger enemies and get the chain bonus to 999% with minimal effort. AND imagine if you combine this with 2 accesories from the Boost synthesis group which will give you an extra 10% ATB Rate. The speed in which you'll be able to finish battles is mind-boggling.
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Ruven answered:

I guess, it comes to when you wanna use those weapons.

Since once you have all roles available for each character, you might wanna use Hope as a Commando and there those 200 more magic stats CAN translate into somewhere around 25'000 to 30'000 damage per hit (assuming all buffs/debuffs and a full stagger bar), so depending on the enemies you fight that will usually be of more benefit than the Siphon booost (I think).

Same for Fang, since you usually only debuff once or twice per battle, but you're far more hitting enemies for damage.
Note that Stagger Lock still let's Fang raise the chain and still interrupts staggered enemies, she just can't deal the blow that changes the enemies from normal to staggered state (i.e. when the enemy is on 350%/350% then any hit from Fang won't stagger the enemy), and since I usually have other ravagers hitting as well, I never found that to be of much a drawback.

I did use the ATB Rate stuff right after I finished the story though and I do agree that battles went a lot quicker. (I guess during the story that would also be true, but I didn't figure that one out until after, so I can't really say anything on that matter anyway).
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Ruven answered:

Re: Hopes weapon. Ignore my comment on that one. I confused the Siphons with something else, plus forgot that Ruin (unlike the weapons) can't be enchanted with elemental properties, so the damage calculation is not right anyway.

I think I give that one a try, seems a lot better, than I thought it would be on first sight
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Kyuki28 answered:

Just upgrade all the weapons to their final form so u can decide which is best tor them
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tonito734 answered:

Uh yeah take all that time upgrading and spending money. thats why the guy asked for suggestions dude. so he wouldn't have to go through all that.
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nickay420 answered:

Hawkeye; Hope is the best mage in the game. Dragon Lance for Fang, it's all a matter of opinion though: ask ten different final fantasy fans, get 20 different answers.

This will help you decide what you want to do. HTH
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nickay420 answered:

How in god's name did you get that much money at this point in the game??
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agesolo209 answered:

i would have to agree with nickay i would use dragon lance and get lance of kain she be doing some major damage as COM. For Hope i wouldnt know lol i use Fang/Lighting/vanille
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FaustV answered:

For Fang i would definitely go Taming pole since u already hav lionheart for Light so she's the one that's gonna stagger, so stagger lock is a non-issue
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McJamJim answered:

Hope-If you plan on using hope syn abilities get vidnofir, improves buffs amkes them last longer. If not than probably hawkeye due to its high magic stats.
Fang- For fang if you are using sab abilities frequently than get pandoran, if not get taming pole
BTW what does i dont fully get what axis blade or siphon do can anyone help
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eyenjekt answered:

A Ravenger with Urubutsin equipped will have 20% of an ATB bar returned to them, per staggered enemy hit. This will shorten your ATB recharge time by 20%, allowing you maximize the damage on a staggered, opponent. In preemptive aoes, this is god mode- I've been in situations where nearly my entire atb bar was returned, led to nearly constant aoe spam. However, this weapon doesn't help you at all as a medic. I use Hope as my main medic as well, and I don't seem to mind the a slightly less healing capability I have with this weapon equipped. Hopes magic is high enough that a weapon with higher magic won't help much as its only going to increase your characters magic stat by 15% or whatever (even though one weapon might actually havee double that of the other).

As your primary Sentinel, you'll have difficultly using Fang also as a Sabateur. even switching out of sentinel for one bars worth of debuffs attempts before having to switch back to sentinel to regain focus before the target attacks is sometimes necessary, and very often worth it. Thats why I use the debuff stick (cant remember its name). Just like with hope magic, fangs strength is already so high naturally, a strictly stats weapon will only boost ya 15%ish strength which is only worth roughly 15% more damage. Where as the right debuff can boost damage for 2 or more characters, and usually boosts it much much more than 15%. When I'm not using Fang as a sentinel, shes almost always a sabateur until stagger, then commando. sabateur provides the same decay slow effect to the stagger bar as commando too.
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Iamownage answered:

Did u rly have a trapezohedron at the end of chapter 11 to get the ultima weapon? O_o
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_Terminus_Est answered:

Ultima weapon is lvl 2 lionheart. Final weapon is Omega, not Ultima.
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dmgamer3 answered:

@lamownage: I got mine(trapezohedron) at chapter 11 with about 15 platinum ingots but I did not use them until I got the lionheart..
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Kyuki28 answered:

If u want full strength then use Dragon Lance and upgrade it to Kain lance, but if u want magic yhen go with taming pole cause its balance, i dont know about hope because never use him
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