Question from HomicidalDarlin

What are the correct answers for Hopgood? (The perve who filmed to 15 year old.)

I am trying to get the answers and have tired a few different ways, but fail each time. And each time I restart it, I have to watch ALL the cutscenes again.

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Onus111 answered:

Association with Bishop - Lie /Chloral hydrate
Whereabouts of Bishop - Truth
Relationship with Ballard - Lie /Empty film canister (don't be mislead by the mentioning of blackmail, these are sequential)
Evidence of blackmail - Lie /$20,000 check
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Meteora85 answered:

Yeah what Onus11 pretty much said. I just beat that one earlier today. Good luck on the part after
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vergeofchaos answered:

I played this mission, and while checking for clues, wandered outside. Cutscene ensued, and I was unable to go back inside and question hopgood. Still got the 5star rating.
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