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How do I beat wesker?

How do i defeat wesker i have tried all guns including the rocket launcher (the level is passed the boat were you have to defeat the human octopus).

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crazedxerio answered:

there are 3 times u need 2 V wesker

Wesker 1 Just Survive or if u want 2 end it fast use a rocket launcher with infinity ammo fastest is Launcher just get chris kicked into the door run up stars shoot the torches on the wall when wesker appears on stairs shoot him twice with the infinity launcher then completed.....

Wesker 2 you will notice there are big lights go up 2 one get Sheva 2 turn it off she will auto go the the free 1 if its an AI controling her so u turn hte 3rd off the 1 closest 2 u is broken there is a Rocket Launcher near buy in a case thing shoot the glass grab it when wesker cant see u shoot him he wil grab it so drop the Launcher u picked up shoot the rocket it goes bang run towards Wesker when ur partner is close grab him then ur partner will inject him

Wesker 3 after the plane crash and your in the volcano there are a few ways u can do this have both of you with Infinity launcher as soon as it starts non stop fireing till he dies or if u want u can run back a bit chris will fall so run to the far side push hook hook and ram a boulder then turn around and shoot Wesker till he jumps over to Sheva this will give u a check point so Sheva will run so u just need 2 shoot him with a rifle when Sheva gets up from her fall and gets over to you Wesker will jump again giving you another Check point so just keep shooting him as much as u can if u dont have the infinity launcher when u can see a Oranage thing in his chest/stomach shoot that after so much damage the fight will end then get ready 2 fire another rocket in a clip 2 kill him

congrats u complete RE5
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Tyrant004 answered:

Your telling me that you are at the hangar and your fighting him?
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lbfoxley answered:

The first time you meet up with Wesker you don't beat him you are simply supposed to survive. But don't worry you will face him again.
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doomkaiser92 answered:

But if u hit him so many tines u get a trophie and an item called the heart of africa worth 10,000
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