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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
A Little help/Advice in beating The adamanchelid? *new* 0
Can a ravager do more damage than a commando? 3
can you give me a strategy with my characters for the boss battle of Dahaka? 1
Chances of 1 shot Death spelling Neochu?!!?!? 12
Differences between Shao Long Gui and Long Gui? 8
Fal'Cie? 7
Five Stars...? 8
Help getting through the Twilit Carverns? 6
Help with Barthandelus rematch? 7
How do I 5 star mission 29? 6
How do i add helpful strategy note for Neochu to gamefaqs knowledgebase? 2
How do I beat (Admantoise)? 3
How do I beat (Alexander)? 10
How do I beat (bahamut? 16
How do I beat (Barthandelus Rematch In Oreba)? 2
How do I beat (barthandelus)? 10
How do I beat (hsbumpal subiupator)? 2
How do I beat (Sahz's boss person)? 2
How do I beat Bartandalus?*Spoilers* 1
How do I beat barthandelaus rematch? 3
How do I beat Barthandelous? 8
How do I beat Bathandelus in ch 11? 8
How do I beat Bituitus for mission 7? 5
How do I beat Brynhildr without Haste? 3
How do I beat Cid Raines Easily Any Useful Tips On How To Beat Him Really Fast? 20
How do i beat Entill? 1
How do I beat fangs elidon? 4
How do I beat Flanitor? 3
How do I beat Geiseric in Chapter 11? 4
How do I beat gigantur? 2
how do i beat lightning EDILON? 9
How do I beat mission 62? 4
How do I beat orion with just snow? chapter 7 3
How do I beat Orphan's first phase? 1
How do I beat Orphan?*SPOILERS ALERT* 9
How do I beat proudclod? 4
How do I beat ShaoLong Gui, I've tried the main strat? 3
How do i beat the Aster protoflorian? 1
How do I beat the first form of the final boss in FFXIII? 11
How do I beat the five headed boss at the end of chapter 9? 6
How do I beat the huge mammoth looking thing thats in gran pulse or that safari looking place? 2
How do I beat the Neochu in the english version? 2
How do I beat the Tyrant? 5
How do I beat those two cheap bastards in mission 64? 4
How do I beat Ushumgal Subjugator? 3
How do I defeat Barthandelus? ( First Encounter and Battle ) 2
How do you get a 5 star rating on juggernaut missions? 7
How long do the Toises/Guis stay down after you take out the legs? 2
How much hp should I have to defeat orphan?barthandelus? 8
I am having trouble with Aster Protoflorian what weapons should I upgrade? 2
I Can't stagger Raktavija? 2
I need help beating the Bartanduous rematch? 2
Ironclad 2!! :( someone help me? 9
Is the only way to beat neochu with Vanille or is there another strategy? 2
Killing Shao Long Guis in 35 seconds? wth!?! 3
Level Up Question? 6
Mission 64 mark ? 1
Need help finding enemy for intel..? 3
Pulse fal'Cie? 6
Pulse rangda? 3
Redoing the last boss? 4
Sid Help? 2
What is dahakas attack pattern???? 1
What is that...? 6
What party/paradigms/accessories should I use to beat Long Guis? 4
What's the best character, paradigm, weapons (tier 3) scheme to farm Long Gui for Platinum Ignots and Trapezohedrons? 6
When does Proudclad use his deactivate limiters ability? 5
When mission 64 mark cast wicked whirl will he still be doing it utill the end of the battle? 2
Yielding Eidolons ? 5

Item Location Help Answers
Am i done for? 2
Are these accessories good for my characters? 4
Best weapon to triplicate Traps with? 5
Bought game and reg'd for item but is it worth it? 3
Can u get the Gilgamesh weapons doin the titans trial? 4
Chocobo treasure list and locations? 2
Confused??? 2
Do Nimbletoe Boots stack? 1
Does Collector's Catalogs Stack if I equip one for each character? 2
Does Fang need to stagger an enemy for her Stagger TP Charge to work? 1
Eidolon attacks level? 2
Elixer? 3
English equalivelent of Colored Jelly and Ultra compact fusion reactor/ perfect conductor? 3
Genji Glove screwed up? 2
Gladius? 2
Help with Treasure Hunter trophy?? 6
How do I get the Item/Accessory Trophy? 3
How do you use the gestalt synthesis group? 1
How much longer does Vidofnir make buffs last? 1
I can't find that chest in chapter 10 with 600 gils in it ? 4
I completed Mission 55 defeating a Neochu, but didn't get growth egg!? 1
I think i meesed up with the treasure hunter trophy? 3
Is Aurora Scarf necessary now I have sprint shoes? 2
Is Best Choice stackable? 3
Is Organyx and Vampiric Srike work it? 2
Is there a list on which items give XP bonuses to which weapons? 5
Is there any point buying/getting new weapons/upgrading old weapons? 1
Is Wurtzite bangle a must for Hope? 4
Making profit off of upgraded items? 2
Malboro Wand Success and the level of success? 3
Missed egg??? 2
Most cost-effective way to fully upgrade Tier 3 lionheart and belladonna wand? 2
Raijin Ring? Treasure Hunter Trophy? 2
Resistance stacking: Is this possible? 2
Selling items ? 5
Shield of light ? 1
Should I sell useless/extra accessories? 2
Special Abilities on Weapons? 2
Taming Pole or Dragoon Lance? 3
Treasure hunter help? 3
Treasure Hunter trophy help!? 3
Treasure hunter trophy? im soo stupid :P 2
Treasure hunter? 3
Treasure Trophy Help: Finnished game and still no Grav-con Unit, or Con Unit...??? 2
Triplicating trapz? 2
Upgrade weapons to a new tier? What? 3
Want easy Trapezohedrons after you get your 1st one? 1
Weapon upgrade V.S accesory upgrade? 3
Weapons? 1
Wearing quick stagger and random instant chain increase the chance for a stagger more then just having one or the other? 2
What 4 accessories should I use? 2
What are considered the best weapon's for each character? And how can I get/make them? 2
What are the different Synthesized Abilities? 2
What do I need in order to upgrade Antares Deluxes and Power Circle to 3rd tier? 2
What do Mnar Stones do? 2
What does 20 sided die do? 2
What does Enfeeblement do? 4
What elemental rings should I keep? 3
What is the highest level for equipment upgrades? 2
What is ultimate phsyic and ultimate magic? 1
What should I do with my extra scarletites?I 2
What weapons is everyone leveling up? 4
What's Sazh's best version of Save The Queen? 1
What's the best wep. for Hope if I want Magic? 3
Whats the use for Hunter's Friend? 1
When can I buy the more advanced catalysts from the Motherlode? 1
When can i upgrade my weapon to the next tier? 2
When farming Adamantoise, does Vanille have to have all the catalogs? 2
When should i start upgrading weapons? and which one first? 4
Where can I find (genie glove)? 3
Where can I find (Good Accessory)? 2
Where can I find (shops)? 5
Where can I find a place to Farm Gil? 2
Where can I find Adamantite? 1
Where can I find Belladonna Wand? 1
Where can I find gil? 4
Where can I find mark 8? 2
Where can I find missions 51,62,and 63 so i can beat them and get the genji gloves? 1
Where can I find sahz pistols rigel? 2
Where can I find that robot? chapter 11 1
Where can I find the elemental ring of water? 4
Where can I find the Mistilteinn item for Trapezohedron farming? 3
Where can I get catalogues? 2
Where can I get Gaian Rings? 1
Where can I get more ribbons? 1
Where is a good place to get items to upgrade? 3
Where/How can I get the "Best Choice" item? 1
Which mission among mission 51,62&63 should I attempt 1st for the genji glove? 6
Why it's so hard to get trapezohedrons? 10
Why there isn't superconductor in lenora? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
What ways can I upgrade my weapons and get Gil? 0
Admantortoises and Trapezohedrons help? 6
Am i ready??? 3
Anyway to figure out which way is north on the map? 3
Best set up for Long Gui farming? 2
Best way to beat an Adamantoise without Vanille? 1
Buffs and Sab's? 1
Can someone please explain how upgrading weapons work? 3
Can you "Transform" your weapons even on a higher lvl? 6
Can you finish the Cei'th stone missions before beating the game? 3
Do Collector's and Connoisseur's Catalogs stack with each other? 2
Do i need to reset? 4
Do SYN En-Spells boost RAV Abilities of a different element? 1
Does Death or Summoning affect drop rates? 1
Does the summon/death strategy using Vanille work on Shaolong Guis? 1
Does your party stagger? 2
Downside of using lightnings special move? 4
En(element) + (element)strike Stack? 4
FFXIII: Light/Hope/Vanille, Light/Hope/Fang, Light/Sazh/Vanille or Light/Sazh/Hope? 1
Final fantasy 13 chapter 11 stuck in the cave? 1
For how long do status effetcs last? 2
Grand Pulse & Itens? 2
How do you level up your character roles? 2
How does the experience get spread out? 2
How many accessories can you equip? 2
How to build TP? 2
How to farm Gil and CP with ease on Archylte Stepp? 3
How to increase an eidolons strength? 2
HP levels? 2
Is it possible to play only one character? 5
Is there a way to continue at a bad point? 2
Is there any penalty for dying in this game? 4
Leveling up with other classes? 3
Medics? 4
Missions Faq? 3
Multiple Questions. Can any1 help? 1
Need to understand target time & 5 starring? 2
Neochu Growth Egg the hard way? 2
OK Why did they make Treasure Huntery a trophey??? 1
Other way to farming gil?? 1
Paradigm Reccomendations? 7
Pleas help mission 62? 1
Proudclad second battle? 2
Purpose of More than 1 [2] Genji Gloves? 5
Ravager ability question? 2
Recommended Crytarium / Weapons levels and team for farming adamantoises? 2
Recommended weapons for each character? @RhapsodosXIII 1
Sazh attacks and blitz? 2
Should I only focus on leveling each character's 3 main roles until end-game? 5
Should i raise secondary roles? 2
Stat question? 1
This must be the best way of farming gil? 2
Tier 2 weapons?? 1
trying to get the growth Eggs N Golden watch best way and easy ? 2
Upgrading Items? 1
Upgrading Weapons Help!?! 3
Upgrading Weapons? 3
Utterly underleveled in chapter 11, could one spare advice or two? 4
Weapon and Item upgrading? 1
What accessories should I equip to each character (I'm on chapter 10)? 2
What causes instant stagger? 1
What is a RAV tree? 1
What is the best strategy for (Upgrading Weapons / Accessories)? 3
What is the best strategy for cp farming (details inside)? 6
What is the best strategy for earning Traps and Dark Matters? 2
What is the best strategy for having quick paradigm shifts? 3
What is the best strategy for levelling up weapons? 1
What is the best strategy for more Haste? 1
What is the best strategy for Vanille as a Leader? 1
What is the fastest way to gain Gil/Money from Chapter 9 and on? 3
What is the maximum role level before you beat the game? 2
What should my BATTLE TEAM be? 4
Where is the best place to level up n get CP before starting chapter 12 ? 2
Why equip level 1 weapons? 2

Other Help Answers
Does someone have a save from the chapter 4, 5 or 6 but not too fare ? 0
Location? 0
Location? 0
Missing Spells? 0
(create your oDo I need to say yes to the Cieth at chapter 11 for it to do the next quest and so i can talk to it? 2
(Its not a top 10 anywhere...whats up?) 3
About ATB and special moves? 3
Accessory Table? 1
After Platinum Trophy, what now? 3
All Trophies in one GO? 3
Am I ready for the Superstar trophy? 3
Any missable weapon / acessories during story mode? 1
Any recommendations on the ideal thing to do once Archylte Step first becomes available? 3
Anyone else thought of this ? 2
Anyone save edit? 5
Anything from the first two trailers in game? 2
Are there any game saves availiable yet? 3
Are there any mini-games? 2
Automatic en spells? 3
Best Paradigm For Lightning? 2
Can any or all the characters break the damage limit (summons excluded)? 3
Can anyone tell me where i can find all the cie'th stone? 2
Can i do the missions ones i finish chapter 13 ? or i have to do them before ? 1
Can I manage to get perfect data in chapter 13? 2
Can some advice on beating orphan? 3
Can someone make a new save data? 1
Can you change the mega flare level? 2
Can you fight bosses more than once? 4
Can you fight the final boss more than once? 1
Character themes???????????? 3
Characters? 1
clearification on Treasure Hunter Trophy? 3
Colossal rescue? 1
Completing Missions? 2
Death spell hit rate? 1
Debug Room? 1
Difficulty Level? 4
Do anyone know the location of mission 55 ? ( please anyone) 2
Do ppl still play this? I dont want to feel left out :( 3
Do you get anything for getting 5 stars on every mission? 2
Does "My Hands" ever play in the game? 4
Does the Long Gui always start out with quake? 1
Does the North American release come with option to play in Japanese? 3
Does the treasure hunter trophy needs every upgrade of accesories? 1
DualShock? 2
Easy Proudclad? 3
Editing a Saved Game? 1
Enemy Intel Screen? 2
Enemy Levels? 3
Farming Gil for Treasure Hunter? 1
Final Battle? 2
Final Fantasy XIII exclusive member code? 1
Flash drive help? 1
Floating enemy in Chapter 13? 1
Game buying? 2
Game saves ? 5
Getting a 5-Star? 3
Gil Trouble??? 4
Going back to Grand Pusle to cp farm, train etc? 1
Has the gaming graphics overtaken the plot? 1
Help about korean version? 1
Help with Long Gui please....? 4
Highwind not working against Adamantoise Legs? 1
How can i beat the monster in the crystal place ? 1
How can I fight the big the super huge guy who towers over everything on pulse? 5
How can I upgrade Sazh and Snow's weapons to their max level? 1
How do block/guard attacks? 4
How do I gain access to the Yaschas Massif? 2
How do i get back to edenhall after beating orphan? 2
How do I get the lucky break? 1
How Do I Get To Play Through a Second Time? 1
How do i unlock lightning's theme (wallpaper)? 2
How do i unlock the bagamnan hunt? 1
How do i unlock the lightning theme? 1
How do you combine maxed out weapons to create ultimate weapons? 2
How do you switch party members' roles individually? 1
How does the Xbox 360 version look? 7
How is the actual disc and blu-rays in general supposed to look like? 1
How is the save system on this game? 2
How many errors can you count that are in the guide/game? 2
How much can i get for selling this game? 1
How to get high hp and stats? 1
How to know, weapon or acc still need to get the trophy? 1
Huge Monster? 2
I am losing my progress in chapters on the Crystarium when I save, why? 1
I borrowed this game from a friend. Should i but it? 3
I can't see Barthandelus ? (second fight) 2
I completed mission 14 twice and never got the gysahl reins? 1
I dont have an arrow? 2
I missed the treasure hunter trophy but is it possible to acquire it the trophy again by using a save file from here? 2
I want to use the game faqs save of this game but i cannot save the game after i load ? 2
If i beat the final boss. Can i go back to gran pulse? 2
In the part be4 they bcome la-c, what is the best monster to farm the best drops 4 selling? 3
Is Final Fantasy 13 worth the money? 2
Is it possible to re-visit areas? 3
Is proudclod casting doom? 1
Is proudclod immune to death? 2
Is the NCU challenge possible???? 2
Is there a easier way to make money? 2
Is there any monsters where I can get good exp, besides the Adamantoise? 2
Ist possible to miss an accesory item? 1
Language in FFXIII??? 4
Languages? 1
Leaving Gran Pulse? 2
Levelling up? 3
Looking for a game like final fantasy? 2
Lots of Components easily? 1
Magick?? 2
Master's Seal Trophy? 1
Missions 41 and 45? 3
Missions or Finish game 1st? 5
My game i have only lets my crystarium lvl up some to lvl 4 and others to lvl 2 how do i get all of them to lvl 5? 2
My subtitles wont come on? 3
Please help? 4
Post game? 2
Post max cyrstarium question? 1
Post-Game Return? 1
PS3 saves? 2
Question about Strength and Magic? 1
Question about the gameplay? 1
Question about Vanille and Fang at the end of the game? 7
Questions about bonuses & upgrading...? 1
Rating system? 2
Released in AS ???? 4
REmake FF7! ? 6
Riding Chocobos? 2
Ruin magic power ? 3
Save data help?!!! 1
Save data? 2
ShaoLong with Adamantortoise? 1
Should I buy it? 4
Should i buy this game? 2
Sound Question?? 2
Square Enix code? 4
Started this game again so when should i begin upgrading weapons? 2
Surviving Long gui's Ultima and shao long gui's bay??? 3
Switching Party Members? 3
The combat is...??? 2
The Long Gui's will not spawn in the Archlytte Steppe... why? 1
Top 5 Tracks From The XIII Trilogy? 1
Transfer save data? 1
Transferring Save Help? 1
Treasure Hunter Trophy Question..? 2
Treausre Hunter trophy question? 1
Trophies appear as ??? 3
Trophy Error? 2
Unable to save in the downloaded save data ? 2
Upgrade weapons trophy? 1
Upgrading accesories? 2
Upgrading everything? 2
Vampiric Strike? 1
Version Difference? 1
What are the differences between the 360 and PS3 versions? 3
What best spot to farm Gil and CP in endgame and before Adamantoise? 1
What happened to my Trophies??? 1
What happens when you miss some weapons from treasure chests? Can you eventually buy them or what? 2
What is CP for max out all characters? 1
What is the gameplay like in FF13? 2
What is the tune that is played while riding the elevator in Taijin's Tower? 1
What should i do? 2
What's wrong with the verdelet's?? 2
When do you get snow back in the party? 3
When is the best time to start upgrading weapons? 7
When will the best time to go back to gran pulse?? 1
Where can i find mission 51? 2
Where do i find Adamantortoise? (As opposed to Adamantoise) 2
Where is the best place to gain CP by battling monsters? 9
Where's my adamantortoise? 4
Which Eidolon is the strongest and the weakest? 6
Which is better XBOX or PS3? 9
White Knight Chronicle or Star Ocean: Last Hope or Final Fantasy 13? 8
Why did they have to do it? 3
Why do people think this trilogy is so bad? 1
Why is this game so.......straight? 7
Why people hate this game? What do you think? 2
Will the previous effect still be there? 1
Will this game be released on PC? 5
Will this game eventually get going? 2
Will We Have Another Version? 4

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