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In Mission 34...?

In Mission 34, do you ever fight Zenobia? If not, do you fight him in any mission, or is his name only used as an introduction to the Tonberry?

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I heard that the Tonberry kills Zenobia. Is this true?

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AZorro007 answered:

In Mission 34, events start with an animation where a purple Cei'th with tentacle hands emerges from the ground. However, before you party can engage the Cie'th, Tonberrry appears to stab the Cie'th and kill it. The battle continues with a fight against the Tonberry.

This is the only place you will see that purple Cie'th.

There is an interesting history behind that fiend.

A few years back, I happened to meet a person playing a video game in an airport. I asked if I could watch and he said sure. As I watched he explained he was "checking out" a game as part of a job he was doing. One of the things he showed me was the purple Cie'th fiend that appears in Mission 34. He said he had created the fiend as a part of a "contest" within a development team - creating a fiend for a "special mission" in a game that probably would not be released for several years. He said that he had "lost" the contest and that another fiend had been selected for the "special mission" role. He showed me the fiend that had been selected which, now that I have played the game, I recognize as having been Atticus. He also showed me the Mission 34 opening scene with his creation in it and bemoaned the fact that players of the game wouldn't even see his creation as there was an option that allowed skipping the scene in which it appeared. I responded that I would watch for the game and make a point of being sure to look at his creation when I played it.

I had no idea what I had seen until after I purchased Final Fatasy XIII and chose to attempt to complete Mission 34. So, when you play the game, honor his effort and take a good look at the fiend that could have been the opponent in Mission 51 rather than the fiend that is seen there today.
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alexrdh answered:

I don't think you ever fight Zenobia... though there are a few missions I haven't discovered yet, you might fight him in one of them.
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alexrdh answered:

Yeah, the Tonberry comes from nowhere and stabs Zenobia in the shin. Then you have to take on the Tonberry.
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