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What is the best strategy for earning exchange points?

Where is the best way and place to rack up exchange points easily? I'm playing level1-1 in veteran difficulty and rack up 2000pts with S rank. Is there any better way to do it?

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skwipe answered:

Best strategy for farming PTS is 6-2 when you have unlimited Magnum or Unllimited Rocket. It can take from 3 to 8 mins to finish the stage, no matter the difficulty. Try it on pro if you can.
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TRIPP_2 answered:

only way to get them is to finish a level. so just find short and easy level to play over and over and get an S ranking. There is no other way to do it.
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GForce9x answered:

A quick level for farming points is 2-3. It should be pretty easy to earn an S rank as long as you don't get killed. A run through that level can be done in 6-8 minutes depending on how quickly you are able to bring down the boss.

If you are good at Mercenaries, that would probably be the best way to rack up points. An S ranking will earn you 3000 points and an SS ranking will earn you 5000.
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legomike answered:

I recommend 5-1 if you are able to kill the Lickers.
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ariel13941 answered:

I'll say just do mercenaries with a real good partner.
If you get S rank; that's at least like 2,500 exchange points
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Alpha_Orionis answered:

Clearing the chapters on Proffessional difficulty gives more points in general. For example, getting a C rank on pro gives more points than a C rank on the lower difficulties.

You can also spend a lot of time on the Mercenaries. Playing five rounds and scoring 10,000 points per round will get you 50,000 points.
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phermann1983 answered:

I found chapter 1-1 to be good chapter to farm PTS with unlimited magnum.
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MidniteAssassin answered:

Chapter 5-1, you make extra points on Pro, but Vet will do if you can't wait. 2,000 for Vet, 2,500 for Pro.
It's a pretty short level, should take about 4 or 5 minutes to beat, plus you get $13,000+ money every time you go through it. (If you bring an infinite rocket launcher anyway, may take longer with other weapons.)
(And as far as the money goes, if you collect the $3000-6000 gold pick up, and the 4 Lion Hearts you get from killing the Lickers.)
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Lostorb answered:

I dont know if it is the fastest way to get points but i use the chapter 5-2 on veteran. The stage can be cleared in under 5 minutes if you dont stop to loot anything. You get to kill lickers for decent money and the boss at the end is easy with a good magnum and 2 grenades. All you have to do to kill him quick is shoot it until he opens its mouth and then move close to it and press SQUARE.
Do that twice and he will have its brain exposed for an easy kill shot.
Gives you 2000 pts and 5-10k money if you are lucky with lickers.
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StuckInMyStraw answered:

Maybe you should try merc mode. its harder although faster. If you can't do it. try playing with the Japanese online. They're kind of addicts. No offense to Japan
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Deratrix answered:

Yeah 6-2 is by far the easiest if you have the rocket launcher and/or handcannon on infinite

my fastest time on pro is 2 minutes 50 and i rarely go over 3 and a half so its really easyand its netting me about 15000 points every 20 minutes.
If you dont have rocket launcher then i suggest that you get it as its fairly easy to obtain
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