Question from Zenzo96

Mission 63 dormant?

Im in post game and trying to get genji glove, how do i make the ceith stone active?

Zenzo96 provided additional details:

No i mean i went there but its on its side and ive beat mission 34 and 30, help please?

Accepted Answer

AZorro007 answered:

To make that particular Cieth Stone become active, just enter the Faultwarrens. That should do it!

So, to be sure, enter Faultwarrens, move up to the first Save Station. Return to Sulyya Springs and the Mission 63 Cieth Stone should be active.
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magicguy_836 answered:

Mission 63 is in sulya springs on a right hand corner

here is a video :// (just add the beginning in for the linl

Note: this is MUCH easier if mission 19 is complete
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