Final Fantasy XIII
Adamantoise/Shaolong Gui Guide
Version 1.0
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  Version 1.0 (06/16/10)
- Enjoy.


 1. Introduction ........................................................ [010]

 2. Adamantoise ......................................................... [020]
    a. Before postgame .................................................. [02a]
    b. After beating the game ........................................... [02b]
    c. Preparation ...................................................... [02c]
    d. Key points ....................................................... [02d]
    e. Farming .......................................................... [02e]

 3. Shaolong Gui ........................................................ [030]
    a. Preparation ...................................................... [03a]
    b. Farming .......................................................... [03b]

 1.  Introduction                                                         [010]

Let's go with a Q&A for the intro this time.

Q: What is this guide?
A: This guide teaches you how to farm Adamantoises and Shaolong Guis in Final 
   Fantasy XIII.

Q: Why do I need to farm them?
A: You will need to farm them if you want to upgrade ultimate weapons or obtain
   the Treasure Hunter trophy/achievement. By the way, I won't cover Treasure 
   Hunter in great detail here. You can refer to another guide for that.

Q: Okay, but what's so special about these two enemies?
A: Selling Platinum Ingots dropped by Adamantoises is the fastest way to get 
   gil, which you'll need a lot of if you want to do either of the things in 
   the previous question. Shaolong Guis drop Dark Matter, which cost a whopping
   840000 gil if you were to buy one. You don't want to do that.

Q: Well, no, I meant why dedicate a guide just to these two enemies?
A: The amount of preparation and strategy required to farm these two enemies 
   far eclipses that needed for any other enemy. Note that I said farm, not 
   defeat. You'll be fighting these things a lot, so you definitely want to 
   have an approach down. Conversely, you'll only be fighting the hardest 
   marks in FFXIII once or maybe a few times to five-star the missions, and 
   when the objective is simply to figure out a way to win the battle, it's 
   more fun to come up with your own approach. When the objective is to farm,
   it's more useful to establish a sort of standard in terms of how to do 
   things efficiently. And no, you shouldn't farm Long Gui. He's not worth the
   hassle. You can lump him in with the missions. Don't fight him any more than
   you have to, unless it's for sport.

Q: What about Adamantortoises? Should I farm them?
A: No/not really, depending on who you ask. I don't find them to be any easier
   than Adamantoises (or rather, 'toises are not any harder than 'tortoises)
   but others disagree. Also, the time it takes to respawn 'tortoises compared 
   to what you can do with 'toises will add up such that any time advantage you
   may have on the actual battles dissipates quickly. In any case, I'll only be
   discussing 'toises. 'tortoises don't require any radical changes in strategy

Q: Didn't you already write up some of this stuff in your Postgame Guide?
A: Yes, but I'm not sure that the Adamantoise/Shaolong sections got enough 
   exposure. There seem to still be plenty of questions as to how to farm, so 
   I want to set the record straight, and at the same time, obviate some of the
   less efficient strategies so newcomers won't have to wait too long during
   their playthrough, not knowing that they could have farmed much faster much
   earlier. Also, I want to take any chance I can to shamelessly plug my 
   youtube videos. ;)

Q: What do I need to know before reading this guide?
A: If you've made it to the point where you're going to start fighting these 
   things, you should be well-acquainted with the basics of the game. I'm going 
   to assume a baseline in terms of familiarity with the mechanics. I've tried 
   not to be obtuse, but if I overlook any sort of simple explanation 
   pertaining specifically to the content of this guide, I apologize. Feel 
   free to hit me up via email if that is the case.

Q: What if I don't want to use your methods?
A: Then don't, but if you're not a troll, you can still get something out of 
   this document. Now, I'm not going to throw zillions of numbers or 
   mechanics intricacies at you, but I will try to provide an accessible 
   outline of concepts that, once grasped, will allow you to understand the 
   strategies explored here and help you develop your own, if you should choose
   to do that. You'll see what I mean.

 2.  Adamantoise                                                          [020]

You'll spend a lot of the postgame fighting Adamantoises. Contrary to popular 
belief, it shouldn't be the majority of the postgame if you do it right. It'll 
just feel that way because you're doing the same thing over and over again.

Now, you'll encounter Adamantoises before you beat the game, specifically in 
Chapters 11 and 12. While you can ignore them completely in Chapter 11, Chapter
12 provides an interesting opportunity to down one because you'll actually be 
rewarded for doing so (it's just a chest, but hey, a reward is a reward). 
You'll have access to Stage 9 of the Crystarium, which is all you'll need to 
simply take one down... but I do NOT recommend farming until you beat the game 
and do a few other things, which I will cover duly.


 2a. Before postgame                                                      [02a]

Right, so how do we take down that 'toise in Chapter 12?

You have one of two options. I'll cover both briefly.

Method 1
Select Vanille as your leader. I suggest you bring Hope and Sazh for their 
buffs. Make sure she knows Death (unlocked at Stage 9 SAB) and is using the 
Belladonna Wand. Equip a Blessed Talisman (Auto-Faith) if you have it. If you 
don't have one, it's cheap to make. Start the battle in SAB/SYN/SYN. Let your 
Synergists Haste everyone, then summon Hecatoncheir. The 'toise will fall down.
Stick as many debuffs as you can on it, then just keep using Death and hope 
that it hits before it gets back up. Having your Synergists refresh Faith will
boost your chances. That's it.

Method 2 (Stage 1 method)
I prefer this method because it's not luck-based. Anyway, did you get the 
Pleiades Hi-Powers in Oerba? I hope you did, because you'll need them for this 
method. You'll want to upgrade them to the Tier 2 version, Hyades Magnums, 
then max those out. This gives Sazh a whopping +1140 to his Strength. This 
comes at the expense of 40% of his HP, but that doesn't matter for our 
purposes here. You might be inclined to gripe about the cost, but it's 
basically equivalent to one Platinum Ingot, which, in the long run, is 
insignificant. With Sazh as your leader, take Fang and either Lightning or 
Snow as your support. Start the battle in a SYN paradigm, cast Bravery and 
Haste on Sazh immediately, then summon. I'm feeling lazy now, so I'll just 
paste a link and let the video do the talking:

Full Paradigm and equipment setup shown at the end of the video.

As you can see, I did this fight after beating the Chapter 11 boss (just to 
show that you can) before heading on to Chapter 12. Sazh had two stages' worth 
of SAB for an early Deprotect and Deshell. That's not necessary, so don't 
worry about it if you don't have the CP to spare. Just make sure Fang does her 

Pretty simple so far, right? You might be tempted to farm using these methods,
but I don't recommend it. You need to recharge TP by engaging in trash fights
in between 'toises, and at this point, it's not really worth it. Just move on 
and beat the game.


 2b. After beating the game                                               [02b]

You've beaten the game and you're itching to prove your mettle against these 
giant turtles. Maybe you just want to use summons, TP recharging be damned. Be 
patient. You don't ever need to do that. Let's do a few other things and beef 
up your characters at the same time.

Now, to plant the seeds for my methods, I'm going to ask you to start preparing
by properly developing Fang, Vanille, and Snow. First, get the fourth 
accessory slots for all three characters. Then, specifically:

Lv 5 COM
Lv 2 SYN
Two stages of RAV (Lv 1 - Fire and Thunder learned)

Lv 5 RAV
Lv 5 SAB
Two stages of COM (Lv 1 - Ruin learned)

Lv 5 RAV
Lv 2 SAB
One stage of MED (Lv 1 - Cure learned)

These should be your immediate goals for the Crystarium.

Complete these missions in this (most efficient) order, if you haven't done so
01 (Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
02 (Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
03 (Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
04* (Yaschas Massif - Tsubaddran Highlands)
06* (Yaschas Massif - Paddraean Archaeopolis)
05 (Yaschas Massif - The Ascendant Scarp)
08* (Vallis Media - Base Camp)
09* (Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
20* (Taejin's Tower - The Palisades)
21-26 (story requirement so you'll have these done regardless)
28* (Oerba - Village Proper)
07 (Yaschas Massif - Paddraean Archaeopolis) <- also unlocks R&D Depot shop
12 (Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
13 (Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse)
14 (Archylte Steppe - Western Benchland)
17* (Archylte Steppe - Northern Highplain)
18* (Mah'habara - Twilit Cavern)
19* (Sulyya Springs - Ceiling of Sky)
30 (Archylte Steppe - Haerii Oldroad)
31* (Archylte Steppe - Haerii Archaeopolis)
34 (Archylte Steppe - Way of the Ancients)
55 (Oerba - Deserted Schoolhouse (Roof))
63 (Sulyya Springs - Subterranean Lake)

The stone location is in parentheses. Teleport waystones are marked with 

Mission 63 is an Adamantortoise. Use one of the two methods prescribed in the 
previous section to take him out. You'll get a Genji Glove as a reward, which 
is absolutely crucial for farming.

Mission 55 nets you the Growth Egg. You'll want this as soon as possible. 
Consult another guide (the Postgame Guide has a basic strategy, but you can 
probably find better-tuned versions of it elsewhere).

Even though this section is short, doing the things listed here will take you 
quite a bit of time. Along the way, you'll be developing your characters and 
acquiring several key pieces of equipment. Once you're done with everything 
here, you're almost ready to start farming.


 2c. Preparation                                                          [02c]

Now you'll need to set up your equipment. Do the following (again, I won't go 
into detail because you can readily obtain this information elsewhere) in order
of priority, from highest to lowest:

- Obtain 2 Clay Rings and 1 Siltstone Ring.
- Upgrade the above to 3 maxed Gaian Rings.
- Upgrade Snow's Feymark to Tier 2 (Soul Blazer) and max it.
- Upgrade Vanille's Belladonna Wand to Tier 2 (Malboro Wand) and max it.
- Upgrade any of Fang's weapons EXCEPT for Taming Pole, Partisan, or Shamanic 
  Spear to Tier 2 and max it.
- Obtain 1 maxed Weirding Glyph.
- Obtain 2 of either Tetradic Tiara or Shield Talisman.
- Obtain 2 maxed Power Gloves.
- Obtain 3 Sprint Shoes (you might have done this already).
- Upgrade a Collector Catalog to a Connoisseur Catalog (again, you may already
  have one).
- Obtain 1 Morale Talisman.

Between the goodies you (should have) got(ten) from Bhakti and selling 
miscellaneous stuff you've acquired along the way, you should have enough 
money for this.

You might be wondering why we're collecting more accessories than we have room
for, but don't worry. They'll all see use, I promise.

Finally, we'll need to have a look at our characters' stats and skills. By this
point, you should be at least close to the guidelines I set in the previous 
section. Once you have fulfilled every one of those requirements, go back to 
primary roles and grab as much HP as you can. 13000 is enough to start farming.
Without Death, summons, or shrouds. I'm not pulling your leg.


 2d. Key points                                                           [02d]

The premise behind an Adamantoise fight is this. If you take out its legs, it 
will fall over and be unable to do anything for a while, just like what 
happens when you use a summon. Before you take out the legs, it is very hard 
to damage.
Now, before we start fighting, I'm going to outline a number of other things 
about an Adamantoise battle. Once you understand these, the actual method 
should be fairly easy to follow. Trust me, it'll help a lot if you take some 
time to study these nuggets of info.

(1) With no protection at all, your characters will take approximately 11000 
damage from one Adamantoise stomp. Your characters will take even more damage 
if they are close to the legs. The stomp is both physical- and Earth-based.

(2) Highwind can one-shot a leg if it's staggered, but the percentage required
depends on Fang's Strength and whether or not Bravery or Bravera is active. 
Typically, two hits are delivered to a leg. The second hit is twice as strong 
as the first. A leg has a bit under 360000 HP. Therefore, the first hit must 
do at least 120000 damage in order for Highwind to one-shot a leg.

(3a) The default target is the Left Foreleg. Once the left leg is taken out, 
the target defaults to Adamantoise (its head) and NOT the Right Foreleg.

(3b) One of Highwind's hits may MISS if the leg moves during Fang's animation 
(i.e. to perform a stomp) or if Fang approaches from too far to the side (i.e. 
if she were to down one leg and then immediately target the other one).

(3c) With a Tri-disaster paradigm, using three Lv 5 RAVs, a leg can be 
staggered within 15-18 ATB bars. If you do not have three Lv 5s, it'll take a 
few more.

(4) If you take too long to down the legs, Adamantoise will use Quake, which 
does a truckload of damage even if you have Gaian Rings. Dally even more and 
he'll pull out Roar, which might as well be (and usually is) Game Over. Quake 
usually comes after the sixth stomp.

(5) If a character is standing beneath the Adamantoise when it falls over, he 
or she can take up to three hits of approximately 1000 physical damage per hit.

(6) Adamantoise can be inflicted with Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Slow, Curse,
and Daze once downed. A target inflicted with Daze will take double damage from
all attacks. Daze has a maximum duration if the inflicted target is not 
attacked. Even if it is attacked, it has a minimum duration. An AI SAB will 
spam Daze repeatedly if there is nothing else for him or her to do. All debuffs
are removed when the Adamantoise gets back up.

Why the numbering? We are going to cite each of these points when we go over 
the methods. Here we go...


 2e. Farming                                                              [02e]

Let us first assume that you are at the absolute bare minimum requirements to 
farm. You're at 13000 HP, with maxed Tier 2 weapons, with your character roles
developed as I've suggested. Let's take a look at the "Stage 2" video.

Again, full setup shown at the end of the video.

I will provide a sort of play-by-play and note how the previously listed points
come into play.

- Protectra, combined with Gaian Ring, reduces stomp damage to roughly 30%. (1)
- Tetradic Tiara (or Shield Talisman) reduces damage for Vanille and Snow 
  before Fang can cast Protectra on them. (1)
- Soul Blazer and Weirding Glyph are used to guarantee that Snow does not run 
  up to a leg, wasting valuable time and putting him at risk for high damage.
- With no Bravery or Bravera, Fang needs a high stagger percentage before being
  able to take out a leg. (2)
- After taking out the left leg, manually direct up to one full round of Ruin 
  to the right leg to reset the target and avoid stomp damage. (1)(3a)
- You should actually be able to get away with only refreshing Protectra on 
  Fang after Highwinding the left leg; it'll stay up long enough on Vanille 
  and Snow to absorb the next stomp. That'll save you some valuable time. 
  Remember, you don't want to be anywhere near Quake. (4)
- Wait until after you take the fall damage to begin buffing. You don't want to
  be interrupted. (5)
- You'll do 200000+ damage per Attack at 700+% when you sync with Daze. (6)

Hopefully, this was pretty straightforward. By the way, one thing that I 
didn't mention but works as a general rule of thumb: Lightning (the element) 
is by far the fastest in the game. Every other element involves some sort of 
projectile, but Lightning is instantaneous. That is why Thunder is so 
important for Fang to learn, and especially in this case, when the projectiles 
have a long way to go to reach the legs, and you cannot afford to slack on 
staggering them.

Now, you can do this for a while, and after you acquire some CP to level up 
more (go for HP and role levels), and possibly acquire a Trapezohedron to 
upgrade Fang's weapon to Tier 3, you can move on to the "Stage 3" method.

Setup is shown at the end of the video.

At this point, we have enough HP to skip Protectra and go straight away on the
offensive. Here, we use Auto- accessories to speed up taking out the legs, and 
instead of staggering and Highwinding one at a time, we will stagger both and 
then Highwind both. Be very careful when Highwinding the right leg. Give Fang 
some time to reorient herself before you confirm selection. (Point 3b) You can
tell when it's okay to confirm when you see her backing DIRECTLY away from the 
right leg.

You can ride Stage 3 through to the end of postgame. If you want pure speed, 
replace Vanille with Lightning once you're completely maxed out in the 
Crystarium. Lightning will be faster at staggering the legs.

Finally, I have one more method to show you. You should entertain this method 
if you fulfill one of the following conditions:

- You think the Stage 2 method is too slow and wouldn't mind grinding for CP to
  get a bit more HP, AND you are quick and familiar with all the basics of an 
  Adamantoise battle, OR
- You have enough HP for the Stage 3 method but find that you don't have enough
  Strength to be able to Highwind a leg right after stagger, perhaps because 
  you cannot upgrade to a Tier 3 weapon or do not wish to just yet.

In that case, the "Stage 2.5" method is for you.

Setup shown at the beginning of video (for once).

It's an ideal bridge between Stages 2 and 3, but unless you have a decent 
amount of HP, you'll need to know pretty much exactly what you're doing. In 
particular, you have to be incredibly precise about timing your turns to 
stagger both legs as soon as possible. (Point 3c) You can only take two 
stomps' worth of damage, so you can't muck around. Also, if he manages to get 
off his first stomp with the RIGHT leg before Fang can complete her first 
turn, you might want to consider retrying, not because you'll die necessarily, 
but because the timing is such that you will be trying to Highwind the right 
leg just as it goes up for the third stomp, which is problematic. (Point 3b 
rearing its ugly head) Fortunately, this doesn't happen all that often.

Finally, the optimization of my strategy can be found here.

Setup shown at the end of video.

I mean "optimization" in the sense that here you can see just how well you can 
do with relatively meager stats.

And that is how you farm Adamantoise. Remember, you will NEVER NEED to use a 
summon to farm if you are efficient. I hope this answers all of your questions,
or at the very least, helps you develop your own method if you don't want to
use mine.

 3.  Shaolong Gui                                                         [030]

You'll need a minimum of 5 Dark Matter to complete Treasure Hunter, but some 
people want many more to max more accessories (most notably Kaiser Knuckles 
and Magistral Crests). The only cost-effective way to get them is to fight
Shaolong Guis, who, by the way, can easily wipe out an entire party even at 
max Crystarium. Thankfully, you can prevent them from doing so by killing them
before they can kill you. It's as simple as that.

To streamline things as much as possible, here's one rule. Never, ever start 
farming them until you have a completely maxed Crystarium. There's no 
advantage to doing so before then. Adamantoises are a better use of your time 
for both CP and gil.


 3a. Preparation                                                          [03a]

Preparations are simple after fighting Adamantoises. In addition to maxed 
Crystarium and the equipment you'd already have, you'll need the following:

- 1 additional Genji Glove (complete Mission 51 or 62)
- 1 additional maxed Power Glove
- 2 Aurora Scarves

That's all you need for my method, which doesn't even use Tier 3 weapons.
Before we dive into the videos, you may want to know some general facts about 
Shaolong Gui (don't worry, it won't be a case study like it was with 
Adamantoise and there won't be citations).

(1) He'll always open with Quake.

(2) After that, he'll typically stomp three times.

(3) Then, he'll use Ultima shortly after the last stomp.

(4) One more stomp, then Bay. You never, ever want to see Bay. It removes 
buffs, does huge damage, and has a chance to Daze you. It'll screw you up 90% 
of the time.

(5) After that, he'll go crazy for a while with Ultima and Quake. You don't 
ever want to reach this phase either.

(6) After this, he'll repeat the whole sequence.

Sometimes, he'll preempt any of Steps 3-5. Unfortunately, there's nothing you 
can do to change his pattern. All you can hope to do is trip him up with Slow
and/or Daze. If he uses Bay preemptively, you may want to and probably should 
retry the battle. It's not a big deal.

The only rule of thumb in dealing with his attacks is to ALWAYS shift to 
Tortoise (SEN/SEN/SEN) when he does anything other than stomp. This includes 
the opening Quake. Now, read on.


 3b. Farming                                                              [03b]

The key to piling on the damage is Enfire (or any other En-) skill. He can be
weakened to any element once you inflict Imperil. Therefore, if you're going 
to rely on an AI SYN (by using Fang as the leader, for example), you have to 
make sure Imperil is up as soon as possible, maybe even try to sneak it in
before you shift to Tortoise against the opening Quake.

It's a lot easier to use Lightning or Sazh to manually cast Enfire. Then you 
don't have to worry about getting Imperil specifically up immediately. My 
method involves using Lightning because I prefer to use Sazh to spam Daze.

Why Sazh and not Snow, you ask? Because Sazh's slow casting speed actually 
works better when you are trying to sync your attacks with Daze. In addition,
Sazh can make up any debuffs you missed along the way.

Here is the farming method, using only Tier 2 weapons. Use SEN/SEN/SEN to 
absorb Quake and the first stomp, then go all-out on him.

Setup shown at the end of video.

Fast and consistent, or as consistent as farming Shaolongs can be anyway.

If you have Tier 3 weapons, you can utilize the "speed method" shown in this
next video.

Setup shown at the end of video.

The key difference, aside from the stats, is the +1 ATB from the Tier 3 weapon,
which allows you to open with SYN/SAB/SAB instead of SYN/SYN/SAB, which will 
speed up the debuffing process.

As I mentioned before, Fang and Sazh lead against Shaolongs just as well, but 
I thought, why not let Lightning have some of the spotlight?

That's it and that's all. Hope you had fun reading, learning, and/or
experimenting, and happy farming.


You, the reader!