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Does anyone have any strategys for MARK 41: 3 Tonberrys?

Everyone has all primary roles mastered at level 5 and are at role level 2 for at least 1 secondary role.

I'm not bothering with Synergists as the tonberrys remove status enhancements. I can kill one without preemptive strike, but the remaining two start to heal each other not long after.. and the Chain break is high. I killed the first before the chain gauge was high enough to cause stagger.

After a while I make some progress on the second one and then one of them does some powerful grudge that landed 14000+ damage.. Its not an instant kill but hope isn't fast enough to recover my hp before they kill me.

Someone asked already about the tonberry.. but the accepted answer doesn't really help

khawkjr138 provided additional details:

ha! thanks so much guys. Wow I guess im more powerful than I thought. I started the battle with three shrouds and with L, F, S as my battle team. Three commandos to start with just to stagger two of them like you said.. but i killed them all in less than a minute... im still have some learning to do with this battle system I guess

khawkjr138 provided additional details:

Yeah Im over leveled but I keep making the same mistake... using Hope.. what a B**ch. His HP is the lowest, even now with his 3 main roles at level 5. Now that I have snow as a mastered synergist, hope is replaced lol. I may need him as a medic I know, but for now Lightning is a mastered medic and Fang is a level 2 which is good enough for now. Thanks guys. So if you have everyones main 3 roles mastered.. use 3 shrouds, for protection and a preemptive with 3 commandos starting.. and you're guys will obliterate these bastards

Accepted Answer

almitykingkoopa answered:

go with Ligthing(COM), Fang(COM), Snow(RAV) and putt on the 2 shrouds and the deceptisol for preemptive
and have Lightning as Leader.(i hope that you have already defeated a tonberry alone so you can have the data on him and your characters know what to do and wont waste a turn scanning them).

when you commence your first attack(do so only using AUTO ok?) you will have staggered one between you and snow because for some reason Fang will go alone against one but she will stagger him as well, so now you have 2 staggered tonberrys in less then 10 seconds. quickly switch to a cerberus paradigm (3COMS).and you will have killed 2 tonberrys in about 2-3 minutes. as for the last tonberry have this paradigm Lightning(COM), Fang(SAB), Snow(COM) and once Fang has put slow on tonberry switch back to cerberus and thats all there is to it.give it a try... i already did that mission and it took ke about 3:49 to do it.. if it doesnt work for you ill go back to do it again and post the video on youtube for ya ok? ohhh and dont bother with HP+ accesories they are worthless..stick with strenghts only and even easier
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Ronedawg_84 answered:

Pre-emptive strike and stagger 2 of em at the same time (3 if you're lucky). I tried to kill off 1 by jugglin and adding deprotect to em and damaged the other one alot basically the same way. as for the third one, its more of a thing of timing. from what i can tell he wont use the deep seated grudge til hes at a certain lowpoint in health or if the stagger is close. so if all ppl can hit em at the same time when hes close to either dead or at stagger, he wont have time to do the grudge attack. wont lie, took a little bit of luck too but i was weaker than your group was and pulled it off so you'll b fine.
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tonito734 answered:

if you are looking for a quick victory then the form 2 answers should help. However, without a pre-emptive strike, these tonberrys will be considerable foes. they are not impossible to defeat, it just takes some time.
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Maffski1303 answered:

I went in (NO CP Grinding done at all) with all 3 shrouds and just used Blitz Blitz Blitz, my other characters used AOE Magic attacks which quickly staggered all 3 of them, from there it was very easy to finish them all off

Lightning Hope Vanille
Com Rav Rav
Rav Rav Rav
Com Rav Sab
Med Med Med
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FF13_IS_ARD answered:

I just used the shrouds and
keep switching through paradigm's but mostly use com-com-com
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hokage_99 answered:

Actually, this fight you don't even need to use shroud. First off, I'm using Lightning, Fang and Hope, and all 3 of them mastered 3 of their main roles.

Lightning Fang Hope
Rav Com Rav
Com Com Rav
Med Sen Men
Med Sab Syn
Com Sab Syn

Start the fight with Com Sab Syn, and wait till everyone got haste buff and your first tonberry has the imperil buff. Then switch to Com Com Rav and keep attacking it. Occasionally switching to Med Sen Med to heal. Don't bother worrying about staggering them, just keep attacking. Rinse and repeat for each tonberry. With this method, even without shrouds I was still able to get 5 stars.
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