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Asked: 3 years ago

When do you think PSN will be back up for DLC Codes to work? I got 20+ DLC i need to input!

When do you think PSN will be back up for DLC Codes to work? I got 20+ DLC i need to input!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Any more insight anyone?? I was told also by May 31st, but I think it might be a few days, if not one week before the end of the month. I just counted... 22 DLC Codes I need to input and I just pre-ordered Duke Nukem today too that has DLC and I got L.A. NOIRE which I pre-ordered that has 2 DLC.

The "big" thing is Mk9. I bought EVERY SINGLE MK9 DLC Character's Costume/Fatality on eBay (and then some) from other games like Portal 2, MotorStorm Apocalypse, etc., etc.!!! So, My total of DLC I need to input as of today: 23-24 DLC Codes!

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From: DarqueDragon 3 years ago

From what I hear, the latest will be on 5/31, but they are currently aiming for 5/20. They also say the store might be back in stages. If that is the case, it is safe to assume the DLC portion will be back up first, followed by the retail portion.
Also, once it does come up, they will be updating the store with new content several times a week to get caught up on what was missed while it was down.

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No Clue.. But its annoying to me too as a PS3 owner.
would love to get the download content

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According to Sony, at the latest, the store will be back up by the end of the month, but whether or not we get it earlier is up to them.

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