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Seventh Tier of Taejin's tower??

Anyone know how to get there? Bhakti mentions it in his list of bonus hint things.

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Stegodon12 answered:

There is a statue that you activate on the anex floor. Ride that elevator down to the seventh floor.
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mattw89 answered:

Yep, that's it. Also, make sure to get the collecter's catalog to help gather components. very useful and down-right necessary for upgrading the best weapons and accessories.
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scarblade666 answered:

On the other side of the platform on the apex where the boss fight was there is another statue. Activate it and a new elevator will come up. Use it to go to the 7th tier where you will find another statue. Activate that and the tower will spin again allowing the main elevator to go to every tier.
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BCTBear821 answered:

What everyone else seems to have not mentioned that I'm quite certain is a must, is that you must beat th boss fight before this is doable, otherwise, everyone here is correct.
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whackojacko4 answered:

Ya. theres a second elevator on the apex that leads to another tier. if u examine the statue it will align the middle to go all the way up to the apex.
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