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Where is Misson Mark #3?

This is my orginal question posted on the forums:

Okay so Im no newcomer to these types of games and Ive been grinding around the Central Expanse of Gran Pulse for a long time and now have decided to take up the missions. Ive done 1 and 2 with no problem but Ive been wandering around four about 3 hours and cant find the mark for Mission 3: Ugallu in Yaschas Massif Tsubaddran Highlands.

In relation to where you first enter the Central Expanse at the start of Ch.11 where is the mark and the general area its located in?

Maybe could someone mark it on this map for me?


Now I know its to the right of Stone 4 BUT how do I get to that area from the Central Expanse?


Accepted Answer

CobaltMonkey answered:

Go back to the Base Camp area (that's through the exit near the first C'ieth Stone) and head through it. Just keep going and you'll come out right in front of him. Remember, you can check what direction a mark lies in by looking at the in game map and seeing which area exit to take if they aren't in your area.
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