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How do I beat chapter 10 boss? (Cid Raines)

What would be the best team to use?
Also, what works better against him, RAV or COM?
what strategy works best when he transforms and gets his wings?

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Rybal answered:

I just helped someone else with this battle a couple of days ago and made it ridiculously easy for him.

I used Fang/Vanille/Sazh (in that order).

Useful Paradigms:
Sab/Sab/Syn (Start)
Sen/Med/Syn (after his big attack - or just use renew)
Com/Rav/Com (if you get the chain gauge high enough)
Sab/Sab/Rav (after he removes his debuffs - if you want to keep raising the chain gauge)

Start by using Libra (of course).

Debuff him like crazy from assassination, then switch to Relentless Assault.

Switch to a healing paradigm if/when necessary.

I use two Saboteurs because they have different debuffs. Also, Vanille using deprotect + Fang attacking (especially if imperil - can't remember if that one can land - is on and an en-spell on her) is deadly. Also, Fang has slow. Slow+deprotect+bravery=easy battle.

Also, I use Sazh instead of Hope because I find haste to be the single most useful spell in the game. Protect and shell, while useful, pale in comparison to haste and deprotect/deshell.
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Kaiserkid answered:

I used Light, Vanille and Fang.
With these setups: 1. COM/RAV/COM (default)
Give the leader doctors code it will help. Put on fortisol and agesol if you have it. Baiscally put up to a good stagger % and when he is in recovery mode or guard slap on debuffs using 4. When he changes he would use his ray attack. If you need to switch to 5 to heal. The ray will take away all status alignments on him and you. Keep attacking until he is staggered. Thats basically it. My characters were all maxed out on the default classes. at this point on the crystarium. Hope this helps.
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bjc1234 answered:

This battle has no point of buff since he removes all of them when he blinds the screen, so just go double MED and one SEN for quick healing and then go either double RAV and one COM or the other way depending on the chain bar.
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Fear777 answered:

(Lightning,Fang,Vanille)...this one is really easy if u enjoy it^_^....first>COM/SAB/SAB until cid is debuffed....when cid attacks normally use RAV/COM/MED....when cid use his strongest attack(the one lights the screen) switch to MED/SEN/MED....and when cid is healing himself use RAV/COM/RAV...(if cid is debuffed it's really easy)
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Mellerker500 answered:

This strategy won't work.
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