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How do I access mission 55?

I've completed missions 1-17 and I read that in order to unlock mission 55 you have to complete mission 14, but it still isn't unlocked. Did I do something wrong? How can I get mission 55? I NEED THAT EGG!

ikareem5 provided additional details:

I completed chapter 11 and decided to go back before continuing to chapter 12 and it still didn't work. Did mine just glitch or what?

ikareem5 provided additional details:

i completed mission 14, defeated Bathandelus, and been in the deserted schoolhouse in Oerba but the mission never showed, that's why i'm beginning to think my game possibly glitched


AZorro007 answered:

All but one of the Missions can be undertaken before you defeat the final boss at the end of Chapter 11.

Mission 55 likely has some Missions (other than the ones you have completed) that must be finished prior to its being available. I would think that one or more of Missions 36 through 53 would be the likely suspects.
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AZorro007 answered:

After investigating this issue through game play, it is clear that there are three actions that must be completed to activate Mission 55. They are:

1. Complete Mission 14.

2. Defeat Barthandelus.

3. Enter the rooftop garden of the Deserted Schoolhouse in Oerba.
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memorable_one answered:

I done all this and still I can't access mision 55. Been to the rooftops and the stone is there but can't select it ??? I have found all other missions and have completed all except missions 54, 62, 63 and 64.

Looking at my enemy datalog, the last orphan hasn't been ticked off so I assume I have to defeat it again and, via the libra ability, learn the full attributes of this enemy before I can access this ceith stone. I give it a try tomorrow
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memorable_one answered:

Tried again today. I able to access the stone now. For some reason I couldn't acces the stone but today I can. With other ceith stones you can just walk up near it and press x, but with this stone for mission 55 you must look directly at the stone otherwise it won't work.
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memorable_one answered:

To add to this answer, if you go near the flower pots (right next to the ceith stone is) and see the examine sign while making your way to the mission 55 ceith stone, then you won't be able to access the stone at all. I was stuck for two days trying to work out how to access the stone because of this. A definate glitch in this game!
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OnyxGraph answered:

This seems not a glitch at all. Its very simple defeat barthandelus second encounter in oerba, dont waste time going back just move on to chapter 12 and on chapter 13 you will be given the opportunity to go back in gran pulse and eden hall, now go back there in oerba school house rooftop you'll see the mission 55 cieth stone will be available now.
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FantasificGamer answered:

the Cieth stone will be available once you kill The Proudclad for the second time and enter Orphan's Cradle.
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