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How do you fire a warning Shot??

Trying to fire a warning shot to stop a foot pursuit

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gill_bill answered:

Warning shots can only be done in foot chases when you have a gun and no shots have been fired (except for your shots though). If you want to successfully use the warning shot you have to be close enough to the victim (lol) that if you stand still he would still be in your sight for about 10 seconds. At this point, holding your aiming button (whatever it may be on Xbox 360 or L2 button (PS3) will do an automatic aim at the guy you're chasing and it will, in place of the the aiming dot (or w/e it's called), change into a loading circle. Keep the circle on the guy until it fills up, if he moves a little bit just move the circle via L3/Left Analog Stick (PS3 or w/e button for Xbox 360). Once it finishes filling up you will successfully fire your warning shot. Hope this helps!
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MagneticFloat answered:

While chasing with your gun drawn, hold LT and a white circle will start to fill up on-screen like a clock. Be aiming above the suspect and not at an innocent bystander. Not all chases will be viable for a warning shot, though.
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