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What do you have to power up on to get Vanille's Death skill?

I'm new the Final Fantasy 13 but, i was searching around youtube and saw someone using "Death" as Vanille's skills. It looks like a very helpful skill that would help me further on in the game. But what do i have to power up on the Crystalism to get the Death skill?

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ancalagon33173 answered:


It sounds like you still have a long way to go until you even earn the Death Skill, but once you have it I have heard/read different ways to 'power up' the skill in order to 'make it stick' better. It starts with a 1% success rate, which is terrible. There are ways of increasing the success rate of all saboteur skills, how they apply to Death, I am unsure. And I am also unsure how many of these ACTUALLY increase the success rate, but I know some of them definitely do, so I guess it doesn't hurt to do them all. Better safe than sorry!

-Belladonna Wand/Malboro Wand
-All Role Levels for the Saboteur
-Multiple Saboteurs on the field (Infiltration Paradigm Sab+Sab+Sab) Multiple Sab's give bonus success rates to their allies
-Vigilance Spell (not sure if this adds to success rate, but will at least make her harder to interrupt)

Then it's just a matter of casting Death as many times as possible, so anything to increase the ATB charge rate (sprint shoes, aurora scarves, Nimbletoe boots are all part of the 'Boost' Synthesis Group and with 3 accessories from this group equiped, her ATB rate increases by 15%). Sprint Shoes (also part of the Boost Synthesis Group) cast auto-haste, which is excellent as well.
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echa_One answered:

----------- SPOILER ALERT -------------

You have to beat the last boss in chapter 11 to have access to Vanille's Death skill. After that, all you need to do is to gather CP and work your way in the Crystarium to the skill under Saboteur role until you learn it.
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jowenzn96 answered:

For you, that means a long long time. But the death skill, although powerful, has a 1% hit rate only, maybe 3% with equiped weapons and accessories for enhanced debuffing, so it is quite hard for it to stick.
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