Question from AntiH3ro72

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Genji Glove?

First of all what is a Genji Glove? Where can I find it? Doesit start as a genji glove or do I have to upgrade it and if so what does it start as? What does it do and is it good?

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From: Res_Novae 4 years ago

A Genji Glove allows you to break the damage limit, which means you are able to deal more than 99,999 damage with that equipped character. You'll get a Genji Glove as a reward for beating missions 51, 62, and 63. It does start as a Genji Glove, and it is upgradable, but not necessary.

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Genji Gloves uncapp damage limit of 99,999....its reward for mission51, 62, 63. you are able to level it up..cannot be upgraded to another is very good and one of the best items in the game..

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