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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you combine maxed out weapons to create ultimate weapons?

The book says you need min. 6 trapz. to make 1 characters ultimate weapon?

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Fortunately, no, you've misinterpreted that. Any star level tier-2 weapon can be transformed into an ultimate weapon by using a trapezohedron on it. Note that every weapon will have different stats and abilities when transformed into a tier-3 weapon, even though they all have the same name for one character. This means you can have eight unique "ultimate" weapons per character.

So the whole process goes as follows:

-Level a tier-1 weapon (any weapon's default state) up to star level.
-Use that weapon's catalyst to transform it into a tier-2 weapon.
-Level the tier-2 weapon to star level.
-Use a (only one) trapezohedron to transform that weapon into that weapon's version of that character's ultimate weapon.

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Im guess you read this
"It takes 1 Trapezohedron to make 1 Ultimate weapon and it takes a min of 6 trapezohedron's to make Ultimate Weapons for all your characters"
it takes 1 Trapezohedron to make 1 Ultimate Weapon
6 trapezohedron's to make ultimate weapons for all your characters
and 27-28 Trapezohedron's to make ALL the Ultimate Weapons in the Game

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How do i level a star'd weapon to teir 2? i just DONT get that, i have a gladious (SP?) at star level but dont get what to do from there.

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