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How do I beat Shiva sisters?

Ok then, I've read the walkthroughs and the questions and done wat has been said but I'm still missing something because I can just can't build the bar up against the Shiva sister. If I just use attacks it's barley up to half way by the time doom hits me so I did as the walkthroughs have said and used Steelguard while a Sentinal and nothing happens. I kept timing it just for when she attacks and the bar doesn't move an inch. I'm really getting pissed off with it now, I know I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what.

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Cheers for the replies but unfortunately I've already been doing what has been said but nothing happens. As Faust says, I've been doing Steelguard when she ATB Charges but her bar doesn't go up. I've tried switching between them but I'm getting nothing at all from Steelguard.

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From: AZorro007 4 years ago

Here is an approach that I know does work.

Start with Libra to prime the automatic battle management system.

Press [R1] to make sure that the sister's battle characteristics are "completely" exposed.

You should see the following notes.

1. Yields to those who amass chain bonuses.
2. Yields to those who defend against and endure attacks.
3. Cannot be provoked.

These are the three clues that tell the automatic battle management system what must be done to "win" the battle. All you really need to do is switch Paradigms at the proper instant in support of the automatic battle management system actions.

1. Attack with Commando and/or Ravager in such a manner that chain bonuses will accumulate. This means that you will have to use Commando at least occassionally because a pure Ravager attack will not cause the chain bonus to accumulate (due to the "quick" expiration time of the Ravager attack effect).
2. Spend some time "defending and enduring" via Sentinel to accumulate additional "points" to advance the Eidolon acquisition guage. Let the automatic battle management system choose what it wants is the easiest approach.
3. Don't use "Provoke" while in the Sentinel mode as it is a waste of time. No accumulation "points" will result by using it. If you have used Libra, the automatic battle management system will "know" this and should not use "provoke". If you find it does, override it by manually inputting commands while in the Sentinel role.

You can over emphasize the attack portion of your strategy a little bit if you wish for one of the sisters (Stiria) will heal you when your Hit Points become low.

Don't worry to much about the Doom counter appearing. When it does, just keep plugging along using your strategy. It can be a close contest with the win occurring just before the Doom counter reaches zero. The accumulation bar only has to get "very close" to the text at the end of its run to have pressing [Square] be successful.

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Steelguard when she ATB Charges, COM or RAV otherwise. She's really piss easy.

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Switch to ravager and then do only froststrike.It useful

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Just forget sentinel. all you need to beat the shiva sisters is COM and RAV. switch to RAV in the beginning, and start building up a chain. when the bar starts going down a bit too fast, switch to COM and get the bar up again. When the bar goes down really slow, switch to RAV. Just keep doing this, and you should win when the doom counter is about 300-600. This tactic might not seem to work at first, but if you get used to timing the paradigm shifts just right, you can beat it no problem. Just remember, only have COM if absolutely necessary, because it only ups the chain by about .2%.

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I'm stuck here too. i know that its based on if you can perfectly hit everything. steelguard actually helps more than anything else but if you're not perfect, then it's a waste of time, but you can't win without it.

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i actually beat this eidolon with more than 1000 in my doom counter. all i did was spam froststrike when she was normal, then one she started ATB charging switch to sentinel and spam steelguards until she stopped. and repeat.

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