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What is the giant blue egg surrounded by mini cieth stones for?

The crystal blue egg

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From: AZorro007 4 years ago

When you complete Mission 7 a "special" event occurs to produce the "blue egg" and its companions. The "blue egg" is a "teaser" that serves as an obscure notification of a challenging Mission, Number 64, to come.

To be able to undertake Mission 64 you have to take action to activate the smaller stones (cause them to rise and illuminate) lying around the "blue egg"..

The "blue egg" Mission 7-related-site turns out to also be the site for the battle needed to complete Mission 64.

To be able to undertake that battle, you must do two things,

First, you must defeat the "End of Chapter 11" "Boss" - a reincarnation of an "old friend".

Second, you must cause all five of the "little" Cie'th stones to rise. This is done by completing Mission 14, Mission 27, Mission 30, Mission 34 and Mission 51.

To complete these five Missions will require you to complete several other Missions as well. The Posted Gran Pulse Treasure Guide can be consulted to determine the rather lengthy list of all of the missions that need be accomplished.

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Are you talking about in Valis media where mark 6 is located? If you are, then that is the Location of the hardest mark in the game (not really) Vercingetorix. To be honest, Jumbo Cactuar caused me more trouble than this guy simply because he dealt a set amount of damage, not to mention pain and fog. With Vercingetorix, the damage he inflicts can be highly reduced with the right deck of paradigms and accessories.

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Ye thats what im thinking wats the blue crystal thing.i completed all cie'f monsters including attacus and nothing happend

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You need to start the mission in Oerba at the end of the rusted bridge. its mission 64.

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That is where the enemy for the final mission will be located, #64.

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After Mark Mission 7, the crystal egg appears, it doesn't do anything much, but the tiny C'eith stones around it all represent the Undying marks, they are higher levelled C'ieth.
The Undying are Geiseric, Syphax, Attacus, Mithridates, and Bititus. You may have killed Syphax and Geiseric at this point, Geiseric is an essential boss if you want to access chocobos and Syphax opens up the way to the Haerii Old Road, which leads to the Faultwarrens.

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