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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the Font of Namva?

I'm on mission 14 and it says I should go to the Font of Namva
I need chocobo!!

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Go to the "exit" from the Archlyte Steppes that appears to the "south" of the Save Station near the mountain found in the Western Benchland. It is called "Arid Strain". It is where the Mission 12 Red Cie'th Stone is found. Move along that path and you will enter the Font of Namva

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Head along the edge of the mountains where you first enter the Steppe. Past the penguin looking creatures there's a pack of wolves wandering around by a passage between the mountains a bit further in are two giant flans (Corrosive Custards) behind them is a red barrier and Cie'th Stone. Once you beat the mission the barrier is deactivated and you can follow the passage to the Font of Namva.

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