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Asked: 4 years ago

Stagger lock?

What does stagger lock do to my weapon?

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From: wilco64256 4 years ago

It actually keeps just the character with the "locked" weapon from staggering an enemy. Other characters in your party can still initiate a stagger.

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It makes your enemy "immune" to stagger, so you can get it up to 999,99% and it wont stagger, this can be very very usefull at many bosses, because you sometimes wont be able to get it over 300% and it only last for 1 min

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So then what is the point of this ability? Stagger is a good thing, makes battles easier: why would we want to prevent that in the enemies favor?

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It's to balance the fact that weapons with "Stagger Lock" tend to do more damage than other items of the same level. The tradeoff for this extra damage is the fact that this character won't be able to stagger the enemy.
Bear in mind that only the character with the Stagger Lock weapon can't stagger, the other two in the party can. So if you have a character primarily in a Commando Role (Fang, for example), the Stagger Lock weapon would be a good choice, do more damage and let the others in the party be the ones to stagger.
Also, the Stagger Lock weapons function in the Instant Break/Gestalt synthesis as long as you don't upgrade them to the final tier.

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